Got the idea a long time ago but finally decided to act on it now, hope you like, title from the Taylor Swift song. The story starts off at the party, with Elena not involved with ether of the Salvatore brothers. Hope you enjoy I've got a basic story line planned out so hopefully have the second chapter up in the next few days.

Elena's P.O.V:

As I walked into the Mikaelson manor, the grandeur the building made me gasp. The ultimate Lions Den, and somewhere in this massive palace were 5 of the worlds most dangerous creatures, as well as the witch that created them. I scanned the room for anyone that I might know before being berated my two vampire bodyguards.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as both Salvatore's cornered me.

"We could ask you the same thing." said Stefan

"Nice Tux" complemented Damon as he eyed his brother before turning to me. "Your not supposed to be here."

I gave a big fake smile, "Well I am." I was determined to figure out what Ester wanted, and although on any normal circumstances there overprotective nature would be a good thing, saving me from getting hurt or dieing, this time I didn't quite see how they could help. We were in the house of the worlds deadliest, if they wanted me dead there would be nothing ether of my protectors could do to save me.

"I'm not leaving until I find out what Ester wants, so shall we?" I asked giving each of them a hand.

After a while the boys loosened up a bit, even allowing me to get a drink on my, so long as I was within there sights.

"Elena Gilbert may I presume?" A young British man questioned about the same age as Elijah, one of the Mikaelson's I was sure. I turned towards him as he handed me a glass of champagne. "Finn Mikaelson, your here to see my mother."

"Is she here?" I asked, looking around.

"Our request did not include your friends." He whispered,

"There protecting me, you may not know ,but your mothers already tried to kill me once."

He sighed and shook his head, Damon and Stefan would be no match if his family wanted to kill me, and we both knew it. "If you want to see my mother," he paused looking into my eyes "you'll need to be alone."

Elijah's voice interrupted my thoughts. "If everyone would please gather."

"If you'll excuse me." Finn said as he walked over to were Elijah's voice was coming from. I followed him coming to the base of the stairs. It is there that I finally got a look at the whole family.

My eyes caught on to one in particular, his bronze colored hair and piercing golden eyes landed on mine. I felt a blush creep up my face before I forced myself to look away. Standing beside the mystery Mikaelson family member was his mother, Ester. "...Tonight's pick is a centuries old waltz, so if all of you could find yourselves a partner, please join us in the ballroom." As soon as Elijah's speech ended the boys descended upon me.

"Where do you think your going?" Asked Damon, as I was walking towards the stairs. The boys attempts at 'keeping me safe' were only getting in the way. I needed to get away from them.

"She was coming to find me." a mystery voice spoke. I turned around coming face to face with the unknown Mikaelson brother."Miss Gilbert and I had agreed to share a dance together, didn't we." He smiled at me extending his hand, his eyes never once leaving mine. This was my chance at getting away from the Salvatore's.

"Yes, umm.." I stopped not knowing his name.

"Kol, Kol Mikaelson." He smirked.

"Right, yes, thank you." I accepted his hand.

"Gentlemen" he spoke as he lead me to the ballroom.

We were quiet until the dance began, his strong arms in circling me. "Thank you." I whispered under my breath, although I knew that he could hear me.

"The pleasure is all mine." He smirked as we glided along, I felt the piercing and constant stair of the Salvatore's on me.

"So this is what its like dancing with a porcine doll." He whispered under his breath, only loud enough for me to hear. I gave him a questioning look. He smiled, "Those boys have got it into there heads that you need protection, and that there the ones that will do so."

"Well I have been the center of a lot of terrible events, my life's been threatened more times then I care to count."

"And they believe that to be the case tonight?" He questioned

"Yes." I sighed

"And what do you think, my dear Elena? Do you believe your in any danger here, now?" He smirked our body's mere centimeter's apart.

I looked into his eyes, seeing only curiosity. "No, I don't." I whispered.

Kol leaned down, his lips grazing my earlobe. "Then may I just say you look absolutely ravishing tonight." I shivered, "I cant seem to keep my eyes off of you."

"How do you do that?" I ask, he leans back and raises his brow.

"And what is it exactly that I am doing, Miss Gilbert?" He smiled politely.

"That, from intense and frighting to polite in a matter of seconds?"

He laughs as he spins me around, "Mood swings do seem to run in the family, and with us all vampires. But I do apologize, if I frightened you, my comment was meant as a complement, and I mean you no harm. I hope you will forgive me?" He smiles looking down into my eyes. I loose my voice and instead simply node. "Good." He smiles leaning down, our lips mere centimeter's apart. Right as his lips are about to fall upon mine a cough interrupts us. I feel Kols breath rush upon my lips as he sighs in irritation.

"Brother. May I have a word with Miss Elena." Elijah asks.

"Very well." Kol backs away bowing as he kiss's my hand before leaning in. "Till later, my sweet." He whisper's in my ear, I cant help but shiver as he walks away.

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