The Lombax Lost

Staring into the vast forgotten lands of Fastoon, sitting atop his high perch on the mysterious sculpture in the central ruins, Zadon wondered.

"What can I do to bring back my people?" He heard footsteps approaching, so he quickly grabbed staff from its resting place to prepare for an attack. He leaned in closer to see who it was coming around the corner. Just before he was about to through his spear he noticed who it was.

"Sister!" he shouted.

"There you are brother. I was wondering where you'd got to. I've been looking all over Fastoon for you. I expected that the Lombaxes would return before you did!" Taya shouted. Zadon jumped down and walked up to his sister. She looked at him and knew that he had an idea.

"So Zadon, what's your idea?" she asked. He smiled.

"What if I told you I have thought of a way to finally bring the Lombaxes, our people, back to Fastoon." Taya gazed in astonishment at her brother

"You thought of a way to bring the Lombaxes back? But that would require..."

"A dimentionator?" he interrupted.

"Well. I've come up with a plan."

Cliff-hanger! (By the way the brother's name is pronounced 'Zay-don' but spelt Zadon.) A short start to my ratchet and clank story, Enjoy.