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Chapter 5


Aimi and Shika walked to school together, looking at the sidewalk, frowning.

"I can't believe it…so those guys have surfaced after all this time?" Shika said.

Aimi looked at the sky. "So urgent to send a message out to all members…I guess all of us on the outside are going to have to try our best."

Shika looked thoughtful. "Hey…she lives with those and that place, right?"

"Yeah, and?"

"I knew about Misoka, but that means…those other boys…"


Shika covered Aimi's mouth with her hand. "Shut up!"


"Good morning, Uotani-san." Akira smiled, sitting in his seat next to her.

Suzu smiled. "Good morning." she leaned closer to him, but not too close, just close enough that only he could hear her. "Did you get the message last night?"

Akira nodded. "Yeah. The princess is safe. She's in class with Mitsuru."

Suzu blinked, surprised. "Here…? Wait, was she that girl you met with the other day?"

Akira nodded and smiled. "Yup. Shiraishi Mahiru. I live with her, along with the other Moonlight Bandits."

Suzu gasped. "That's why your name sounded so familiar! You're one of the demons that helped to collect the Teardrops of the Moon!" she said quietly.

Akira nodded. "Yeah. Oh, we'll talk later, class is starting."

After school…

Mahiru and Mitsuru walked to the school's front gate and met with Akira and Suzu.

Suzu bowed. "Hello, princess. My name is Uotani Suzu. It's very nice to finally meet you."

Mahiru looked confused. "Um…thank…you?"

Suzu blushed, embarrassed. "I'm sorry. We haven't met, so you don't know who I am. I'm also a member of the Lunar Race. I'm like Yamabuki-san." she said quietly.

"She's also a werewolf." Akira said, also quietly.

"Are there…more of you? Living outside of the Moon Palace?" Mahiru asked.

"I've heard of others living in this area of Japan, but I haven't met any of them until now. The only ones I've known about are myself and my brother." Suzu said.

The others didn't want to pry, so they didn't ask about her parents.

"We need to get back to the Moonshine. It's safer there." Mitsuru said, holding Mahiru's hand.

"Why don't you come with us, Uotani-san? It's Akira's turn to sing tonight." Mahiru smiled.

Akira blushed, but smiled. "Yeah, it'll be fun. You can meet the others."

"I don't know…" Suzu said.

"Please?" Mahiru smiled.

Suzu smiled a little. "Ok."

They walked back to the Moonshine.

When they got there, Nozomu was just starting to flip the 'CLOSED' sign to 'OPEN.' "Hey, guys. Oh, who's this?" he asked.

Suzu bowed slightly. "He-hello. I'm Uotani Suzu. It's nice to meet you."

"Let's go inside." Akira said, ushering everybody into the building. Once inside, Akira smiled at Nozomu. "Uotani-san is also a member of the Lunar Race. She's a werewolf, like me."

Nozomu raised an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah? Prove it."

Suzu looked at the floor as her ears and tail popped out. She looked up at them. "Is that proof enough?"

Akira blushed a little when he thought how cute she looked with her ears and tail out.

Suzu hid her ears and tail. "So…this is the Moonshine? I've heard of it, but have never been here."

"Akira, go get ready, we'll have customers soon." Misoka said, entering the room. "Oh, who's this?"

Suzu explained who she was and showed him her ears and tail before hiding them again.

Misoka nodded. "It's nice you made a friend, Akira. Now go get ready."

Akira nodded and ran upstairs to change out of his school uniform.

About an hour later, Suzu was sitting at a table close to the front of the stage.

Akira jumped onstage and grinned. "What's up, everybody?"

The girls cheered and the guys clapped.

Suzu watched in awe as he performed, singing and dancing.

Mahiru walked up to her and smiled. "He's pretty good, huh?"

Suzu blushed, looking at her. "H-Huh? Oh, y-yeah."

Mahiru giggled. "You know, if you're not careful, he'll figure it out."

Suzu looked confused. "Figure what out?"

"That you have a crush on him."

Suzu frowned. "Is it that obvious?"

Mahiru shrugged. "Maybe I just notice these things more than others do." she smiled. "You know, I want to thank you. Akira's been going through a lot emotionally lately, but meeting you seems to have cheered him up quite a bit."

Suzu looked surprised. "Really?"

Mahiru nodded. "I have to get back to work, but I just wanted to thank you. See you around." she waved and went back to work.

After Akira finished performing his first song, Suzu said goodnight and went home.

As she was walking out the door, Aimi and Shika walked past her and into the Moonshine. They waited until closing time to approach the bar.

Shika smiled. "Hello, Asagi-san."

Misoka looked up from the glass he had been polishing and smiled. "Hello, Miss Shika."

"Wait, how do you two know each other?" Aimi asked, confused.

"We met at the Moon Palace a couple years ago. We got the message last night. How is she?" Shika asked.

Misoka nodded in Mahiru's direction. "Ask her yourself."

Shika and Aimi turned to face Mahiru, who was wiping off tables.

Mahiru noticed them looking and waved, confused as to why they were looking at her. Was there something on her face?

Aimi and Shika smiled. "Hey, there."

Mahiru smiled. "Hey." she recognized them from school, but the three of them never really talked.

Nozomu walked out of the kitchen and smiled at Aimi. "Heya, Harada-san."

Aimi smiled. "Hello."

"So, if you got the message, I assume you're both members of the Lunar Race?" Misoka said, putting some glasses in a cabinet.

The two nodded. Shika flipped her hair. "You already know I'm a kitsune." she looked at Aimi. "Go ahead. Tell them."

Aimi frowned. "What if they laugh at me?"

"Misoka won't." Shika assured her.

Aimi sighed. "…I'm a vampire…a hanyou."

Nozomu raised his eyebrows. "You're…a half-demon?"

Aimi nodded. "Yes. My mother is human and my father is a vampire. Because I am half-human, I can go out in the sunlight, plus my father is pretty strong, so because his blood runs through my veins it helps make me strong enough to walk in sunlight."

Nozomu nodded. "My father is very strong, so that's how I can walk in sunlight." (That's what it says in the second volume.)

"I need to get home to my brothers." Aimi said.

Shika nodded. "And my sister is probably wondering where I am. See ya!" she waved and left.

Nozomu looked at Aimi. "So…see you around?"

Aimi smiled and nodded. "Yeah. See you around." She left.

"Nozomu likes a girl." Akira said in a sing-song voice.

Nozomu fought back a blush then smirked. "Oh, yeah? Well, what about you? 'Oh, Uotani-san!'" Nozomu mimicked Akira.

Akira blushed. "Shut up!"

Misoka bonked Nozomu on the head and Mitsuru bonked Akira on the head. "Both of you, shut up."

Mahiru yawned. "I finished wiping off the tables and putting up the chairs. Good night." she walked upstairs, followed by Mitsuru for first watch.

Little did they know, it was going to be a long night.

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