Lovecraft ½

All of Lovecraft's work is public domain ;) so I don't even have to apologize for using it. His lawyers have all been eaten but deep ones.

This is really just a series of one shots, different Ranma characters playing their way through the various stories of Lovecraft lore. They may be OOC, they may not. It may be use to explain some more fantastical side of the show, or may just be used for my innate sadism. Either way it is what it is, a series of short stories. If anyone has read much Lovecraft, so are they. Its doubtful that any will be much longer than the story the characters interact with, and I may only write the two that have come to mind, or I may add to them. Travels in the realms of dreams and shadows are not always plottable.

Note : All of the names, and some of the actions of the Cthulhu stock charicters will be taken as close to the original as possible. I am trying to keep the mythos acurate while putting in different actions for the Ranma cast. Also Stylistically its going to be as close to the original feel of Lovecraft as possible. Its not lovecraftian to say something like "our in the distance lay the great Cthulhu and many other creatures." its lovecraftian to say "There lay great Cthulhu and his hordes, hidden in green slimy vaults and sending out at last, after cycles incalculable, the thoughts that spread fear to the dreams of the sensitive and called imperiously to the faithful to come on a pilgrimage of liberation and restoration."

Of the Chaos meeting it's Maker.

From the memoirs of Ranma, later in life.

"The Art, a profile of Excellence" by Ranma Meiou"

Lightening publishing house

Eleventh edition, 2245.

I have often thought in the past that Kodachi Kuno held the long lost secrets of the Deep Ones in regards to her poisons, just Akane held those secrets in her cooking. I was the unending recipient of these compounds in her search for domination of me, though she never bested me. My resistance to her poisons was only helped along by Shampoo and her overuse of love potions and powders. Even with one as resistant as I, there were after effects. In my case, the worst of them came at the time I had finally decided to leave Nermia for good. In fact this may have been the catalyst of what prompted me to move on, and find my true Art, rather than the pale shadow it had been before. In the end as I have often said before, this was a defining time for me. the dreaming caused me to see the source of who I was, and where I had come from. If it were not for the efforts of the Queen, and my wife, I perhaps never would have recovered. Their efforts brought back both my sanity, and reason, freeing me to realize the difference of the limitations of the physical art, with the real power of an art balanced in mind, spirit and body.

Kodachi' s concoction was especially potent, and while I was able to fend her and my rivals off at that time, there was a darkness that settled on my mind. Dreams came to me. Dreams of realms both fantastic and terrifying, even beyond my view of cats, there were places I found in my mind that defied even my adaptability to comprehend. In the end many good things happened because of this, in meeting my wife, and finding my true self, but the path there was one of shadows and misery. It was from these dreams I found that my father was not who I thought and that I was not what they called a Chaos Generator. No, in fact I was the Son of Chaos itself, the shadow that comes with sharpened fangs and glowing eyes.

From these dreams brought on by her poisons few in the history of man knows more of the beauty, the terror, and the mystery of those obscure realms into which I, the inspired dreamer was transported. But much as has been told, Never have I yet dared intimate the nature of the phantasms and horrors thus unfolded to my mind, or hint at the direction of the unheard-of roads along whose ornate and chaotic course the partaker of the drug is so irresistibly borne. Shadows and flashes of light wrapped around sticky forms of the deepest darkness first invaded my dreams then my waking moments , conjuring up specters to haunt myself and those around me. More than once the Queen and her guards mistook me for a demon, thinking I was bringing these abominations to life in our world. In many ways they were correct, even if I had no control of them at the time. I was my Fathers son, and Chaos is what I am. The shadows merely responded to the power of a prince, unknowingly calling up an army to torment himself.

As I have said she had given me an overdose and combined with the other toxins sent me far into the dreamlands. Deeper than was on its own survivable. In my dream that sensation of dancing the winds permeated and enveloped me. But no matter how I tried, returning up at all was never an option, I could dance, but always down I traveled. After an aeon of falling, all of the pain from the poisons stopped all at once, and I could feel the rhythmic pounding of something reaching through the ground that had appeared below me. I could hear water, vast sounds of tides and breakers. I then opened my eyes.

