Ok, so…I hope you guys like this one. I thought of it while listening to a song I found. I'll tell you what it is in case anyone wants to listen. The song's called, "Astral Plane" and it's by "The word alive" I would only recommend listening to the first half of the song, cuz the rest is kinda screamy. Haha. Unless screamo music doesn't bother you or you like it, then hey…listen to the whole thing if you want. I'm not into screamo though, so I just listen to the first part, which was really sad. I listen to it while I wrote the two key majorly sad scenes in here. It helped a lot to really visualize the sadness of the situation. Lol! But anyways…here is the first part to my two-shot! Sorry for my rambling.

Bonnie had been trying…trying so hard to let Damon go. As soon as they had gotten back from the Dark Dimension & things had gotten back to normal, Bonnie had been able to spend more and more time with Damon. She was near him all the time now that she lived at the boarding house with him, Stefan, & Elena. Of course...this meant that she was getting closer to him each and every day that passed, resulting in her falling more in love with him. Heck...Bonnie wasn't even sure if she was falling anymore! She didn't think her feelings could get any deeper than they already were. Unfortunately...that was the problem. She had been trying her best to get Damon to pursue her, to feel the same way she felt, to make him see how much she truly loves him! But, despite her greatest efforts…Damon still ignored her & kept her at bay. He still kept his hard core passion reserved specifically for a blonde beauty that was currently taken. Why couldn't he just give her a chance?! Just one chance, is all she asked for! These one sided feelings were killing her!

However…after a while, she just gave up. She knew even though Damon may like her a little bit...it just wasn't enough. She would never take Elena's place in his heart. It would always be Elena for him.

Currently, she sat outside in the cool, seemingly perfect, breeze that swept across the grand backyard of the boarding house. The sun was setting, and the sky was painted an orangish-pink that only seemed to stay there for seconds. The calm, serene state of the silent backyard was peaceful to Bonnie's usual stressed stature. It brought a sense of ease to her overloaded mind. The thoughts of what could be, and the constant course of pain from not having the other half to her heart seemed to cease as she sat alone, listening to the far off songs of the birds that didn't dare fly near the house of vampires.

The sky got more purple than pink now as the sun disappeared further, welcoming the moon into its place. Bonnie sighed as the sun reminded her of her own happiness, which seemed to be sinking more and more with each passing minute just as the sun was. But, there was no moon to take her sun's place. Her fading light would not be replaced by another light to carry her through the night. No moon would shine long enough to get her through the darkness until the beaming sun returned to chase the darkness away. It was just a slowly dimming light that would eventually die out...and then what? She would be lost in the darkness forever. She could already feel it not too far around the corner.

The back door of the boarding house squeaked as it was swung open. Footsteps tainted the silence as they thumped across the boards of the deck, & then crushed through the grass, getting closer to her. Her heart sped up; her body already knew who it was. Strong, but gentle, hands wrapped around the tops of her shoulders. The hands were warm, and it was then that she noticed how cold she had become. She shivered, but not just because she was cold.

"You're freezing! Why are you sitting out here by yourself?" a familiar, sexy voice that put butterflies in her stomach asked.

Bonnie turned her head, looking down at the fingers wrapped around her shoulder. She could feel the sparks emanating from where he touched her all the way down to her finger tips.

"I-I don't know. I was just...thinking." Bonnie replied in a daze and then trailed off as she tilted her head up to look into Damon's dark, entrancing eyes.

Damon gave a dark chuckle, "Well, why don't you come think inside?" he suggested.

"But that's the problem. You're inside & I can't think with you there." Bonnie thought but didn't dare speak out loud.

Instead she simply said, "No. I wanna sit out here for a while longer." Her eyes never unlocked from his.

Damon stared into her brown, doe eyes for a few seconds more before standing up straight and letting out a breath.

"Alright, well...here" he started, beginning to take off his leather jacket, "if you're gonna stay out here...at least keep yourself warm." he finished and then wrapped the heavy jacket around her shoulders.

Bonnie was immediately engulfed in his scent. She breathed in deep, inhaling the seductive smell, as the warm jacket radiated the heat from his body to hers, causing her to blush slightly.

