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And Thus We Begin

Dematerialization and then rematerializing was something Lilith decided she would never get used to no matter how many times Hyperion's digital infrastructure New-U stations did this for her, to her. It hadn't been normal before they opened the Vault and she was sure it wouldn't change anytime soon. Sighing, she placed her submachine gun back in its gun holster that was attached securely to her thigh. It was already dark and most inhabitants of the city had retired for the evening. It was quiet everywhere save for the music drifting loudly out from Moxxi's bar. The faint aroma of pizza infiltrated her nostrils and Lilith suddenly felt very hungry. Yet the thought of facing all her companions at the current time seemed daunting and instead, she made her way back towards the Crimson Raiders base where she figured she could do some routing of supply shipments. Truth be told, this would be an utterly boring task but given the present situation between her and Mordecai, she felt like a distraction was necessary. It was comforting, she noted upon entering, to know that the base was relatively empty. All the occupants, save for one, had departed elsewhere much to her relief and slight disappointment. Being mostly alone inside the headquarters was something that she relished and dreaded at the same time. Where as having a companion around meant certain interrogation that she was no apt to comply with, it also meant she could vent and share her thoughts and not be alone.

There wasn't exactly any type of privacy in Sanctuary, especially not in the crimson raiders base. She had found that Tannis remained downstairs while the remainder of their friends had headed over to Moxxi's for celebratory drinks, courtesy of their large pile of money from whatever mission they'd completed. Lilith had declined the unspoken offer to join them in the evening, only moments prior to Mordecai phasing back into the city to talk to her. She was unaware that he had returned to Sanctuary due to the fact that she was pouring over shipment routes in a desperate effort to distract her wandering mind and thoughts. It was proving rather futile, the map before her glowing bright blue and, coincidentally, remaining the same one she'd been staring at for at least fifteen minutes. Sighing, she walked over to the control panels and monitors to take a brief respite from the digital construct, her eyes burning from lack of sleep. Her thoughts immediately came flooding back as she rested idly in the chair, her fingers playing with the frayed hem of her shirt. The heat of Pandora didn't seem that present in the nighttime, especially now with where she'd phased the city. Instead, there was a cool breeze that blew in through the opening that led to the balcony, a gentle zephyr not filled with the scent of death or blood. Biting back a moan at the soreness in her muscles, Lilith let her head fall back and practically fell out of her seat to see Mordecai's tall, lanky frame in the doorway.


She quickly picked herself up, eyes wide in surprise. "Mordecai…what're you doing here?"

He shifted from foot to foot, seemingly uncomfortable all of a sudden. "Couldn't sleep," he supplied lamely.

Lilith snorted in disbelief. "Cut the crap. Just spill whatever bullshit you need to, okay?" She scowled. "You're angry. I get it; you've been drinking not that it's surprising."

Mordecai raised a brow, hands suddenly clenching into fists. "I'm angry? What about you? All this shit the last 2 years…don't even act like you don't have "bullshit" you need to say! Why don't you admit to it, all the crap you've silently given me since before we opened the vault? Madre de Dios, Lilith, stop pretending like everything is fine and this shit is going to just disappear with time! Stop fuckin runnin away!"

The angry retort caught her off-guard. She hadn't seen him this angry in years, not since he'd wilted away into a laid-back, drunken recluse. It'd been years since she'd seen him get so aggravated, the last time and only time in between being when he lost Bloodwing and Roland the two years prior. Ever since then he'd fallen into a drunken stupor that had separated all of them so heavily she was shocked that either of them had the energy to argue anymore. Granted she was wound up so tight from never resting in their mission to cleanse Hyperion from the planet, from the constant adrenaline rush of fighting bandits, of running the city, of maintaining their composures—their exteriors were bound to crack. She just hadn't been sure whose would crack first. It happened to be Mordecai, and it rocked her to the core how angry he was, how his seething could erupt so easily and heavily. But his comment irritated her and she felt her phoenix wings flex before she could stop them. At least for his part, Mordecai had the sense to not encroach further though he made no signs of backing away.