For a moment my surroundings seemed confused Flashes of the stranger aspects in my life, projected outward accompanied by this constant beat of the drum forming from the ground. It permeated my sound and blinded me in part. The beat, beat of the drum, and the shifting shadows and lights of the road and hills around me drew my eyes to a far off mountain. Somehow deep in my soul I knew that at its peak lay a castle, that at its core held the course of this beating drum. In my drugged dreaming state I stood and gathered my strength for the trip ahead. As I staggered towards my eventual goal, I could see the shadows of my own life. The shadow of saffron, standing over my fallen corpse, with his arm around Akane, Ryouga in a tuxedo and me dressed in a black wedding outfit, standing before Kuno, who was officiating over us. More dark shadows, Cologne tossing water on my, and I could only change from cat into girl. Farther back, illusions of deeper fears, Kneeling in front of my mother, her demanding my death, and declaring that I would even sully the honor blade so only given a common kitchen knife to end my own. An image of Kasumi looking down on me, frowning. And with each image beyond it a small flame grew brighter and brighter, until the last one, Genma standing before me, telling me what he did on the trip was out of pity. Pity for the miserable child I was. Pity for what I would become.

As I past the last image and the shadows cleared before me I could see the flames all came from a central force, a pillar of flames that turned and twisted into the darkness. As I moved past it, it took up a place next to me, its heat burning and peeling my flesh. This flame had a name, right at the edge of my tongue. It struck something primal in me, something I could feel went beyond this husk of humanity my being was encased in. In the same instant the conscious thought of my own inhumanity, and the realization that I had existed long before humans had ever walked came the realization of this pillar of flames true name. of its kinship to myself, though I still would not face who and what I was, or what I needed to be. A second drum in my head, pulsing like the on and off roaring of an inferno held its name in my mind. Cthuga, the flame incarnate.

Without words she greeted me and equal in stature though not in place. Travel with me and her presence burned back the shadows of humanity that plagued my vision leaving behind again the start alien-ness of the dream world around me. Now while the mountain was still far off, there stood a building, that had not been there before. Shutters half hung off of the windows, shades twisted beyond them. A door, with a multipronged curling star embossed on it. As I entered the room, I felt like it was an entirely different room than the worn exterior would have led me to believe. Inside it was lighted with many bright colors coming in seeming from the grey dirty windows. Of the exact nature of this room, its function and even its form, I had no idea for my thoughts were still far from settled; but I noticed vari-coloured rugs and draperies, elaborately fashioned tables, chairs, ottomans, and divans, and delicate vases and ornaments which conveyed a suggestion of the exotic without being actually alien. These things I noticed, yet they were not long uppermost in my mind. I could feel both a fear of this place along with a deep rightness of it all. The shifting adapting nature of the room was the right and proper way of doing things it seemed. I could sent that the pillar of flame followed me in, yet when I turned to look at it, I could see it had changed to become my girl form, a brightly colored redhead, in my traditional red's and blacks. That Cthuga appeared as my girl form, or perhaps my girl form took that shape neither surprised nor dismayed me. it was, as this room, and this dream itself was. In to relative comfort of this room, I felt drawn to look at her, and could see in her eyes a dispassion that my human self-drew back from, in absolute terror. It was like watching something larger than the universe itself that was too small to see. Her eyes look at the universe in a way I could never grasp. Yet part of me felt if I opened my eyes I could see what she saw, and relish in it. My humanity could feel its horror though. Slowly but inexorably crawling upon my consciousness, and rising above every other impression, came a dizzying fear of the unknown; a fear all the greater because I could not analyse it, and seeming to concern a stealthily approaching menace—not death, but some nameless, unheard-of thing inexpressibly more ghastly and abhorrent.