Suddenly his lips landed on her cheek in a soft kiss, which caused her to blush further. Before she had time to say anything to him, he was walking back inside. Bonnie sighed; content yet her heart ached for him. His jacket around her wasn't helping.

Bonnie laid back in the lawn chair after a while, instead of sitting on the edge of it as she had been previously. She had a better view of the twinkling stars this way. Her eye lids got heavy, and soon she was drifting off to sleep. Her dreams were a better reality anyways.

A loud crack of the side door against a wooden pillar woke Bonnie with a start. She sat up straight with a gasp as she looked to her right with wide eyes, searching for the culprit responsible for the noise. The small, single porch light that hung over that door illuminated the area…and what she saw next shattered what was left of her heart.

Damon came stumbling out with Elena in his arms. They were laughing hard at something unknown to Bonnie, & then...as they're laughter turned to low giggles...Elena reached up & brought Damon's head down to hers.

She kissed him. And he kissed her back instantly.

Tears blurred her vision faster than ever before. It was only a second before they were pouring down her cheeks.

"Hey, Bonnie! You've been out here for hours why don't you come insi-" Meredith's voice suddenly came to a halt.

"Bonnie. Why are you crying? What's wro-" her concerned tone stopped abruptly once again, & Bonnie knew where Meredith's gaze had landed.

The heavenly blonde and the dark angel kissing heavily.

Out of the corner of her eye, Bonnie could see Meredith turn to her with a sorrowful expression. But suddenly…Bonnie couldn't breathe.

Meredith slowly raised her hand to touch Bonnie's shoulder. She was about in tears herself, feeling so bad for her friend.

"Bonnie..." Meredith said softly, cautiously.

Before Meredith's hand could reach Bonnie's shoulder, Bonnie swiftly flung her hands up to her mouth and let out a heart-wrenching sob. A high-pitched hiccup, which was the inevitable sound of a broken girl. Meredith halted in her movements & blinked back tears for her friend, trying to stay strong for her.

Bonnie collapsed. Her knees buckled and she fell to the ground wracking with sobs. A tear escaped Meredith & she fell to the ground beside the little red-head. She immediately wrapped her arms around her shoulders & held her, trying to comfort her as best she could. Though she doubted anything would help Bonnie right now. Bonnie's features scrunched in an awful pain, as she let out a silent cry that only came out in tortured whimpers. She was leaning far over, her face almost touching the grass, with her arms criss-crossed over her chest as if she was trying to keep herself from falling apart.

"Bonnie. Bonnie. Listen. Listen it'll be ok, just-" Meredith frantically tried to calm her weeping friend down, but her own sadness was getting the best of her. She was crying now too. She didn't know what to say to her anymore because in this moment, she felt Bonnie's pain, & there was nothing to help it.

Meredith sniffed, "Bonnie please...let's just get you inside, ok? C'mon." she said & tried to get Bonnie to stand up.

Surprisingly, Bonnie nodded and wobbly stood up. Meredith held her tight to get side as she turned them around towards the house. She tried to shield Bonnie from seeing anymore of the sinful kisses being exchanged between Elena & Damon. Meredith saw Damon look up from Elena & over to them. She shot him the most hateful & cold glare she could manage as she slowly walked with a still sobbing Bonnie back to the house. Meredith didn't miss how Damon's happy expression abruptly shifted to worry as he spotted Bonnie's curly red locks slung over her shoulder in the dim light from inside that shown over the two girls. Meredith scoffed in disgust as she tried to get Bonnie inside, but it was proving difficult as she was practically carrying the broken girl. Bonnie might be tiny, but Meredith did not have the strength required to carry another person around unless they were a child, which Bonnie was not. Meredith felt a whoosh of air, & suddenly Damon was in front of them with a concerned expression trying to get to Bonnie. Meredith shielded her from him.

"What's wrong with her? Is she hurt?!" he asked.

Bonnie turned her back to Damon in Meredith's arms and sobbed harder.

"Yes." Meredith hissed out, angry.