"Me, running away? Listen to yourself you damn drunk! Who was the one who up and left? You ran away, you bastard! You left, remember?" Her fingernails were digging into her flesh so hard she knew she'd have scars later but she could care less, her golden eyes glowing, her body blazing with searing heat. She pointed an accusatory finger at him. "And I wasn't the one who became a raging alcoholic, worse than before!"

The hunter frowned at this comment, his eyes hardening behind the green tinted goggles covering his eyes from view. "Low blows, huh, Siren? Okay, I'm a raging alcoholic, but I'm not the one addicted to Eridium!" She took a surprised step back but did not refute his words. "Yeah, didn't think anyone caught onto that, didja? Roland wouldn't admit it but he knew you were getting addicted to that junk. It's like a drug; you have a habit now! It's been tearing you apart for years. Your power comes at a cost, little girl. Didn't count on that, I'll bet."

It had now become a battle of wills, a battle of who could tear down the other further. His words cut her, the reminder that the Eridium was indeed damaging was just another jab to her already crumbling control of her powers. In order to harness such greatness cost a heavy price and her body felt weak without the substance. She knew that he was right; they weren't any different. They all had vices and she was no better than he. But her anger refused to be curbed by his statement and she lashed out at him again, her wings flexing further in warning when he did not back down. Roland wouldn't have infuriated her so, he wouldn't have antagonized her, he wouldn't have allowed her animosity to erupt so carelessly, so frighteningly. Her wrath felt uncontrollable as she took a step forward towards the hunter who still stood stubbornly rooted to his spot. His arms were crossed over his chest in a clear stance of defiance, which signaled he was not about to move or give into her fury. The phrase "tantrum" flitted across her annoyed thought process for a split second as she continued to step closer to his stone-still frame. It was only when she was within inches of him that she was able to observe the absolute tightness of his posture, of his lips, of his muscles. She couldn't sense fear within him but she did sense uncertainty and unusual rancor.

"What makes you better? What gives you the right to judge, asshat?" Her tone was dangerous.

He cocked his head a slight bit, his eyes hidden but speaking volumes to her purple-hued aura. "I'm not better. And I'm not judging. I'm saying what I see. You've said as much. When was the last time you were this angry and allowed that to come out? Before you were pacified?"

The statement hit her like a ton of bricks, the unspoken insinuation not missed on her. She hadn't been this riled up, this on edge in years. She had exploded when Roland had been murdered but that was the last time in the past two years; before his death, she hadn't been angry since the destruction of New Haven. Everything in between was a blur of steady de-escalation when she did happen to get so upset she thought she'd burst. It was almost as if her anger had nowhere to go. There was never a good time or space to fly off the handle as the saying went. Jaw tight, Lilith spun away from the Sniper for a minute, her wispy, fiery wings almost hitting him in the process but she was too distracted to care. She didn't have to be gentle with Mordecai, didn't have to consider his feelings because he was tough enough to take it. His hardened exterior, the things he'd seen, his arrogance—all of it made for the perfect attitude on Pandora. He wasn't into saving people though he wasn't above helping them if necessary. He wasn't into giving orders or taking them. He was into getting the job done. He could take her anger, her psychosis, her neurosis, her bitterness, everything she ever threw at him without trying to calm her down. He was still here, wasn't he? She bit her lip at the realization as it dawned on her and all the puzzle pieces connected, fell into place before her very eyes. He took it because he could, because he didn't care about pacifying her, changing her, doing anything to her.

