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Twisted Infatuate Views

She trailed her seemingly expert fingers up the roughened, dirt laden material of his pants, watching with piqued interest as his lungs expanded. The quick intake of breath told her he was all but comfortable with this position, his mask not betraying anything. Having him in this position was more than fitting, an almost advantageous venture if she hadn't wanted to see his face as she made good on her words. His tall, lanky but muscular frame shivered under the barest of touches, her fingers ministrations feather light and slow as they worked their way up to his gray shirt, only pausing for the briefest of moments at the chains that crossed his chest like a trap. She had long since removed his weapons, sniper and knife, and placed them in a locker somewhere to keep them safe. How she had managed to get rid of Bloodwing was still a mystery to her, the watchful eyes of the bird usually never left her. But the demonic bird was decidedly absent and she wondered, briefly, if this had been her companion's decision. As it was, she didn't know how long they had as Roland and Brick were bound to return soon from wherever they had gone to—most likely the Underdome. Sliding her vest off, Lilith adjusted to the warm air that tickled her now exposed albeit sweaty skin. The orange portion of her top was damp but she didn't mind. Carefully, she came to sit on his lap, legs on either side of his, while she planted her hands on his shoulders. Mordecai inhaled sharply at this gesture, which Lilith surmised had all to do with the heat she felt beneath her that radiated against the apex of her thighs.

Mordecai wasn't exactly the type of man she had seen herself sleeping with given the amount of eager people living on Pandora's sorry surface who were willing to do more than just bed her. Roland had made no passes at her despite the fact that he was a man with a healthy sexual drive; he'd confessed to viewing her as a team partner, nothing more or less. Brick, on the other hand, viewed her strictly as a lady, a sister and nothing remotely romantic. In fact, Lilith doubted Brick thought past destroying bandits. It was normal to find him constantly engaged in Mad Moxxi's tournaments, even alone, since he seemed crazy enough. The ex Crimson Lance soldier turned mercenary tended to accompany their resident berserker, always looking for an opportunity to claim a bounty—she had a sneaking suspicion that he was shagging Moxxi, too. And yet Mordecai, the hunter, always seemed to be just out of reach, paying her little attention other than to snap at her lack of rifle shooting skills, or misusage of revolvers. While it was true that Lilith relied heavily on her Phasewalking abilities and knowledge of Machine guns with elemental properties, it wasn't like she didn't have other specialized skills. However, the hunter would give her the same look, the one of disdain and disgusted disbelief, with Bloodwing sitting on his shoulder, scrutinizing her. Given their age difference of 12 years, more than likely, contributed to this problem; not to mention that she had strayed from dating colleagues. Having been dumped by another vault hunter in previous years, it has somewhat wounded her ego to enticing men who were as smart as she was; or smarter. She wouldn't go on to say that Mordecai, though older in many ways, was smarter or wiser. But he did have experience on her, even if she was a Siren.

But now, here, in this dimly lit room, a result of the setting sun, Lilith couldn't see how her companion could resist the heat and heavy lull of electrical currents she sent through her fingertips. Truth be told Lilith hadn't really ever explored the side of her powers that didn't destroy everything around it. Her fingertips, she'd recently discovered, held a small of amount of electricity that looped like a current on the tips. The steady thrum of it through her skin only served to explain why, perhaps, not many had touched her, or vise-versa. Sighing, she lightly trailed one finger down the side of his jaw, smiling coyly when it caused him to shudder against her. The action intensified the already lingering heat between them and Lilith clenched her teeth when his penis dug painfully into her thigh. Anticipation and excitement raced through her bloodstream at the action, Mordecai's short, hard intake of breath spurring her on. The unusually thin man was anything but skin and bones. His muscles were clearly defined, the outline visible through his clothing and yet he looked the opposite. When they'd first met she was sure he wasn't strong at all, that he'd break like a toothpick, that he wouldn't be much a force to reckon with in battle. His deceptively thin but strong waist was the first thing people underestimated. While he was nowhere near as powerful as Roland or Brick, his efficiency and knowledge of weapons made up for any brawn he lacked. Yet he still held an animalistic power within that lithe body of his, raw and somewhat frightening to be sure. Lilith knew she had a mean right hook and her simple hand contact could pack a punch, but there was nothing hidden about her, Phasewalking aside. The tattoos on her body spoke volumes if people bothered to ask or try to understand.

The Hunter's sleek frame was tied deftly to the nearest chair they could find in the hell-hole known as New Haven. The summer humidity and heat left little desire of human skin to skin contact, especially with all the lecherous, murdering bastards running the length of Pandora. However, for this particular moment, the fiery red-headed Siren could not find fault with the weather as it made the simplest thing seem sensual—like the bead of sweat rolling down the hunter's neckline from underneath the leather mask that encased his face. Lilith treasured moments like this, knowing full well he could see her every movement but she could not see his every reaction, no. She could only see his body's movements, the twitches, the spasms; she could only feel the heat radiating from his skin, the muscles beneath his pants, and the flesh beneath his clothing. And she loved every second of her ability to bring any man to his knees. Except for him. They had been back and forth through quests, missions, and hell, together. But the stubborn sniper wouldn't budge or give her an ounce of attention. Was it all a game? On some level she knew the interlude was a result of his ignorance. Yet in another way she supposed the entire situation sprang from something he'd said to her while in battle at Krom's Canyon weeks prior. Recalling it now, it seemed juvenile.

