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"So you're the one to go to, are you?" Rookery asked the large man in front of him. "Got a good record, eh?"

The man smiled wide. "Of course." His thick Russian accent unsettled Rookery.

"You know, I lost a pup to this flock just the other night. Bit of a dangerous lot. But you're up for it?"

"Aksel was always a weak one," he said. He looked at the woman standing next to Rookery. "It came from her mother."

"Svetlana is one of the most highly regarded hunters I've heard of," Rookery said. "Think you're better?"

"I am the best."

"The comet passes over tonight. There will be an entire clan on the cliffs not far from here if they manage to find the stone. You can have all the fun you want."

"I look forward to it." he looked at the VampKill truck they stood next to. "What makes you so certain that she is dead?"

"I sent her down into their hiding hole two days ago. Saw her just last night, trying to escape, but she didn't make it out. Then I left and she hasn't been heard from since." Rookery cleared his throat. "Might I ask your name?"

"Arkadi," he narrowed his eyes and looked out over the fields. "When do I set off?"

"You just wait. We'll have them tonight."

"It's not the blood-suckers that I am eager to meet," Arkadi said, looking at Svetlana.

Rookery set off for the McAshton manor, leaving the two alone.

"Pity you did not stay with me all these years," Arkadi growled.

"Pity yourself," she snapped. "We've been fine without you in our lives. Yet the moment you appear here, my daughter disappears."

His lip curled in a snarl. "She is alive. She has most likely joined the pack of vampires."

"She has done no such thing!" Svetlana yelled. "Aksel would rather die than be considered their equal!"

"She is not their equal," Arkadi said. "She is below them. Nothing but a whimpering coward. Many times I have seen her fight, and many times I have been ashamed that she is of my flesh and blood."

"So you left her to die?"

"I wanted her to learn," he growled. "And she did not. Now I must teach her a final lesson."

"You won't lay a hand on her!"

"Oh? And who is going to stop me?" he laughed. "You? You did not stop me before, and you will fail to do so again. I never should have chosen you. I should have known that you would produce weak offspring."

"Maybe you're the one that makes weak children," she argued. "And had you been around to care for her, instead of leaving us, perhaps she would have been more of a killer."

"That is what you think, is it? Putting the blame on me? You raised her, so her flaws are all your fault. You should have thought about how her future might have been that day you didn't follow me."

"You were leading us to our deaths! We would have died in that rockslide. I was right to stay in the forest. And you were lucky to have survived. Or was that another test?"

Arkadi smiled before walking away. "We shall see how strong she really is tonight, if she is even alive. Until then, you may consider returning with me to the mountains were you belong."

Svetlana watched him leave, her blood boiling. She hated him. So very much. Her parents had insisted that she pair up with him back in the old country, and things had been fine until Aksel was born. Arkadi had managed to find something wrong with her every time he looked at the newborn. But Svetlana had stayed with him for protection; he still brought her food, and the promise of a safe life.

Then they had a fight, and he went his way and she took Aksel with her in another direction. They didn't see him again for many years, and when they did, it only spelled misfortune for her poor daughter. But there was nothing she could do now that Arkadi had made up his mind. If Aksel was indeed alive, she wouldn't be for very long.

Breaking into a run, she followed Rookery's truck down the road until she finally caught up to him at the estate.

"What're you doing here?" he asked, unhappy to see her.

"He's going to kill her," she panted.

"Nothing we can do about that, is there?"

She shook her head, feeling sick. "Do you think she's alive?"

He looked at her and sighed. "We saw her last night, and she was up on her feet. She may very well be. Who knows?"

"Then why is she with them?"

"You tell me." He studied her for a moment. "Why would a young werewolf without any cares team up with a family of vampires?"

"She was trained to hate them, and hate them she does." Svetlana shook her head. "They would not be able to contain her. Nothing in this world can."

"Strong for a pup,"

"She was always strong. She worked day and night when we weren't on an assignment so that she would one day be good enough to fight her father. If she is sided with the vampires, then there are very little reasons I can think of that would cause her to do so without a fight." She bit her lip. "What members of that clan are here?"

"Just the few we've seen. A father, his bride, and three children. Why?" he chuckled. "You aren't suggesting that she's in love, are you?"

"No. Love isn't a strong enough bond to keep her tied to something. It would have to be physical." She shook her head. "Enough of this. She is not carrying a vampire spawn. I'm going crazy." She took a step away. "Go on with your work; I'll return to the cemetery."

Rookery watched her go and thought about her words. That girl of hers was no lover. He had yet to see her in action, but he was convinced that she was ruthless, like that terrifying father of hers. He hadn't been lying when he said that she was bred to fight, and Svetlana bragged about her for hours. If Aksel was actually in love with the oldest vampire boy, it wasn't a true love.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when he spotted Lord McAshton speaking with a man. Now was the time to finally show this human what he was up against.