"Well where?! What happened?!" Damon asked, clearly more worried now.

"It's not something fixable, Damon!" Meredith yelled, causing Damon's efforts to get to the crying girl to stop as he stared at her.

"The damage is done. There's nothing you can do to help her." she continued coldly, but in a softer tone. Meredith could see the realization on Damon's face.

He knew exactly why Bonnie was a mess.

"Let me talk to her." Damon said.

There was no way Meredith was gonna let him tell Bonnie some crap story about how he just loves Elena more & can't get over her & end up breaking poor little, fragile Bonnie's heart even more! If that was even possible!

"Screw you!" Meredith shot back & tried to walk around him with Bonnie.

Damon was suddenly very angry as he blocked their path and started yelling at Meredith.

"Let me talk to her!" he exclaimed and reached for Bonnie.

Meredith shoved Bonnie behind her, & got in Damon's face.

"No! You don't even care about her!" Meredith yelled back.

Elena was there suddenly, looking guilty.

"Damon, stop!" she yelled, trying to get the two to stop yelling.

But they kept on.

"I do care about her! I can fix this!"

"You can't fix anything! All you've ever done is destroy her!"

Stefan was suddenly beside them. He had just returned from hunting.

"Hey! Hey! What's going on?!" Stefan immediately tried to intervene.

He wasn't sure of what was going on, but he knew whatever it was, Damon had definitely done something horrible, because he Bonnie was a wreck!

"Let's just take things down a notch!" Stefan's booming voice tried to mediate the situation.

"Stay out of it, Stefan!" Damon yelled, his voice only getting louder.

"Yes Damon, take your own advice and please stay out of it!" Meredith agreed.

"It already involves me anyway!" Damon screamed, at his boiling point.

"Stop it!"

"You're only upsetting Bonnie more!"

"Just shut up!"

Elena, Stefan, & Meredith all yelled simultaneously as Damon yelled, "Let me see her!"

Suddenly Bonnie ripped herself away from Meredith and started running. She just wanted away from them, away from the screaming, away from the terrible ache in her chest! She ran straight into the woods, tears blurring her already bad vision as she ran through the dark forest. She could hear the faint calls of her friends behind her, but she ignored them.

Meredith was the first to take off after her, with Damon as a close second. Stefan followed almost immediately with Elena right on his tail. Meredith could see Bonnie moving just ahead of her in the almost pitch black forest. She looked to her left at Damon.

"You're a vampire! Why don't you use you speed to catch her?!" she asked in a harsh manner.

"Because I'll catch up with her eventually. There's no need. Bonnie!" he answered and then called Bonnie's name.

Meredith scoffed loudly, "You're such an ass!"

Suddenly Stefan passed them, running a little faster than normal, "Hey! One of us needs to get to Bonnie now! There's a road up ahead."

Both Meredith & Damon's eyes went wide as they realized Stefan was right. Bonnie was headed straight for the road.

That's when they heard it.

"AHHHH!" a shrill scream echoed around them at the same time an extended beep of a car horn and screeching tires sounded.

They all froze staring in the direction of the scream hoping it wasn't what they thought.

This time, Damon was the first to take off. He ran in full vampire speed now. Then Stefan whooshed passed her. Meredith was running as fast as she could, trying to get there. Elena wasn't far behind her.

Damon was the first to arrive. What he saw created a hole so deep in his heart, he felt like he might die. Damon heard Stefan come up beside him, but he was in too much pain to care.

In an instant, Damon ran to where Bonnie lay on the ground and skidded in on his knees beside her. The force of his drop to the ground beside her scraped his jeans, boots, and hands up.

Tears filled his eyes to the brim as he looked down at his injured redbird. Her exposed arms were scraped up along with her chin, cheek, and forehead. Her light blue, scoop neck shirt had holes in it and through those holes was her scraped up skin. Her left wrist was badly broken and bleeding. There was a small puddle blood lying by her head where her skull was cracked. She was shaking, breathing choked breaths. Her ribs were cracked on the left side and had punctured her lung. There was also blood soaking her right pant leg, where her leg was broken so bad that it had punctured slightly through the skin.