Roland and Brick had taken off in another direction, an agreed strategy to take out as many of the bandits camps in order to avoid the avalanche of maniacs and psychos that might try to interfere with their killing Krom. Based off the information they had received, Krom had a canon that was better taken out by a skilled sniper than with brawns or a shotgun specialist. Lilith had been chosen as well because her phase walk would allow her to surprise Krom while Mordecai did his part. The Canyon was deep, foreboding and hard to maneuver. On several occasions they had gotten lost, turned around and confused. As was her usual, Lilith would tease Mordecai without abandon, blaming him for their mix-up with directions then telling him that she would feel better if he made it up to her. Contrary to popular belief, Siren's were not without feelings and while she did a spectacular job of acting as though rejection did not faze her, with Mordecai it truly did. Love was not something anyone on Pandora considered, and definitely not a Siren. But sex on the other hand, that was something that was hard to come by with the right type of person. She was sure that her looks alone could land her anyone under the sun on Pandora, the god forsaken planet hosting many a dirt bag in its midst. And yet, she wanted the hunter, more than anything or anyone else. At times she wasn't really sure of it but as the mindless days passed, full of killing bandits, of hot, humid heat, of endless stormy nights, Lilith realized how insanely bored she was.

It so happened that after defeating Krom, Brick and Roland ran ahead of them towards Scooter's Catch-a-ride station to get a car and left them walking, briskly, together. Mordecai had shouldered his rifle, Bloodwing perched shrewdly on his shoulder. Lilith, too, had holstered her corrosive sub-machine gun, running a somewhat trembling hand through her fiery red locks, fingers tense from the adrenaline rush and victory. Like most celebrations after their victories Lilith figured a well-earned drinking fest was in order as it usually was how it all happened. But this time she felt it would be different if the electric tension in the air was any indication. When they made it to the transport system they could find neither Brick nor Roland and assumed they had already left and were waiting at the New-U station. Shrugging, Lilith reached out to press the communications device when a hand caught her arm. She turned her gaze sharply towards the hunter, eyebrow raised in curiosity but also irritation.

"We don't have all day to just stand here. The Vault piece needs to be stored safely before that bitch comes to take it." Lilith warned, her thoughts drifting ever so briefly to Commandant Steele and the woman's never ending threats regarding the Vault pieces. "What is it, Mordy?"

He let a scowl place his face. "That's not my name, little girl."

"And my name is not little girl, you asshole," she snapped, wrenching her wrist free and turning to the transporter once again. She heard him snicker from behind but ignored it.

"Little girl…suits your petulant, bratty attitude better than admitting you're one of the "almighty, beautiful Sirens" of legend. Hard to believe it, sometimes."

She bristled at this, her fingers hovering just above the electric blue button, her teeth gritted and crackling energy at her fingertips. "Repeat that again, jerk, and I'll make you pay for it."

His chuckle only served to cause her further infuriation, the caw of his bird sending her over the edge. Seconds later found her fist flying towards his jaw without any warning. He caught it easily, that aggravating smirk still on his face, daring her to try it again. Snarling, she activated her phasewalk, the electric energy from it buzzing and a soft pop sounding as Mordecai remained calmly in his spot, head towards the sky as if searching for her invisible form. She knew he could sense her—he was a Hunter, after all. But what he hadn't counted on was the switch of her artifacts from a corrosive level 4 to an electrical level 1. Surprise overtook him as she phased back into existence right next to him, the low electrical shock of her artifact knocking him over. The shock left a small window of vulnerability in its wake, which Lilith exploited, jumping him until her thighs locked his legs between them, one hand putting pressure on his shoulder while the other hand held the submachine gun to his face. Her fingertips were laced with blue energy that jumped wildly about her. Bloodwing cawed angrily above, ready to strike, awaiting his master's orders. And still, Mordecai did not show any fear at this display of domination, this power she held in the moment. He simply smirked again, to which Lilith became extremely aggravated.

And slyly, his mouth opened. "Little girl…I knew you'd want to be on top but I doubt you'd have it in you to do that without my help."