Upstairs on the top floor in the dimly lit control room, which was still frequently used to keep Sanctuary connected to the outside world, an ethereal glow surrounded them, a result of Lilith's abilities manifesting in the enclosed space. The bright orange light bounced off of Mordecai's eyewear, infuriating her wrath further when she couldn't make out his expression in response to her accusation. He stood there, arms hanging at his side and jaw set in a rigid thin line; the only indication that he was unhappy with the current situation. Throwing her hands up in the air the Siren did her best to quell her angry outburst, trying to calm and pull her wings back into herself. It proved only slightly successful when the wispy, practically opaque wings dulled in appearance. However, they did not fully retract and, as a result, Mordecai said nothing further nor did he make a move towards her. She figured he was doing this for his own safety, which she thought was wise since, given her current thought process, she wasn't sure what she was capable of. Seconds later she managed to fully recall her powers and fell back against the panel, the distance between them smaller now but the space full of crackling, malicious tension that neither was sure how to approach. Her mind was going a million miles a minute trying to wrap her brain around her sudden epiphany and his words echoing through her head. Surprise etched over her features when his voice cut through her thought process, exhausted, pained.

"Those things…the things you said earlier in Tundra Express…were they true?"

She bit her tongue when she felt an overwhelming wave of self consciousness and embarrassment wash over her. It wasn't a surprise that they were talking as if they hadn't just had a semi-showdown moments before; it was how they functioned together. But his question caught her off-guard and her emotions arose, bubbling over into her mind, uncontrolled, unabated. With a tight smile, she nodded. "Yeah…they were."

"Are they?"

When she didn't reply, instead offering him an unreadable stare, Mordecai's body sagged, the tension released. His frame hit the wall behind him, a look of defeat on his face. Sighing, he let his head fall back. "Fuck… I really can't believe all this time…after everything…" He didn't seem to be speaking to her anymore if the anguish in his tone was any indication. She stared at him again for a second before he brought his face to look back at hers, his lips forming a weakened, downtrodden smile. "I'm sorry, Lilith. I meant what I said, too."

Her words caught in her throat, her eyes wide as they stared; a split second later she was in front of him. Lilith's fingers delved into the red bindings covering his entire torso, her breasts pressed flushed against him with his back to the wall. Her small lithe body was short compared to his tall frame but she didn't care. Mordecai's hands were tense and tight on her shoulders, his head resting against the wall while his mouth pleaded for her to stop though the request had no real plea behind it, nor was it acknowledged by the Siren. Within seconds she had divested him of his crimson bindings and her nimble hands moved to work on removing his belt. The frustration mounted when she couldn't get him unclothed fast enough and Lilith snapped, throwing herself away from him, head in her hands as tears began to flow. Silence dawned on them, the only sounds emanating around the room were her shaky sobs and Mordecai's uneven panting. He couldn't bear the sound of her cries, knowing that she was torn between the feelings of betrayal for a man she had loved, and confusion at her present, rather obvious sentiments. So he recomposed himself and made his way over to her. Lilith was huddled onto the nearest chair, elbows on her knees as the sobs wracked her body in tremors. Mordecai quickly fell to a crouch before her, his hands slowly coming to rest on her knees, rubbing them in slow circles to get a response from her. After what seemed like forever she brought her face away from her hands to look at him, cheeks tear stained and bottom lip quivering earnestly. She was so unlike herself that it stunned both of them. But then again, many years had passed between them.

Mordecai brought a finger to rest underneath her chin, a lopsided smile on his lips. "Lil…"

"I'm so sorry…I don't…fuck…what did I do?"

He chuckled lowly. "I'm not upset if that's what you're askin."


He shook his head. "What's gotten into us, right?"

She nodded. "I'm…I just…I can't…"

Mordecai shook his head, his hand coming up to gently cup her cheek. "Don't be ashamed. I get it." Lilith's lip trembled again but this time he did not say a word. Instead, he leaned in closer, carefully bringing their lips together in a soft, tentative but chaste kiss. Lilith's eyes birthed fresh tears as she waited but a moment before she slid her arms around his shoulders, fingers interlaced to secure him there. They could taste the salt of her tears on their lips but neither cared. The hunter loved her more than his own breath. He understood what Roland had meant when the man had reminded him that she was a treasure, a gem. The Hunter remembered not only what she was, but who she was as well. He traced the contours of her face, the subtle lines of age from a life full of stress, fights, battles, struggles; all unique. He sunk into the curves of her body, thin frame molding to hers while they continued to kiss gently, fully, genuinely. It had taken them almost a decade to come to terms with their feelings and he wasn't about to not pay attention. This time he vowed it wouldn't be just a sexual encounter, a time for pent up gratification, a relief of tension. This time, he vowed, he would make love to her properly because he was in love with her, wholly.

