Rory felt the reassuring hum of the TARDIS engines through his feet. His eyes were closed as he leaned against the railing surrounding the central console. He heard the pitter-patter of the Doctor's feet as the Time Lord ran around it, pressing various buttons and pulling various levers.

"Well, that was interesting, wasn't it?" he shouted over to the others after banging a glowing button rather triumphantly.

Amy Pond and Brian Pond-Williams were standing by the open doors of the police box, watching the stars go by.

"Dinosaurs on a spaceship!" said the Doctor to no-one in particular, laughing all-the-while.

He gave another glowing button a good whack.

"So what are you going to do once you drop us off?" asked Amy as she walked back towards the console, leaving a dumbstruck Brian watching the universe fly by.

"Well... there's still a spaceship floating in space which happens to contain certain prehistoric Earth life-forms which still has to be taken care of," deadpanned the Doctor ", y'know, not much."

Amy laughed and the Doctor grinned. He noticed another glowing button which he promptly attacked with his finger.

Just before he engaged the dematerialisation circuits, the Doctor noticed Rory's expression in the corner of his eye.


In the Ponds' living room, all was peaceful.

Two seconds later, all was less than peaceful.

The sound of the TARDIS engines whirred and wheezed until the image of the 60s Police Telephone Box materialised into view. The four of them walked out into the room.

"So," said the Doctor "this is it."

He stared at Rory longer and longer each time.

The Roman was staring at the ground, trying to look invisible.

"When will you be back?" asked Amy, with a pleading look etched across her face.

"You know I don't know that, Amy."

"Thank you, Doctor." said Brian, shaking his hand. "Amy, Rory, I'll be back tomorrow to fix that light. See you then."

Amy waved and Rory nodded as he left.

The Doctor looked puzzled.

"He's like that." answered Amy to the silent question.

The Doctor nodded then smiled at the both of them.

"Well, I should be going-" the Doctor started.

"Do you want to stay with us for a while, Doctor?" interrupted Rory.

Amy looked at him in surprise and was about to say something but thought about it for a moment. She nodded then looked at the Doctor for an answer.

The Doctor looked surprised.

"No, I couldn't possibly..." he mumbled. His attention was focussed on Rory.

He's acting very oddly.

Rory finally made eye contact with the Doctor.

He saw something in Rory's eyes; he couldn't quite place it, but he saw something.

"... Okay, I'll stay."

There was a glint in Rory's eyes and he smiled sincerely for the first time in quite a while.


"Right, first thing's first," started Amy, her Scottish accent getting slightly broader, "If you're staying here, the box is not staying in the living room."

The Doctor looked at her, confused.

"Box? What box? I didn't-" he stopped and rolled his eyes. "Don't listen to me, I'm an idiot. Well... I'm a genius really, but I have my moments."

He took the TARDIS key from his pocket and inserted it into the lock.

Amy turned and walked into the hall.

"Just gonna check what there is to eat." she shouted from the kitchen.

Rory stood awkwardly as the Doctor was walking into the TARDIS.

He stopped and turned back to look at Rory.

"Well? Want to help me park out in the back?" he asked.

"Uh, I think Amy might... um..." he started.

"Scary ginger or lovable Time Lord?"

"... Good point."

Rory followed the Doctor through the doors.

As Rory closed the doors, the Doctor ran up the stairs to the console.

"Shouldn't be too difficult; just have to move a couple of metres..."

When Rory got to the top of the stairs, the Doctor looked at him and then pulled a lever on the console.

The lights above them died down and the gentle hum of the engines stopped.


The only light in the room was the pale green light emanating from the console.

"Doctor, what's happening?" asked Rory, with a concerned tone in his voice.

He could see the Doctor's face, illuminated by the console.

"Rory, is something wrong?" whispered the Doctor as he walked around the console, staring into Rory's eyes.

Rory stared back, confused.

"What do you mean, Doctor?" He started to fiddle with his thumbs.

"You just seem," started the Doctor, who nodded towards Rory's restless hands "... nervous."

Rory closed his eyes.


The ship was on a one-way course to Earth, which incidentally was going to send missiles to stop it.

Oh yeah, and there were dinosaurs on board.

The Doctor was pacing, which never helped the situation.

"Doesn't the ship have any defensive systems installed?" asked Rory, thinking of ideas.

The Doctor stopped and looked at Rory, his eyes lighting up.


The Doctor ran over to Rory and smashed their lips together.

Oh, thought Rory.

The kiss was short and meaningless... well, to the Doctor anyway.

The kiss ended and Rory's face burned like the sun.

"Computer, show us weapons and defence systems." The Doctor shouted at the screen.

"No Systems Available."

The Doctor ended up saving the day in the way the Doctor usually did; and Rory could still taste the Doctor on his lips.


"I've just been thinking about things." answered Rory, who stopped fiddling with his thumbs.

His cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"What things?" asked the Doctor as he walked closer to Rory. "You can trust me."

He smiled warmly and placed his hand on Rory's shoulder.

The Doctor's smile disappeared as Rory fainted.

He reacted quickly and caught him before he reached the floor.

He looked at the man in his arms.

"... Well, that's never happened before."


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