The bright blush that rose to her cheeks at his statement sent her into a furious, embarrassed rage as she back pedaled, almost stumbling in the process. She caught herself right before she would have fallen, rather ungracefully, on her backside, and made a complete fool of herself in front of the older man. She was livid with embarrassment and undiluted rage at this statement, anger and uncertainty rising to the depths of her cheeks in a vermillion stain across her pale flesh. Mordecai made to move to apologize, instead picking himself up and dusting himself off as if nothing had transpired, as if he hadn't insulted her or said a word out of the ordinary. He quickly turned to the transport system and pressed the button. Lilith barely had the sense to go with him, fingers barely touching his shoulder. When they made it back to the New-U station she could see that Roland and Brick were waiting in one car, cracking jokes and laughing. She forced herself to remain composed as Mordecai made his way to Scooter's and got them a car. She was almost to the gunner's seat when Roland turned to face her, eyes narrowed.

"Where've you two been? Brick and I been waitin, it's gettin dark. More bandits'll be out soon."

She rolled her eyes despite the trembling of her fingers. "Shut up, we're here, aren't we?"

"Touchy," Brick answered as the former Lance soldier turned back to the steering wheel, a chuckle drifting to her ears.

Lilith grimaced as Mordecai started the tank, following closely behind their team while she gripped the gunner's turret so tight she thought it might break from the sheer force. All she knew was that when they made it back to New Haven, she was going to kill the hunter, and wait until he begged for her to stop.

That things hadn't quite turned out that way was something she wasn't sure she could be upset about, after all. Having him here, somewhat helpless underneath her brought her a calming sense of satisfaction. Almost. But the satisfaction wouldn't be complete, she knew, until he was begging, in some form or another. As it was, he was shivering, the mere touch from her making his whole body shudder, that she knew it was only a matter of time.

"Mordy…" she cooed breathlessly in his ear, licking the shell of it with her tongue, following it up with a short nip. "Tell me what you want."

He grunted in response, finally beginning to struggle against his restraints in an effort to touch her. She smirked when the restraints held; he'd taught her how to tie them. He wouldn't be getting out anytime soon. Chuckling softly to herself, Lilith continued to trace the contours of his body, her fingers lingering on his neck where it appeared he was very sensitive. Deciding it was time to push their little game further, the red-haired Siren gently leaned over and slowly licked the length of his tanned neckline. Mordecai practically jumped out of his skin at the mere touch of her wet tongue, the sensation catching him off-guard in the blazing heat of Pandora. Smiling coyly, his companion slowly placed her fingers on the hem of his gray shirt, trailing her fingertips underneath the cotton material in an effort to entice his body temperature to rise further. All at once Mordecai's breath hitched, his legs jerking to cause Lilith's dangling feet to sway. She smirked as he exhaled heavily, his body quivering in response to her teasing ministrations. Sighing, she leaned forward until her lips hovered just above his, the scant inches between them making her sweat. His breath smelt of Rakk Ale—Pandora's finest—and his skin smelled of musk, dirt and machinery oil from cleaning his guns, something she found rather appealing in the sordid heat. Her fingers moved over his abdomen muscles, tracing the contours of the rippling flesh beneath their tips. Despite his blatant thinness the surprise of taut muscle beneath his shirt was pleasant if not rewarding to their game.

Normally she'd go in for the kill but Lilith wanted to drag this out as much as she could, because the longer she did, the more fun she figured she could have. In fact, Mordecai was all but a toy in this game without his ability to touch or move, for that matter. Still, she knew the other members of their team would soon return and she would not have the leisurely pace she did at the moment. Sighing inwardly, mostly out of the duress of interruptions, she decided moving forward quicker with her plan would allow for more time to enjoy the main part of her plan. With a little disappointment in her eyes she carefully began to untie the knot on Mordecai's legs, sure he would not do anything. When she was done with his ankles she moved to his hands, fingering the rope near his wrists for a moment before her eyes widened in shock. Seconds later found her pinned to the concrete ground of the building they'd been calling home for the past few months, the heat of the concrete making her hiss as it made contact with her skin. After she'd recovered from the initial shock of what had occurred, she brought her surprised gaze to his, still unable to make out anything other than his smirk because of the hunter's mask. His knees had trapped her legs and her arms were held down by his lithe hands. She opened her mouth to snap at him but he beat her to it.

"Little girl…teasing me wasn't very nice."

"It was the agreement," she spat as she tried to find a way to wriggle from his iron-like grasp. "You wanted it, so don't you dare deny it, masochist."

The hunter's smirk widened again at this. "The deal was, Siren, to see how long you could hold out." He brought his nose closer, sniffing the air around them. "Seems like it wasn't that long."

She blanched at this comment, knowing full well that he could smell her arousal in the air. He was a hunter, after all, and thus trained to pick up on the faintest hint of any living thing's scent. She would've blushed but Lilith was used to being the sexual party, the sexual object, and using her sexual wiles to achieve her goal. He traced a gloved fingertip down the side of her cheek, dragging it carefully down the side of her body until it paused at her midsection, which was bare—it always had been. 'If I play this right…I can still come out on top,' she mused despite Mordecai's triumphant smirk. A smile replaced her earlier lapse of composure, and Lilith arched into his touch, enticing him with her half clothed body, the thin sheen of sweat on her skin enhancing her already unearthly glow. If they were going to play, then she was going to play hardball and she was going to win. Steeling her nerves, she eyed his reaction to see if this pleased him or made him feel anything at all. At the quickly hidden shock she knew that her tacit compliance was not necessarily what he wanted; it caught him off guard. She realized he must've expected her to fight with him for dominance of the situation, to gain the upper hand, to challenge him. 'Oh but I will, Mordy, I will,' she thought.