When Lilith pulled back with flushed cheeks and a shy smile, she couldn't help but chuckle at Mordecai's expression. Her golden eyes met his sky blue pair, wide, alert and comfortable.

"You…knew, didn't you? And this whole time you…never stopped?" She inquired, fingers still locked behind his neck though they had shifted positions—Mordecai sitting Indian style with Lilith straddling him. He smiled, trademark smirk absent. It made contentment swell within her and she leaned forward, her nose touching hers. "We were…so foolish, Mordy. I should've been honest."

"Lil…" his tone was serious. Noses still touching, she brought her gaze to his, eyes questioning. "I love you. I always have…even…before all this."

Her eyes began to water. "I know…I've always loved you, idiot. I already told you that, remember?"

Neither said anything following this confession, Mordecai just breathing in the scent of lilies, of burnt earth, of eridium—her scent. After a few seconds he slowly stood to his feet, pulling her with him, her small feminine hands in his own calloused pair. "Lil…"

She looked up at him. As tenderly as possible, he leaned down and gently kissed her again. One of his hands carefully traveled down the length of her arms, fingers tracing her Siren tattoo so softly, as if she was made of glass. The other hand moved to cup her jawbone, his palm stretching across the expanse of her cheekbones. Her body trembled underneath his ghosted ministrations, causing her to moan a bit into his lips at the practically bare contact of his skin to hers. His touch was so soft, so unlike the first time, that it was surprising to her. She paused in the middle of this to pull back again, her hands slowly moving up his face until her fingers slid under the elastic band that held his protective eyewear to his face. Her slender fingers traveled over his cheeks as she completely removed the goggles from his head. The red bindings atop his head fell with the plastic goggles to the floor, revealing his continually graying hair and tired eyes that gazed at her with emotion they'd both been denying themselves. He ran a finger down the side of her face, tracing the contours of her pale skin that hosted a thin layer of grime from the days' events. Regardless, Mordecai found her unearthly beauty not just enticing but magnetic as though it was pulling him in. He said nothing, surprising her when he suddenly stood and enclosed her small hand in his, his head and eye coverings forgotten on the floor as he began to make his way towards the staircase.

Lilith let out a yelp. "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere else. Ain't no privacy here."

Offering him a tired smile, she glanced around. "Where? There isn't anywhere private enough."

He paused for a moment. "Everyone's at Moxxi's, even Tannis."

She raised a brow. "Just lock the base door. No one is coming back until the morning. The night is still young."

He chuckled. "Really? Feels the exact opposite of that." He quickly turned them around and sat her down on the nearest, cleanest looking bunk. Signaling for her to stay, he disappeared downstairs where she soon heard him securing the locks to the crimson raiders base. It was mere moments before he reappeared, the glow of the control room filtering eerily over his facial features. Lilith gazed at him expectantly, her hands on either side of her body as she leaned back on the bunk. Mordecai stood there for a moment in complete awkwardness before Lilith stood to face him, one of her gloved hands coming to rest on his chest just as one of his hands came to settle on his waist. She looked into his eyes, their stare quiet, meaningful, curious and even shy. Mordecai raised his other hand to smooth over her hair, a sheepish smile placing his lips when he pulled her close against him. The silence around them spoke volumes, even though both adults knew what they wanted now, what had been denied, what had been pushed aside in light of things deemed more important. And now it was time and she suddenly felt extremely self-conscious and embarrassed. It wasn't like he hadn't seen her before, like he hadn't touched her before or anything like that. But it had been years in between—she had aged. Sirens were known to be eternally beautiful but life on Pandora had changed them. Would he still think her beautiful?

