Holly and Greg. Another story about their blooming love. No fraud intended. Thank you please read and respond.

Greg and Holly. There wasn't much to say. They were secretly crushing on each other. They became close friends in the beginning of high school. They went to the same college and liked to hang out on the weekends. Holly was tired of being single. She liked Greg but never knew of they were ever going to get together. She was willing to try anything. Greg on the other hand was changing. He got taller, he was 6'2, and he got buffer. He had a clear six pack and really big arm muscles. Man did holly love him and the changes really got her attention.
Friends, is what they were. They decided to go to a singles party to try to meet other people. Greg he didn't drink and because of that no girl was interesting. They were all drunk and hitting on him. He didn't mind though, his mom raised him right, he didn't take advantage, he just let them talk then he walked away when they finished. Holly though, wow! She was drunk and didn't succeed in getting a date for next week. Yet one person caught her eye. Little did she know at the moment it was Greg. So she went to talk to this person. She started talking then hugged the person. Greg couldn't put together what was happening. He liked Holly but did this mean she liked him backed. He didnt have to think though, she was drunk which made it clear that everything she was saying and doing was influenced. So what did Greg do? He sat there listened to her the took her home when she was finished. The funny thing is that Greg and Holly lived in the same building. So he took her to his place because he didn't know the code to get into her place and she was to hammered to tell him herself. He figured she would take the bed and he would take the couch. Things didn't go exactly as planned. The reason it didn't go as planned was because of two factors. 1) he was way to tieird to argue. 2) Holly always got what she want, right? I Mean she was his friend shouldn't he listen to her?