"Take the mask off and we can start this," she said, golden eyes glowing in the dimming light of day.

Mordecai cocked his head to the side in contemplation, considering her proposition for a minute before reaching for the back of the mask. He peeled it off and Lilith gasped as the inches of skin became visible, skin she hadn't seen since she was younger, skin that was covered in grime and not as uneven in color as she thought it'd be. She couldn't stop the puzzlement from washing across her face at this even color and his piercing blue eyes, eyes she hadn't seen since long ago. She had always been intrigued by how bright a blue Mordecai's eyes were, wondering if they were the brightest she'd ever seen anywhere. The red fogged spectacles that sat snuggly in his brown leathered hunter's mask shielded those spheres from the rest of the world. Whether for protection from sand and bullet sprays or prying, curious eyes Lilith assumed many people would never know. What she did know, however, is that rarely did anyone ever get to see them now, which was why the mien that settled upon her features made her companion raise an eyebrow. It didn't help that he was colorblind and she knew that the mask was a way of avoiding color issues. When someone lived in a world of colorless splendor, it wasn't easy being around those who saw it vibrantly, vividly, like the rest of their team.

"When was the last time you saw them?"

Lilith replied easily. "Probably when I was younger; you were already older, back then. They…" she drifted off when his smirk disappeared, "haven't changed at all."

The awkward silence that followed her statement all but vanished when she felt the hand near her middle continue its path downward where it immediately dipped into the waistband of her pants, lingering there. The sweat that had been accumulating on her chest began to make a slow path down the valley of her breasts, catching the hunter's wandering eyes. Her tube top suddenly felt constricting and she wanted nothing more than to tear it off, to feel the midday air that would feel cool in the heat. Her boots felts heavy and hot, and suddenly Mordecai was wearing far too much clothing for her liking; but she couldn't move her legs. His one hand had moved from holding one of her arms down and she decided to take advantage of this, bending her arm and pushing it backwards for leverage. She pushed her torso upwards until it forced him to release her other arm, sliding it to the side for support. Lilith placed her other free arm backwards for support as well, forcing the rest of her body up towards him until her lips met his. She could feel the chapped skin of his lips but her own moist pair had no problems with this as her tongue lazily slid out to lick them, softening them. The hand by her waistband was gone within moments, making a trail up her side where it connected with the back of her head, fingers tangling in her red hair.

And suddenly she moaned, their tongues meeting in a sensual dance of exploration. Lilith felt tingly all over, feeling the dull buzz of electric energy passing through her own skin to dance on her partner, causing him to twitch a little. The fire that suddenly ignited in the pit of her stomach was intensified by her siren prowess, the phoenix causing her temperature to rise. But it didn't stop there and she let out another groan as Mordecai's lips left hers and started a languid trail down the expanse of her blue tattooed skin, his teeth grazing her neck while the hand tangled in her hair tugged it back for better access to the hollow between her chin and collarbone. Lilith could feel her arms wanting to give way, her elbows trembling from supporting her weight and some of his own too. Even with the rough granite beneath her she managed to slide downwards, bringing his eager lips with her, until she was lying flat on her back, Mordecai atop her and never once ceasing his actions. His mouth did not bother to see how they were situated as it traveled down her neck to her chest, licking the thin, salty layer of sweat, only stopping when his tongue hit the barrier of her red tube top. Finding the material rather offensive he produced a knife from somewhere, dragging the sharpened blade down the middle of the obstructive clothing before she could protest. 'Didn't I...take that away from him before we started this whole…game?'

Lilith was about to say something to him but could say nothing further when she felt one gloved hand settle on her hips while the other steadied himself from dropping all his weight on her, his lips carefully enveloping one of her breasts. She arched up into his mouth, the swirl of his tongue and nip of his teeth causing both of her pink hued nipples to harden. Her hands flew to his thick, heavy locks, not caring what they felt like or how dirty they were. The hand on her hip joined his mouth, settling on her other expose breast, teasing and pinching the other hardened nub until it was so sensitive that when he blew a cool breath on it she jumped. He easily held her down by her midsection, his tongue never stopping, the torturous skillful organ moving from lavishing her breasts down to the taut, smooth plain of her abdomen, down to her hips where her pants blocked him from further exploration. And suddenly she wanted the skin tight, sticky and filthy material off her legs, only pausing from removing it herself when Mordecai's mouth began a hard suckling motion near her hip bone. It was so hard that she knew it would leave a mark but she couldn't think that far ahead or that coherently because his hand had moved elsewhere again.