As if sensing her concern the hunter gently kissed her forehead. "You're always beautiful, Lil. Nothing has changed."

She sighed at this, grateful that he thought so but unable to deny the way she felt, the aging of her body, of her mind and her heart. "I feel old. My body feels old."

He chuckled again, smile lines lighting up her tanned skin. "You think you do? I'm 12 years older than you, Lil. I'm the one who feels old."

"I still think you're handsome," she blurted out, staring up into his blue eyes that reminded her of an ocean they hadn't seen in years, of what Oasis should've looked like.

He offered her a light hearted smile, one filled with understanding and exhaustion. She didn't really expect anything to happen between them now, the weight of their confessions, of the realizations having lifted; but it didn't mean they weren't tired from all the years prior to it. Her body felt tense despite this weight being lifted, her muscles coiled together so tightly, aching for even another small touch from his gloved hands. There was something in his eyes that begged for them to move slow, to not rush, to enjoy each others' company. Her body wasn't crying out for something hard, something fast, something for tension and unforgiving. It wasn't craving a soft, sweet caress—it just wanted him, whatever he had to give. Sighing in resignation the Siren raised herself on her tiptoes and kissed the side of his lips, her eyes fluttering closed when he leaned into her, supporting his own body weight to not knock her off balance. Their fingers traced each other intimately, caresses feather soft and light in the stillness of the night air. Even the dull thumping bass of Moxxi's bar didn't quite penetrate the serene atmosphere around them. Nothing seemed to distract them when Mordecai carefully began to guide the Siren in front of him towards the bunks behind her. It was mere seconds until Lilith felt the backs of her legs hit the bed, meeting resistance until she started to lower them onto the mattress. It wasn't the best place to do this but then again, not many places in Pandora would offer anything remotely close to the faux comfort of their base.

Lilith was sure to bring the sniper with her as her back hit the medium padding of the bunk, her small frame quickly accommodating his taller one. Her legs quickly spread to allow him a resting place as their lips continued their previous kiss, his elbows supporting his weight on either side of her while her arms rested over his shoulders. Her fingers played sensuously within his hair, tangling as much of it as she could manage without pulling it or hurting him. From a vantage point it would seem that the two of them were practicing a slow method of completely melding into each other what with their bodies pressed so closely together they should've suffocated each other. But the movements, the touches and caresses, were deliberate, completely void of any heated rush or panicked desire. While the wanton need remained burned deep with Lilith's and Mordecai's lower anatomy it did not stop the slow burn of their joining. The hunter trailed the calloused fingers of his right hand lazily up and down the length of the Siren's body several times before stopping to rest on her hip and looked into her eyes again. The place where he'd paused reminded her very much of that first night when he'd marked her there. The mark, which had long since faded from view, had stuck there at least in her mind. She hadn't ever forgotten that gesture or any of the various marks he'd made on her body throughout the entire rendezvous, visible or not. And there were definitely some that weren't visible.

She let out a soft sigh when Mordecai's lips moved lethargically down her smooth skin, their dry, cracked texture causing her to shiver in response when it touched the plains of her pale flesh. It was somewhat erotic in the sense that it wasn't exactly the most pleasant feeling nor was it the sweetest feeling to be sure; but she loved it. Just the mere caress of his dry hands set her body aflame with chills of white hot fire that traveled all through her bloodstream, igniting while they moved about inside her veins. She could feel the heat emanating from his body through his shirt and her fingers itched to feel his scarred skin underneath her fingertips. She recalled exactly how it'd felt all those years ago and her body ached at the memory, wishing to renew it with a vigor even she didn't fully understand. On cue her hands drifted underneath the hem of his t-shirt that was free with the remainder of his crimson bindings on the floor a few feet away, running her palms over the surface of his taut abdomen. 'Some things haven't changed,' she mused. His extremely thin build had always been a mystery to others in regards to how much strength he actually possessed beneath the layers of red vestments; judging by his tall, lanky frame it was assumed he had no brawn. But the truth was he did possess decent muscles despite his almost toothpick-like appearance, and he could pack a punch with his sharp knuckles. What the hunter lacked in brawn he always made up in the equivalent to intellect, experience and sniper skills. Still unrivaled on Pandora, the Hunter was able to accomplish several well placed shots even when he was practically falling over himself drunk.

