The Doctor slapped Rory awake.

Rory screamed like a little girl again as he sat up, nearly colliding his head with the Doctor's.

"So, uh, my fault really." said the Doctor as he rubbed the back of his neck. "When I turned the engines off to speak to you when we came in, I may have accidentally pressed another button on accident which was really a complete accident. Accidents happen. Even to Time Lords. Did I mention it was an accident?"

Rory rubbed the side of his face.

"... Did you slap me, Doctor?"

"What? Oh, yes. I tried to shake you awake but I couldn't wake you. That's when I went to the console room and found out what the problem was that keeps causing you to faint." the Doctor explained.

"But... but why did you slap me?" he repeated as he still rubbed his cheek.

"That doesn't matter, the point was that I found out I pressed a button which contracts time in the TARDIS! We were experiencing stuff the same, but our bodies were actually experiencing time about 145 times faster than normal!"

Rory continued to rub his face as he tried to understand what the Doctor meant.

He explained further. "After we'd been talking for about five minutes or so, your body had technically been awake for about 12 hours, so you were knackered! I mean, even I was falling a asleep and I can stay awake for days. Thankfully the TARDIS stops your digestive tract and provides you with the nutrients you need, because if it didn't, you would have needed the toilet not long after I pressed the button. I've disabled it, anyway." he finished, looking at a point on the wall.

"Oh." Rory added as he stared at the Doctor, still confused.

The Doctor's eyes drifted towards Rory.

Rory's eyes drifted away from the Doctor.

"Rory, come on now, we both know the situation so why be embarrassed?" he said softly as he sat down on the bottom of the bed.

"I just don't know, Doctor. I have these really strong feelings for you, I don't know how long I've felt them for but that doesn't matter. I can't betray Amy, I just can't. I love her... too." he whispered.

The Doctor's face flushed and he looked at the floor.

"I have to admit Rory, today's events have made me feel... feelings, mutual feelings apparently, but I do agree. It would hurt Amy." The Doctor nodded quickly.

"No it wouldn't." said Amy.

Both of their heads snapped towards of the direction of the voice.

Amy was leaning against the hexagonal doorframe leading into the medi-bay.

"You know, if you're both going to have eye-opening experiences, you really should lock the door." she said as she smiled to the both of them. "I know you still love me Rory, but it's clear you got some of those feelings for the Doctor, too."

Both men's eyes were wide, still staring at Amy.

"But-" Rory began.

"No, Rory." Amy interrupted. "And I'm not sure how to phrase this without sounding like you're my son, eww, but... you have my permission..." she finished as she scowled, not really sure if the message came out properly.

The Doctor and Rory looked at each other then back at Amy.

She pushed off the frame and began to leave. "Oh, and Doctor?" she added.

The Doctor didn't reply as he was still shocked by the situation.

She turned and looked him dead in the eye. "Don't hurt him. Not even a Dalek is as fierce as an angry Scottish woman."

She left. "Oh, and move this bloody box outside." They heard her say from the console room.

The Doctor stood up and walked to the middle of the room facing away from Rory. His hands were covering his face as he was thinking.

Rory sat for a few seconds before sliding quietly out of the bed. He moved soundlessly over to the Doctor with thoughts still running through his own head.

He stood behind the Doctor and placed his hands on his arms to turn him round. The Doctor's hands fell from his face as he turned round and looked Rory in the eyes.

Rory threaded his hands under the Doctor's jacket and joined behind his back. He could feel the Doctor's warm skin under the thin fabric of his shirt.

The fronts of their bodies were flush against each other.

Rory raised his head and brushed his cheek against the Doctor's. The stubble tickled both of their faces.

"... Well." whispered the Doctor; Rory could feel him smiling. He smiled too.

"Well." Rory replied.

He slid his face along the Doctor's until their lips brushed against each other.

The Doctor moaned heavily and closed his eyes.

Rory placed gentle kisses along the Doctor's bottom lip, started from one corner to the other.

He pulled the Doctor into an embrace and rested his chin on his shoulder.

They listened to each other breathe for a while, nothing had to be said.

But then of course the Doctor couldn't stay silent for long.

"So, dinosaurs on a spaceship, huh? Who would have thought it would have ended with this?" whispered the Doctor, smiling.

Rory chuckled into the Doctor's shoulder.

"Well it's just you and I, Doctor; You and I on a Spaceship."

The End.


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