He had somehow managed to distract her so much that she hadn't noticed his hand rubbing slow circles at the juncture of her thighs, chaps be damned. The heat of her sex and the smell of her arousal only made the smirk on his face widen and widen as he glanced up—as much as her hands would allow, her digits still wound tightly in his hair—and saw the look of pure sexual need plastered on her feminine features. Lilith tried hard not to appear too excited but failed when she looked down to see his hands detaching her pistol holster from her leg. Shortly after she could feel her pants being peeled off leg by leg, his presence suddenly gone. She had no idea when he'd removed her boots but she didn't have much time to ponder this discovery; seconds later she was gritting her teeth in pleasure. His fingers gently probed the inside of the apex of her thighs, gloves gone, and entrance made easy due to the fact that she did not wear underwear. Her pants were so tight it was practically impossible. Her eyes closed, her hips arching as he rubbed the nub of her clitoris with the calloused pad of this thumb; the bundle of nerves that, when touched, sent her into a frenzy. She hissed as she suddenly felt those fingers replaced by a warm, swirling motion. Heat rushed to her face as she realized he was using his tongue on the most tender, secret part of her body.

And she couldn't get enough of it. Her fingers clamped into his hair as she tried to keep her hips from slamming into the warmth of his skilled tongue. Mordecai had to press firmly down on her hips this time with both hands, the scent of lilies and burnt earth emanating from her core much to his delight. However, the static electricity she seemed to give off was making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and he grabbed her hips and shoved them closer to his mouth. He drank deeply, like an alcoholic, of the nectar flowing from her, his teeth nipping her clitoris lightly as she moaned, her eyes closed, bottom lip between her own teeth as she fought for own control, control he was not about to relinquish while he did have it. Lilith, no stranger to a variety of sexual encounters has experienced pleasure from very few of the men she had slept with; this was different. Whether because of his age and experience the Siren had to assume his skills and ability to make her quiver came from the sheer amount of women he must've slept with throughout the years. Not one to be jealous of past lovers or exploits, she could only praise whatever semblance of a sex life he may have had prior to joining the team to hunt for the Vault. The skill of his tongue was unrivaled, though she'd never admit this to him openly; she assumed he must've gathered this by now, judging by how hard she was pulling on his locks. She tried her hardest not to yank his hair as his tongue hit a sensitive spot and her body shuddered painfully against him.

Her cheeks felt flushed and her vision was swimming, the thin layer of perspiration on her ephemeral hued skin noticeable to her own eyes. She was absolutely sure that the heat of the day added to the already edgy feeling that circulated throughout her bloodstream, causing her mind to trip over any coherent thoughts. If this is what it was like with just his tongue she was intrigued about what it would be like when the entire situation culminated. Her thought was broken and she inhaled sharply when she felt the heat of his tongue disappear, much to her disappointment. The red-headed beauty was about to throw a biting comment at his when she felt his tongue replaced, once again, by his expert fingers. She quivered when she realized that this time there was more than one finger exploring the sensitive walls of her sex; she couldn't cover the moan that escaped her throat. Moments later she could smell the scent of sex on his lips before they touched her own, the mix of Rakk Ale and her own taste creating an interesting flavor on her tongue while theirs intertwined. She hadn't known that Mordecai would be this forward, despite his older age but she couldn't say she disliked it at all. In fact, much to her pleasure and displeasure all at once, Lilith found herself trying very hard to act like this didn't drive her wild, trying hard to will her body not to writhe against his, not to squirm against his fingers, tried to fight the ache the coiled in her belly. But even without such movements he seemed to understand and know just what she felt, what she was thinking, without so much as a response from her. His lips on hers lightly bit her bottom lip until she moaned again, the plump flesh starting to look bruised. It wasn't to say he was rough but he certainly wasn't tender in his caresses. Feather light caresses with the intent to woo and not torture were not something she wanted at all. If he had been, Lilith was positive that she would've beaten him senseless—she wanted to feel him.

As this thought finished stringing itself together she dug her nails into his still clothed back, trying her hardest to leave a mark like he was now leaving at the base of her neck. When he'd stopped assaulting her mouth with his she had not noticed but could care less as one of her hands traveled down his back until it rested on pants, where she began to pull his shirt up. She wanted to touch his skin and cause him as much strain as he was causing her. His fingers never stopped their steady pace, which made it somewhat difficult for Lilith to concentrate on her other task but she was managing well enough having unbuckled his artillery belt. Why she hadn't removed it earlier was a thought that passed quickly through her head but it only lasted mere moments when she was able to shove the bullets and belt to the side. Her hands didn't wait even a second before she was pushing them into his now loose pants in search of his member. She remembered, briefly, how it had dug into her thigh, the heat delicious and the feeling making the ache in her core—temporary alleviated because of his fingers—flare up again with need. She let out a smile when he let out a deep groan, his ministrations suddenly ceasing while her deft hands circled him, her skin softer than his own hands. Mordecai did not pretend to think she was incapable of pleasing a man but he was, nonetheless, caught off guard when her feminine hands touched him. Doing what she thought might make him shudder was the idea behind all of this and Lilith wanted to be sure he did, that he was the one soon-to-be writhing under her. She was more than prepared to turn the tables, watching with intoxicated awe as he brought his hand to the floor to steady himself. While she was disappointed with the loss of his fingers within her, she couldn't help the power hungry smile that made its way to her face when his head fell to her shoulder.