Smiling to herself the Siren tugged at the dirtied cotton material keeping his chest covered, signaling to him that she wanted it removed. Her golden eyes glowed a bright white to his gaze, making her seem almost unreal, a figment of his imagination and he hoped to the Vault she wasn't. When he didn't heed her request at the moment she gave him a somewhat intrigued, questioning smirk.


Using her previous word choice, he shook his head. "No time for that."

Chuckling, he shifted his weight until he was on his knees between her thighs, which had lifted to accommodate the change in position so he could remove his shirt. His arm bands and vermillion head bindings still remained on his body and he threw her an inquisitive look, as if asking whether she wanted them off or not. Rising to a seated position Lilith reached up and carefully removed the red bindings from Mordecai's head though she left his hair pulled back; his arm bands followed shortly thereafter, along with—to his surprise and pleasure—her own vest and gloves. The tub top she wore underneath stayed on, to which Mordecai didn't wait as his fingertips crept to the hem of her own clothing, peeling the skin tight, stretchy but dusty material off of her. The normal awkwardness that accompanied a silent moment of nudity did not exist for them. Once her top was discarded onto the floor she pressed herself to his chest, her breasts brushing skin to skin, hot and filled with a fiery need that they'd agreed to quell with deliberate caresses. It was a familiar dance to both participants, a dance that did not require direction or instructions, voices or words. One look was all it took for both parties to fall into the natural sway of lovemaking.

Mordecai gently laid the Siren on her back, his mouth, his lips, his tongue worshipping every part of her that lay exposed. His lips glided down the sides of her neck, ghosted over the curves of her collarbone, her shoulder, her arms. His fingers splayed across the milky expanse of her abdomen with the barest of pressure from his calloused fingertips. Lilith moaned at the contact while her eyes slid shut, her own hands rising to dig into the naked skin of his back, feeling his shoulder bones protruding but only relishing in the fact that he hadn't changed. She could feel his teeth nip the softer parts of her bosom as he traveled lower, his tongue snaking out to mark a pathway down the valley of her breasts as he went. He only paused for mere moments at a time to carefully suck on her exposed, hardened nipples. Lilith shivered at the sensation, Mordecai's ministrations eliciting a moan of desire straight from her vocals. The hand that had been resting on her hip sprang back to life to cup her unattended breast, his hand starting a soft, sensual massage while he continued to lavish attention on its counterpart. Lilith felt her entire body tremble at the contact of his bristled hair brushing across her highly sensitized skin.

Every nerve ending in her body itched to touch Mordecai, to make him squirm and come undone under her grasp in a way neither of them had since that night 7 years ago. Recreating the feeling wasn't what she was aiming for but more of a high she'd experienced only with the Hunter, that's what she wanted. His svelte figure was far more powerful than anyone gave him credit for. It was a body made to hunt, to be quick, to invite a dangerous liaison into its lair to feed upon until satiated. This did not, however, deter the Firehawk in the least; it tempted. Everything about Mordecai was bold without being gaudy, terrifying without being blatant, strong without being obscene—it enticed the Phoenix within. Reborn as a creature she didn't quite yet understand, the Siren only knew that she needed an equally powerful match in order to remain as such. The Sniper proved to be formidable counterpart, a steadfast mate to her more primal urges. Lilith hissed when Mordecai's lips moved further and further down her newly scarred stomach, lips praising the inches of skin they kissed. The movements were meant to torture to a certain extent, purposeful in their trail until he was at the hem of her pants. His nimble digits curled around the waistband of her dirt laden pants, finding slight purchase before peeling them off of her sinewy legs. The cool air hit her legs, causing her to shiver and instantly want to cover up despite her body temperature being rather high. The man above her quickly stopped the hand that reached for the adjacent sheets, shaking his head with a quirk of his lips.