"D-Damon! Da-amon!" she gasped as she reached up for him with her non-broken hand.

Damon took her hand in his without a second thought. He was shaking too. Not just in fear of losing her or in horror at the sight of her…but in anger.

His slowly lifted his head to the shocked and terrified driver, giving him a glare so cold and deadly that even the most evil creature would have flinched.

Damon let go of Bonnie's hand and stood up menacingly slow, not once taking his eyes off the fearful driver who had hit Bonnie. The man, who looked to be in his late 40's, backed up a few steps at the sight of Damon.

Baring his fangs and red, veiny, vampire eyes, Damon lunged at the man. He tore into him, beating him and scraping him up like he had done to Bonnie. He was going to make him suffer.

Bonnie saw the sight of Damon ripping into the innocent driver through fading vision. "Da-amon." She mumbled, trying to reach out for him.

Stefan ran over to his brother, trying to get him to stop after shouting to Meredith to help Bonnie. Stefan had to stop Damon; they didn't need any more injuries to deal with tonight.

Meredith was already crying as she hurriedly ran over and dropped down next to Bonnie. She wanted to cradle the heavily injured girl, but she didn't want to move her and possibly make anything worse.

Meredith simply cried and took Bonnie's non-injured hand, her right hand, in hers and held it. A horrible dread came over her as she realized this was probably going to be the last time she ever spoke to her best friend.

Elena came shortly after and covered her mouth with her hands in horror at the sight of Bonnie. She slowly walked over and dropped down beside her, tears leaking from her watery eyes.

Stefan was in a full on fight with Damon now as he tried to pry his brother off the poor driver. Damon was persistent though, he was running off anger and hurt, which meant he was absurdly stronger than usual. Stefan could hardly control him.

"Damon! Stop it! It wasn't his fault!" Stefan yelled, trying to calm Damon down.

"It is! He hit her! I'm gonna kill him!" he growled.

"Damon this isn't helping! We need to help Bonnie! Forget him!" Stefan continued, trying to get through to him.

"D-Damon." Bonnie mumbled through a choked breath, looking at Meredith.

Meredith was frantic, "Hold her hand!" she yelled to Elena.

She quickly stood up once Elena had Bonnie's hand and ran over fearlessly to where Damon was basically trying to kill the driver who was now unconscious from his beating.

"Bonnie's dying!" Meredith screamed at the brothers.

Luckily, this caught Damon's attention and he finally stopped his rage filled fight. However, now he looked completely broken.

"She wants you with her, Damon." Meredith spoke softly in a sad tone.

Damon was 20 yards away, by Bonnie's side in a second. He was on his knees beside her again. Bonnie let go of Elena's hand and reached out for Damon. Damon went around to her other side and practically shoved Elena out of the way as he did so. He took her shaky hand in his and used his other hand to brush some of her hair out of her face and stroke her cheek gently. A tear slipped out of his eye and ran down his cheek.

Stefan swore it was the first time he had ever seen his brother cry.

Damon looked back up to them all, "Would the hospital be able to do anything for her?" he asked in a broken voice.

Stefan shook his head, "She's too hurt, I don't think they can-"

"Well we have to try!" Meredith exclaimed, whipping her head around toward Stefan.

Stefan could see the pain of loss in Meredith's eyes, and even more so in his brother's. He had to think of something to do to give Bonnie a chance.

Stefan took out his phone and quickly dialed 911.

Bonnie was getting weaker by the second, and Damon could feel her slowly leaving him. He wasn't having it. Putting his left arm up to his mouth, he bit it open so blood could seep out.

Before he could put it to Bonnie's mouth, Stefan was behind him, restraining his arm. Damon growled.

"Don't do it! She would require too much blood to heal from this. Too much blood could start to change her. She doesn't want to be a vampire, Damon. You know that!" Stefan reminded him firmly.

Damon's wound healed and Stefan let go of his arm. Damon sat there, staring down at his Redbird in a tortured expression. She was slipping away from him. He couldn't stand it!