Running her hands up and down the length of his pulsating penis, Lilith began to push him backwards with her body weight in hopes that he would oblige without resistance. She was delighted to see that he was fighting for control, trying to regain the upper hand but failing miserably, caving by the second. Minutes later it was him on his back with her splayed almost fully across his body but still on her knees, hand pumping the shaft of his penis in a slow rhythm. His hands, seemingly lost, reached out towards her; she stayed purposefully out of his range, her eyes taking in his hooded eyelids with a great, rumbling sense of satisfaction that settled deep within her. Not one to be unfair, Lilith knew her next actions would be pleasing for him but she'd be lying if she said this wasn't something she enjoyed, whatever her personal reasons were. The trembling hunter didn't have time to process what was happening when the Siren inched closer, her hands traveling up the length of his clothed thighs, creeping closer and closer until he noticed where her head was. He jumped when he felt her hot breath on the tip of his penis, cringing in anticipation at what she would do next. Lilith decided teasing him was denying them both something they wanted. Hesitation gone, she lowered her mouth, her lips closing snugly around the head of his penis before sliding down him, taking in as much as she could. His hands flew to her hair, threading the strands of her short red bob in his fingers. He hadn't really expected her to do that; neither did she. But his scent, the scent of sex, of musk, of earth, that invaded her senses made it difficult to pull away. Breathing in deeply, Lilith brought her head back up, sliding her tongue along the underside of his shaft, her eyes closing in pleasure as she placed her hands flat on his hip bones in an attempt to steady herself.

His moans were audible and she couldn't stop her mind from moaning with him, the moist heat between her legs increasing as his hands massaged her head. She wasn't the type to deny herself the things that she wanted, for any reason. She knew she certainly wasn't going to start now. Adjusting her position, the fiery headed woman moved so that she was nestled between his legs, running her hands down the inside of his thighs as she worked more of him into the warm cavern of her mouth. Her jaw muscles tightened when she could fit no more and she moved one hand to the base, sliding it up and down in a smooth motion. Mordecai let out another moan, this time ecstasy lacing his vocal approval as she slid up and down, her own moaning vibrating into the sensitive part of his body. His body quivered in time with her movements, and Lilith could feel the fingers in her hair pulling, gripping to the point she thought he might rip it from her head. Smiling, an action that brought her lips to the tip of his penis, she dragged her wet tongue from the base all the way up, as if she was licking an ice cream pop, savoring each careful motion. She could feel him twitch and wondered how much longer she had before he came.

Then very suddenly she was being pushed off. Obscenities fell from her mouth when she practically fell back on her bare behind, barely managing to catch herself when she was pulled up rather abruptly and slammed against the nearest wall. She didn't have time to see anything or process when she felt Mordecai's bare skinned chest against her sweat slicked back. Her first thought was to figure out when he'd lost so much of his clothes but the thought never formulated all the way when his penis, slick with her saliva and his pre-cum, slid all the way into her sex without any warning. The hunter let out a deep groan at how slick her walls were, at how tightly they squeezed his pulsating shaft. His hands, which had been placed flat against the wall, joined hers to steady himself. Lilith gasped, her cheek lying on the wall, her breath coming in puffs as neither party moved, the surprise catching both of them. He filled all of her, and she could feel him buried to the hilt inside of her, a feeling she was grappling with as she tried to move, even an inch. It caused her knees to buckle and one of his hands to land on her hip to hold her in place. He let out a hiss through his teeth, his warm, ale tinged breath causing her insides to shiver—Lilith let her eyes close at this gesture. His head suddenly fell to her shoulder, his forehead dampened by their combined sweat.


She felt desire burn within her. Mordecai had never really used her name before, always calling her little girl or other names. The fact that he had murmured it into her shoulder set her blood ablaze, the phoenix within her rising. She almost wished he could see the color of her flushed skin so she wouldn't have to answer him; instead, she let her head fall back in response to his unspoken question hanging in the air between them with so much weight, she wasn't sure she could resist anymore. Taking her cue, Mordecai slipped almost completely out of her warm entrance before slamming back into her, causing a strangled cry of rapture to erupt from her cerise painted lips. She let out a breathy, shaky sigh as the hand on her hip tightened, his grip like iron as she began a slow rhythmic thrusting into her sensuous heat. She had no shame at this point, one of her hands moving to caress herself while he set the pace, trying desperately to pull him deeper inside of her. She couldn't get enough, the other hand that was supporting her against the wall making its way to grip his behind, pulling as much of him flush against her as she could. At this Mordecai moved the hand that was on her hip to her breasts, roughly pinching her hardened nipples until she arched into the wall, her bottom pushing against his groin even further, causing him to hit her cervix. Lilith's breath puffed out so hard, so quickly that she thought she might not be able to breathe; her hand joined his on her breast, squeezing her sensitive flesh with reckless abandon.