"I want to see all of you, Lil."

She blushed a brilliant shade of carnelian in response to his comment, nodding, the cold now completely forgotten when his hands drifted lower to the top hem of her underwear. That night long ago she did not wear them but now, he seemed relatively pleased to see that the process would take a little longer. 'Still quite the masochist,' she mused internally at the thought of him prolonging the actual act. Yet he appeared to be enjoying the slow descent, as it were, as he gradually began to pull her underwear down her long legs. She hadn't ever really been embarrassed about anything involved sex previous to now—but Lilith was still unaccustomed to love. Sex was sex. Love was something entirely alien and foreign to her as of the late. Whatever the case, the tameness of Mordecai's touch was something she hadn't expected. Back then it had all been rough and quick with neither party sure when they'd have another chance to screw the living daylights out of each other. But that was then. Now she was here underneath his still obvious expertise, under his unrepentant gaze as it traveled the length of her body with his lips as its partner without any kind of shame or any other emotion other than compassion. She was aware of how her body reacted to him, how it tensed and relaxed at every graze of his fingers upon her. She let out a strangled moan when he kissed her inner thighs, nipping at the skin with his teeth to make her tremble. She let out a shaky breath as their eyes met, a silent question in his own, a question she knew he knew the answer to. But he was mature enough to wait for her permission. Exhaling a shaky breath from what she knew was about to come, Lilith inclined her head slightly.

Mordecai's lips twitched at her reply, his teeth nipping her thigh again before he lowered his lips. Lilith's head fell back, her hands sliding to tangle in his hair, this time without much regard for any pain she exacted upon him as a result of his expertise. His tongue felt heavenly as it swirled across the sensitive bundle of nerves, his fingers gently caressing her. She was sufficiently damp but became more so when he fingers delved into her, building a steady rhythm as he pumped them in and out at a leisurely pace. His mouth sought anything he could get from her, licking, nipping, drinking in the nectar of lilies that always seemed to be unique just to her body. His hair brushed against her thighs again and Lilith quivered at the contact, her teeth worrying her bottom lip. She let out a particularly long winded moan when his hands came up to rest on hips to drag her closer to him, his mouth greedily sucking up all she had to offer. This wasn't the first time he had taken her to such heights of ecstasy though time had been few and far in between. Her head felt dizzy, clouded with more than just the past, youthful lust she had felt all those years ago. This wasn't to say that lust wasn't existent in the current act but it didn't take over as it had all that time before. Whereas getting off, climaxing was the most important thing the first time they'd had sex—because it had been such—feeling every part of Mordecai against her, feeling every touch, every caress and sensation is what mattered to her now. She wanted, needed to feel every single part of him that he would offer to her burning fingertips.

Lilith already knew that she couldn't hold out much longer. It has been years since she'd been able to touch him, time passing fast but so slow it hurt to think about much more. Their separation had become an affliction that neither could overcome without the other and the Siren had reached a point where she would no longer hold out, for both their sakes. It was cruel. Time had passed. They'd changed, everything had. Clenching her hands into his locked hair, Lilith came with a final cry, her body shuddering painfully at his hands gripped her hips but did not bite into them as they had before. It was strange, like coming down from her high on Eridium but this was far easier, pleasurable, and she could feel him with her there; it wasn't a mirage. Many times in the past, after Roland's untimely death, Lilith would fluctuate between seeing her dead lover and her past lover while high on the Eridium. But this time she felt his skin on hers, felt his presence with her so she didn't have to hallucinate anymore. They had spent so much time coveting each other without being present. The old fire between them burned again, flared as it had all those years ago. Shivering, Lilith cupped the sides of Mordecai's face, raising it to meet his eyes, which were hazy, glazed over from satisfaction. Smiling, she slid backwards and he came forward to meet her, hands slipping to her sides. Too tired to exact the same favor on him, Lilith brought her gaze to his. Seeming to understand her silent question, the hunter nodded and moved forward again, gently pushing her back. He wanted to show her just how much he had needed her all the years that had passed in his lonely perch.

