Dark Abyss

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Summary: A new enemy has appeared-and they want the Lunar Race's Teardrops and Princess. Join Mahiru and friends on this all new adventure filled with adventure, comedy, and romance! MahiruxMitsuru, AkiraxOC, NozomuxOC.

Keiko is in this, but Hokuto and Matsura aren't in it a lot because I don't really like Hokuto with Keiko, but I wanted to follow the couples in the manga.

So, without further ado, enjoy 'Dark Abyss'!

Chapter 1


"See you tomorrow, Duckie!" Junko smiled, waving to her friend.

The young descendant of the princess waved back, smiling as well. "See you tomorrow, Junko-chan!" she walked to the school's front gate.


She looked up and smiled at her boyfriend. "Hi, Mitsuru."

Mitsuru pushed off the wall he had been leaning against and walked up to her. "Hey, Mahiru."

Mahiru linked her arm with his, leaning against his shoulder. "It was windy today. I thought of you."

Mitsuru chuckled. "I'm always thinking about you."

Mahiru blushed. They walked into the alley they usually walked into after school and Mitsuru transformed, scooping Mahiru up in his arms and flying them back to the Moonshine. When they got there, Mitsuru returned to his human form and the two walked to Mahiru's room.

Mahiru dropped her schoolbag on her bed and sat down, sighing. "Today was a long day. What did you do today?"

Mitsuru shrugged. "Akira dragged me to the-"

"NOO! IT'S A SURPRISE!" Akira suddenly ran into the room, covering Mitsuru's mouth.

"MMF! AKIRA!" Mitsuru said, his voice muffled by Akira's hand over his mouth.

Akira let go.

Mahiru giggled. "What about a surprise?"

"You'll see." Akira grinned and left the room.

Mahiru smiled. "I'm glad I'm back. I enjoyed those two weeks with my aunt, but I missed living with you guys."

Mitsuru sat next to her. "I missed it, too. You keep me sane when the guys drive me nuts."

Mahiru laughed. "Aw, c'mon, it's not that bad." she kissed his cheek.


Mitsuru groaned, resting his forehead against Mahiru's shoulder. "Can I kick his ass now?"

Mahiru shook her head. "No. Now go get ready for your shift, it's going to start getting really busy in the bar soon. Tonight is the night Akira, Misoka, and Nozomu are all performing together."

Mitsuru nodded. "Yeah, the girls are going to go crazy."

Mahiru smiled and kissed his cheek again. "I'll see you down there tonight. I have to do my homework."

Mitsuru nodded and left her room.

Mahiru smiled and walked to her desk after grabbing her homework out of her schoolbag. She sat at her desk and began working, thinking about everything that had happened after she discovered the Lunar Race.

She remembered discovering who her ancestor was, meeting the Moonlight Bandits, learning more about them and herself, and finding all seven Teardrops of the Moon. Along the way, she had made friends with them all.

She had also fallen head over heels in love with one of these demons-the tengu named Suoh Mitsuru. She smiled at the thought of their first kiss. They were running for their lives, but it was her favorite kiss by far.

"Why can't you just be my princess?!"

Mahiru blushed as she remembered his question. That was the only time she had ever seen Mitsuru cry. She looked at her homework and sighed, trying her best to focus.

When she finished her homework, she stood up and stretched her stiff muscles. She changed out of her school uniform into a dark green dress with long sleeves. She put on her apron and a pair of black sandals that buckled around her ankles. She liked this dress the most because the color was close to the aqua color of Mitsuru's hair. She smiled and walked downstairs for her shift.

The Moonshine was already packed. It was a good thing she didn't have school tomorrow-it was going to be a long night since tonight the bar closed at midnight. She smiled at Katsura, currently a woman, who came back to the Moonshine from the Moon Palace once a week to play piano so that the others didn't always have to sing along to CDs. Katsura smiled back and continued playing the piano for background music.

Oboro and Katsura had moved to the Moon Palace with Emperor Shirogane and Masumi. After reclaiming the seventh Teardrop, and hearing the story of Mahiru and the others' bravery, the other members of the Lunar Race stopped speaking poorly of Mahiru and Mitsuru. While some still thought she was only good for power, others followed their Emperor and agreed to stop saying mean things about her behind her back.