As the speed of Mordecai's thrusts increased Lilith found her legs becoming wobbly, standing becoming something too hard to do. She tried to get out any kind of speech possible but it was proving difficult.


He seemed all too busy to realize she was speaking, his lips suckling comfortably on the valley between her shoulder and neck. She wasn't sure how much longer they could remain in this position, her legs protesting irritably as he continued to suck the sensitive skin of her shoulder, driving her to further incoherency when he began nipping the flesh between his teeth in time with his rough thrusts. If Lilith could see another land, this was the time. Again, she tried to voice her haphazard thoughts.

"Morde…cai…" she managed though breathlessly. "This…fuck…position is…"

She stammered a little, another moan leaving her mouth when his lips finally relented their claim on her shoulder. Taking advantage of his pause she pushed him back with moments to spare, practically twirling around until they were face to face, her body naturally gravitating towards his. Lilith didn't waste any time reaching out to him as his hand snaked around her waist, joining their bodies again. This time when her lithe, sinewy but feminine body arched into him, her breasts rose up to meet his eager mouth while his hands lifted her of the ground. She immediately wrapped her long legs around his thin waist as his hands came up to cradle her bottom, lifting her up and down along the pulsating length of his member. The feeling was intense and Lilith had to grab him in order to stay upright, the new angle causing him to push so far into her she felt a small stabbing sensation that dulled after a few seconds, leaving a desirable feeling in its wake. A few minutes later found her head resting on his shoulder as her arms grasped his back so she wouldn't fall. The hunter let out a grunt at the loss of her breast in his mouth. But she gave him no time to ponder her reasons, her tongue snaking back into his mouth, fighting for dominance of their kiss; a battle of power.

Her hair was dampened with sweat, the heat never changing despite the sun having set and sandy winds now blowing across the deserted city of New Haven. Most people had long gone inside or were at bars reaping debauchery. None of it mattered to her, none of it except the room that smelled of sex; of the feel of Mordecai buried deeply within her; of the pounding of her heart; of the blood rushing to her face; of his roughened hands clasping her, running up and down her severely sensitized skin. She felt herself trembling and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, biting it until she thought she tasted blood at the feel of him slowing his movements again, pulling out only to thrust into her so hard, so quick, so suddenly that a shriek escaped her blood tinted lips without abandon. Mordecai's response was guttural, animalistic and possessive, fueled with lust and undiluted sexual drive—it made the flush of her cheeks brighten until she was completely incoherent, digging her nails into the tanned skin of his back and shoulders. Rivulets of blood made small, inconsistent trails down his back and the Siren couldn't resist how morbidly right it looked on him, her hooded golden eyelids struggling to stay open.

Then he paused, his motions coming to an abrupt halt that shattered Lilith's swimming vision; her tense muscles ached in response, disappointed by the lack of friction. Whimpering, she undulated against him but he held her fast, his grip restricting her movements, which caused her to raise a delicate red brow in question. As if to answer her unspoken question, the Hunter turned them, quickly lowering them to the ground with himself atop her. Lilith groaned in discomfort when her bare back hit the hot concrete for the second time; it burned a bit. However there was no time to ponder or whine regarding this because Mordecai's stiffened penis was sliding back into her slick folds, the sound bringing her ringing ears a strange erotic pleasure she wasn't accustomed to. As if this wasn't enough of a surprise, her eyes widened in shock when she felt his hand grabbing her thigh, hand gliding down until it stopped above her calf and lifted her entire leg in the air. The new position made Lilith mewl as the hunter thrust into her again experimentally, as if to test the amount of pleasure she received. The Siren no longer cared where they were, or about her pride, her small hands grabbing onto his shoulder, nails digging into his skin again, not caring who heard her.

"Harder…fuck me harder you skinny son of a bitch," she ground out through clenched teeth.

He was only too happy to oblige, the smirk on his face so pronounced that it was somewhat fearful; it was the same smirk he had when shooting bandits. Lilith didn't care. She happily welcomed the harder, faster thrusts, pushing herself to meet him as their pace quickened and she could feel her impending orgasm getting closer and closer. The hands on his shoulders moved to her own breasts, caressing herself for a minute before moving one between them, ghosting her fingers over his shaft that moved in and out of her. She was getting closer, her moans getting louder, his grunts increasing in volume and pace so quick she thought the entire world was shaking when he leaned over, his voice in her ear somewhat unintelligible to her desire addled mind.