Settling between her thighs, Mordecai looked at her, again asking for permission to proceed. With a soft nod, Lilith's hands came to slide over his shoulders just as he slowly slipped into her warmth, a mix between a sigh and groan escaping him at this action. Lilith's head fell back onto the pillow, a moan leaving her painted lips when Mordecai's head fell to her sweat slicked breasts where it rested for a moment. His body wanted release so badly, wanted that which it had been deprived of for so very long; but he fought for control with every fiber of his being. He would not let it end so quickly, there was no way. Instead of rushing him, Lilith stayed still, savoring the feel of him buried deep within her, relishing in having him so close to her she thought she might wake up and have it be a dream. His body felt tight against hers, tense and taut as if he were struggling not to lose himself to her, in her. Bringing her hand to his hair, she rubbed his head affectionately while letting him take his time. She did not want this to be rushed just as much as she didn't want it to end too quickly. She'd be lying if she didn't want it to last too long; she wanted them to make love all night while the gang was gone. But the fatigue of the previous 7 years was catching up to her, to him, and she knew that before the night came to a close they'd both be knocked out on that bunker, dead asleep and not giving a damn if they were naked. But Mordecai seemed determined not to disappoint her as he raised himself on his hands so they could see each other, sky blue eyes to golden spheres.

And suddenly he moved causing Lilith to grip his shoulders when he began a slow rhythm for them, pulling out before slowly gliding back into her. She moaned again, her hands tangling in his hair for the thousandth time when he slid a hand over her cheek in a loving manner, something that made her smile and lines etch themselves around the edges of her red lips. Buried inside her, Mordecai felt like everything was stringing itself together, like her could finally rest comfortably, like his weary bones could finally take a break from the struggle of fighting for a planet that always seemed to retain turmoil. He felt more than heard her body sigh against his lean frame, the curves of her hips, the clench of her thighs relaxing though not releasing him. He could tell that, despite being fully inside of her and her fingers curled around his arms, Lilith's body was tired. Just like his. Neither moved for a few moments, both breathing steadily and wondering who would make the next move. Lilith let out a chuckle, smoothing her hand over his hair, tracing it down the side of his face before letting it linger on his lips. He opened his mouth to protest but she silenced him, leaning up to press a gentle kiss to his chapped lips, a smile on hers. When she lay back down again, her golden eyes staring up at his, he felt his breath return though it staggered as if he'd had the wind knocked out of his lungs. She was breathtaking, even without all the color in the universe.

"We're not done yet," he said breathily between kisses when she pulled his lips to hers again at his questioning gaze.

"Not by a long shot, asshat, and it's going to be a while," she whispered. "But," she kissed his lips, briefly. "You can make it up to me whenever. We're tired, Mordecai, and we both know it."

He nodded, understanding what she meant. They may not finish right in the moment but Lilith was happy and so was he. Gathering him in her arms with him still buried deep inside her, Lilith urged him to lay his head between her breasts, her legs still cradling him while her hands ran up and down his back. Mordecai felt sleep tugging at him, felt the sluggishness overtaking his body. With his arms encircling her, he finally fell asleep, lulled by the steady beat of her heart and the warmth of the Firehawk. It had taken them years to get to this place, a place without judgment, without fear, without restraint. Saving Pandora had been the best gift the citizens of Sanctuary were given. But for their leader, she could only close her eyes and let the aches of her body be soothed by the knowledge that the hunter was with her, that they could lay their weariness down, even if just for tonight. The Siren could only smile in contentment. Pandora may not be saved, not by a long shot—but she was okay with that.

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