"Clementi-" Lee had started, but was cut off abruptly when the butt of a gun hit him square in the temple, causing him to collapse in a heap on the floor. Everyone gasped in shock, just staring at Lee on the ground, frozen in fear and shock.

After a few, long moments of glances, Brenda began to speak. "Boys, you keep a sharp eye on these folk as I take Mark back upstairs, then when I'm back, you know what to do." They nodded, and Andy tightened his grip on Clementine's hair, causing her to stifle a wince. As Brenda grabbed Mark and dragged him back upstairs, her eyes darted around the room at everyone and, with exclusion of the brothers, everyone seemed to be in total shock or filled with anger, some even both.

When Brenda came back down, she looked at everyone with a stern face, before starting to speak. "We don't need y'all causing anymore trouble 'round here. Andy, take everyone to the very back room of the barn. Except for these two," she said, motioning towards Duck and Katjaa.

"What?" Kenny asked, infuriated. "What the fuck do you plan on doing with them?!" When Brenda ignored his question, he clenched his fists and charged at her, receiving the same punishment Lee did, Danny having intercepted him and hitting him on the head. He was knocked out, and everyone knew that if they tried anything, they could be struck unconscious as well, or worse.

Andy walked over to Lee, still having a grip on Clementine, and heaved him over his shoulders. He grunted, but he was still able to lift him. "Keep an eye on them, they're smarter than they look, don't let them get away with anythin', mama."

Before he took them outside, he blindfolded and tied Clementine's hands, and from the sound of it, he didn't even bother with Lee. She was scared, absolutely terrified, and she just wanted to go home, she just wanted to get away from these bad people.

After a few minutes, she was suddenly jerked forward and she heard something slump onto the floor followed by the quick close of a thick, metal door. Clementine winced and wiggled her hands a little, trying to work her way out of the ties.

After a few tries, they ties came loose and she lifted her hands up to remove her blindfold. Upon doing so, she revealed Lee, still unconscious and on the floor, carelessly thrown on the floor in what looked to be a painful position. "Lee!" she gasped, running up to him. At first she was afraid he was dead and that he would turn into one of those... things, but then she noticed he was still breathing and she was relieved, and she began moving him so he would be more comfortable when he woke up.

After ten minutes or so, Lilly, Larry and Kenny were shoved in as well, none of which were blindfolded, but all unconscious and tied up as well. From where Clementine was, she couldn't see what was beyond the door or who exactly tossed them in, but she didn't want to find out. The door was soon slammed, and she looked at everyone. Larry would be impossible to move, he was so big compared to her little self, so she resorted to moving Lilly next to him instead. It wasn't an easy task, but she didn't want anyone to be in pain when they woke up. Next, she moved Kenny to the side wall, albeit a harder task than moving Lilly, but still accomplishable.

When she was done, she didn't know what else to do, so she sat down next to Lee and waited for him and the others to wake up.

I just realized how horribly short this was. Oh well! I'll work on that.

Anyway, I absolutely love Telltale's game, and I adore Clementine, she's so cute