"Scream my name, Lil...scream it or I won't let you come," he whispered, phrase coming out in pants.

Part of her was enraged that he would be so cruel and another was annoyed, for a mere millisecond, that he would request such a thing from her. Her golden eyes met his blue pair, fiery and insulted despite the fact that his penis was still lodged deeply inside of her. The protest in her face told him there would be hell to pay for such a demand if she did go through with it but she did not voice it. He understood what she meant but let out a low chuckle, repeating his statement.

"Either you scream my name, or I stop right now."

She blanched, cheeks flushed even though he couldn't really tell. "You fucker…you wouldn't. You couldn't."

He started to pull out just to prove her right when she clenched her vaginal muscles, trapping him, creating a snug sheath that could only feel that much better. Mordecai hissed in reply, exhaling a shaky breath to signal that indeed he couldn't stop even if he really wanted; which he didn't. Seeing that she had the upper hand, she locked her other leg around his waist and used all her willpower to drag him back into her welcoming heat, smiling coyly when he let out a small, lustful, agonized groan of defeat. She draped her arms over his shoulders, trailing her fingers laced with both their fluids, through his thick locks, even going so far as to drag one wet finger down the side of his cheek, unintentionally smoothing the length of a jagged scar on his face.

"Tell me…Mordy…do you really want to stop fucking this hot piece of ass? You've been wanting to for so long, haven't you?" Lilith teased in a sensual voice, nipping at his exposed wrists as she gyrated against his stiff body. "Come on, old man…you don't have it in you."

Her comment snapped him back to the present when he glared down at her. "Little girl…I'm going to fuck you so hard your pretty little ass will be sore for weeks."

A smirk graced her lips. "Prove it."

She didn't have a chance to mock him any further when he slammed back into her so hard she yelped, feeling the tingling sensations travel through her entire body, reverberating down to her toes. She flexed, letting out a shaky breath to keep her mind present as Mordecai continued driving himself into her without any warning. His pace did not slow and Lilith could feel herself coming unhinged, her mind becoming foggy with lust, transfixed on the titillating feeling of him being so deep inside of her, filling her. She was so close, and she knew he was too.

It happened so fast, surrounded by such opaque clarity, that the Siren didn't comprehend what was happening until his name fell, unbridled, from her lips and her nails dug into his forearms. He clenched his teeth as the action pushed him over the edge too, his body suddenly seizing in time with hers. There was nothing stopping her, no one to hear it other than the two of them in the darkened room where his eyes glowed like the sky, and hers like twin fires. Lilith felt her heart beat slowly start to return to normal, the aches and pains not quite settling in yet, very much like the reality that they had ended up having sex on the dirty, dust laden concrete ground, which was now slippery in certain spots from all the sweat and fluids. Mordecai had yet to move from his position atop her, his hand still clutching one of her legs up in the air though she had bent it at some point; her other leg was still curled around his waist. The hunter seemed frozen in his position, trying to regain control of his breath as the sweat beaded at his forehead began to drip distractedly onto her smooth abdomen. It slid gracefully down the side of her perspiring skin until it landed on the floor. At this Mordecai brought his eyes to hers, the pair meeting for a moment before Lilith felt the blush rising to her cheeks even though she knew he couldn't decipher the color. She wasn't sure what to say now that they had completed the game—there were no feelings of deep seeded love; it was just sex. But she still mourned the loss of such delicious contact when he slid out of her and fell on his back beside her, the heated surface making him hiss for a moment.

"Fuck…" one of his hands came to rest of her thigh, fingers dipping in between them, while his other went behind his head as a pillow of sorts.

She nodded though he could not see, one hand resting on her stomach, the other on her breast. "No kidding."

It was quiet for a few more minutes when Mordecai turned to her, the scars on his face prominent though they didn't bother her in the least. When he didn't say anything she let out a sigh and finally turned her head to look up at him. He had raised himself up on one elbow though the hand resting on her thigh remained tracing lazy circle patterns there. It was odd that he would do such a thing, let alone strange that he would stay so close. Lilith was sure he had been sleeping with Moxxi before, or had; he never stayed long enough to even see the mistress of madness wake up. Never one for feelings, she continued to stare at him, waiting for his reaction. Their games had come to an end and there wasn't anything left to play for, she was sure of it. The disappointment this notion left in its wake irked her. The thought of gentle caresses had never crossed her mind and Lilith did not intend to focus on it, despite the fact that even Siren's had feelings and emotions. She tensed when the hand on her thigh moved towards her face to push a sweaty strand of hair behind her ear, Mordecai's smile widening into a somewhat lecherous but playful smirk.


The word carried a question that she could only answer with a smile. "Next time…I'm on top."

(BLAH, it wasn't my greatest but I enjoyed writing it. Woo. There will probably be a sequel sometime in the future. Don't know when. We will see. Anyway, off to my other fics. Think my writer's block has passed now thanks to PWP. Squee! Laters and Thanks!)