"She's not dying." Damon mumbled, mostly to himself before using all his anger toward the driver on Stefan and shoving him backwards.

Stefan went flying backwards about 40 yards, landing with a hard thud on the thick, pointy branch of a tree. It went straight through his stomach. Stefan groaned loudly. Elena gasped and ran over to him.

"Damon, no!" Meredith tried stopping him, but he simply flung her to the side, into the forest, where she hit the ground roughly. She, like Stefan, began groaning in pain.

Damon quickly ran over to the side of the forest, ripped a sharp branch from a tree there, and sliced a deep cut in his arm near his wrist. Blood started running down his arm, and Damon covered his hand over the wound, trying not to waste the blood, as he ran back over to Bonnie.

Putting his arm to her lips, Damon let his blood flow freely into her mouth. It was working. Bonnie's paling skin began to return to a normal, healthier pink color. All her scrapes and cuts on her body began to heal.

Damon had to stop feeding her momentarily because she began breathing in, much need, deep breaths and coughing. Her collapsed lung had re-inflated.

Once she stopped coughing and got her breathing more stable, Damon slowly reach down and scooped her up carefully in his right arm, holding her close to him. He brought his bleeding arm back to her lips and this time, she closed her lips around the cut. Reaching up with her weak right hand, she intertwined her fingers through his, holding his hand.

It dawned on Damon then that Bonnie was going to be ok. One way or another…she would live. He cradled her closer and pressed a kiss to her head, another tear slipped from his eye. This one was out of relief. He was so overjoyed that she would be ok that he gave her another kiss, this time to her temple. He continued, he kissed her cheek, then her jaw, just grateful to have her alive in his arms.

Bonnie knew she shouldn't be letting him hold her like this, but after all she had gone through tonight…all she wanted was to be in his arms. Because, after all this, she still loved him.

Stefan finally came back up to them with Elena.

"Damon!" Elena complained at the sight of him feeding Bonnie his blood when they specifically said not to.

Stefan sighed, "It's done now. Just…let her drink."

"But she might become a vampire!" Elena argued.

Stefan shrugged. The situation was out of his hands now. "Just be happy she's alive." He offered.

Meredith came, grumbling, out of the woods. She was examining her hand. "You jerk! You made me break my pinky finger!"

Her gaze landed on Damon feeding Bonnie his blood. "What-" she cut herself off as she started hastily walking towards them. "Why are you guys letting him do that?! It could change her!" she accused.

Stefan caught Meredith by the shoulders, keeping her from interfering with what was already done. He shook his head as she looked up at him. "It's done, Meredith."

Meredith's tense stance slumped as she realized Stefan was right.

Damon took his arm from Bonnie's mouth and let his cut heal. She was as good as his blood was going to get her. Her broken ribs had healed, her broken wrist had healed, and so had her cracked skull. The only thing the hospital would need to fix was Bonnie's leg. Only because of the bone being misplaced and puncturing through her skin. Damon's blood would not heal that. The doctors would have to reset it.

Bonnie already had an unnatural glow about her, courtesy of all the vampire blood she had consumed. Anymore of his blood would begin to change her slightly. She was already on the brink of it. Thankfully though, it was only a glow that would die down after while once the vampire blood faded from her system. If she were to die though, there was no doubt that she would come back as a vampire. They were going to have to watch her for weeks now to make sure she didn't die.

Damon held Bonnie until the ambulance arrived. Meredith and Elena got in the ambulance with her and rode off to the hospital. Stefan and Damon were forced to compel the EMT's into believing Bonnie had gotten hit by a car. They were much too skeptical after seeing Bonnie without a scratch and only a badly broken leg. They about called the police on the brother's once they saw the unconscious beaten driver lying on the road. This was one of those times where Stefan and Damon were glad to be vampires.

After the ambulance drove off, Stefan gave the driver some of his blood to heal him and then compelled him to forget everything about tonight before sending him on his way. Once the guy drove off, much to Damon's dismay, the brother's ran towards the hospital.

This is the end of the first part. I will try and post the second part soon! Thank you in advance to anyone who reviews! Lol!