Mahiru, as she had said, went to her aunt's for a while. During the two weeks she wasn't living with them, Mitsuru would take her to and from school so that he could still see her. The others visited her occasionally before the bar opened for the day, but didn't stay long because they had jobs to do. Mitsuru would reluctantly say good-bye, kiss her on the cheek, and leave with the others.

The day she came back, yesterday, she was greeted with open arms. But she had gotten back late that night after eating dinner with her aunt, so the reunion didn't last long before Mahiru yawned and Mitsuru helped her carry her luggage upstairs to her bedroom.

Mahiru snapped out of her thoughts and walked into the kitchen. "Hey, Akira."

Akira smiled at her. "Heya, Mahiru-chan." he went back to cooking.

Mahiru picked up her notepad and pen and walked back into the main room of the Moonshine to start taking orders from their customers.

About an hour later, around 10 o'clock, it was time for the show to start. Nozomu, Akira, and Misoka got on the stage and began performing as Katsura played the piano. Mahiru stood behind the bar with Mitsuru and smiled. "This never gets old."

Mitsuru just shrugged, wrapping his arm around her waist.

Mahiru smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Their friends finished their third song and their audience clapped.

"We're going to take a short break, but for the time being, we want to introduce a special singer tonight. This is his first time, so go easy on him." Nozomu grinned at the bar. "Suoh Mitsuru."

Mahiru gasped. "Huh?!" Mitsuru had never sang at the Moonshine before!

Mitsuru walked out from behind the bar and walked towards the stage while Mahiru watched in shock. What was he doing? Mitsuru walked onstage and stood in front of the microphone as the others got off the stage and walked behind the bar with Mahiru.

"Hey, uh, I'm Mitsuru, and uh, this is my welcome home present to Mahiru." he mumbled, obviously embarrassed and nervous, but trying his best not to show it.

"I know how it feels, to wake up without her. Lying here all alone, just thinking about her. I can't believe her hold on me, it's something indescribable. I know she knows, but won't you please…If you see my girl just tell her I miss her smile. Tell her I'm counting the minutes, gonna see her in a little while. Oh 'cause I know when she holds onto me, she's the one thing I could never live without. Oh, oh, oh, and tell her I love her, oh yeah. Just tell her I love her."

Mahiru blushed as she listened to the lyrics. It took him until that point to finally look up from the microphone and open his eyes, but he only kept his gaze focused on her. As he continued to sing, Mahiru walked out from behind the bar and walked closer to the stage. The song began to end.

"'Cause I know when she holds onto me, she's the one thing I could never live without. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. And tell her I love her, oh, yeah, just tell her I love her."

The audience, especially the girls, applauded.

Mitsuru quickly jumped off the stage and walked up to Mahiru, scratching the back of his neck, embarrassed. "So, uh, yeah, welcome back."

Mahiru felt tears in her eyes as she hugged him tightly. "Thank you!"

Mitsuru blinked, taken aback by her reaction, but then he relaxed and wrapped his arms around her. Somebody tapped Mahiru's shoulder. She turned around to see Akira with a box wrapped in shiny blue paper, like the ocean, in his hands.

"Ta da! Welcome home, Mahiru-chan!" he grinned, with Misoka and Nozomu behind him, also smiling.

Mahiru smiled and thanked them as Akira handed her the box. She opened it. Inside was a ton of candy and a panda stuffed animal. Mahiru gasped. "Thank you, guys! I love it!" she smiled at Akira. "So this is what Mitsuru was trying to say."

Mitsuru shrugged. "Nobody told me it was a surprise."

"We assumed it was obvious." Misoka stated simply, pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

The others laughed while Mitsuru rolled his eyes.

After the bar closed for the night, the door suddenly opened while the Moonlight Bandits and their princess were cleaning tables and floors and putting chairs on tables.

"Sorry, the bar is closed." Mahiru said to the teenage boy who had entered the Moonshine.

"GET OUT!" Mitsuru suddenly growled, starting to transform.

The boy smirked. "Hello, Suoh. Miss me?"

"LIKE HELL I DID!" Mitsuru lunged at the boy.

Mahiru gasped. "Mitsuru!"

Akira and Nozomu were suddenly between Mitsuru and the boy. "What the hell, Mitsuru?!"

"He's one of them! The Dark Abyss!" Mitsuru snarled.

Nozomu's and Akira's widened as they looked at the boy.

The boy chuckled. "I'm Takahashi Ryo. It's nice to meet you, members of the Lunar Race."

Mahiru looked extremely confused. "Huh?"

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