The secureness of this room and the comfort of my surrounding could not stop that throbbing droning noise reaching through the ground and air. Beat, Beat it still came. I both wanted to seek out that sound, and continue on my path as I was to draw myself back to my starting point, to find my way back to the world I had come from. One window seemed to flash at me, and I felt drawn to its presence. Looking beyond it I could see the waters of a sea had formed outside of this place, with swirling colors, and shifting shapes moving within it. I noticed a door that had not been there before, and opened it. Within it I beheld a small and richly draped corridor ending in a carven door and large oriel window. Out of this window I could see much.

I beheld such a sight as I had never beheld before, and which no living person can have seen save in the delirium of fever or the inferno of Kodachi' s toxins. The building stood on a narrow point of land—or what was now a narrow point of land—fully 300 feet above what must lately have been a seething vortex of mad waters. On either side of the house there fell a newly washed-out precipice of red earth, whilst ahead of me the hideous waves were still rolling in frightfully, eating away the land with ghastly monotony and deliberation. Out a mile or more there rose and fell menacing breakers at least fifty feet in height, and on the far horizon ghoulish black clouds of grotesque contour were resting and brooding like unwholesome vultures. The waves were dark and purplish, almost black, and clutched at the yielding red mud of the bank as if with uncouth, greedy hands. I could not but feel that some noxious marine mind had declared a war of extermination upon all the solid ground, perhaps abetted by the angry sky.

I passed through the door and felt as the door locked behind me. In front of somehow was Cthuga, back in the form of flames, waiting for me. I saw more of the strange lands around me, where from inside I was hundreds of feet above the waves, not I could walk down to the edges of the mass. There was a pillar marking a decided division between two worlds, or views. The pillar of flame stood directly before this pillar, and I could see where her heat twisted the air above her the two side merged into some third reality. On the on side was the swirling mass of chaos, and darkness. Yet the other, the right handed path went inland, I could see a massive valley covering hundreds of acres, and covered in a silvery grow of vegetation, higher than my head. At the end of this valley stood a magnificent tree that seemed to ask me to come to it. Its vast foliage was also silver, and oddly match what I new saw as a vibrant purple sky. The sun seemed odd, twisted somehow though I could not see why. I started to move to this magnificent valley when the flames pulled me back, telling me that there was a reason not to go there. Some beat swishing in the tall grass, and I could sense the prowling of one of those beasts. Whether or not I would allow myself to be swayed from my fear was irrelevant however. The tree pulled me, so I moved towards it, with Cthuga following close behind. I resolved to fight for my life and mind as long as possible in this strange realm. The grass started its own noise, merging with the beating drum, and the roar of the waves.

There now ensued a series of incidents which transported me to the opposite extremes of ecstasy and horror; incidents which I tremble to recall and dare not seek to interpret. At the end however I was standing under the tree itself, and a silver haired girl dropped from its branches. This child held innocent beauty such as I had never seen before. Though ragged and dusty, this being bore the features of a faun or demigod, and seemed almost to diffuse a radiance in the dense shadow of the tree. It smiled and extended its hand, but before I could arise and speak I heard in the upper air the exquisite melody of singing; notes high and low blended with a sublime and ethereal harmoniousness. The sun had by this time sunk below the horizon, and in the twilight I saw that an areola of lambent light encircled the child's head. Then in a tone of silver it addressed me: "It is the end. They have come down through the gloaming from the stars. Now all is over, and beyond the Arinurian streams we shall dwell blissfully in Teloe." As the child spoke, I beheld a soft radiance through the leaves of the palm tree, and rising greeted a pair whom I knew to be the chief singers among those I had heard. A god and goddess they must have been, for such beauty is not mortal; and they took my hands, saying, "Come, child, you have heard the voices, and all is well. In Teloe beyond the Milky Way and the Arinurian streams are cities all of amber and chalcedony. And upon their domes of many facets glisten the images of strange and beautiful stars. Under the ivory bridges of Teloe flow rivers of liquid gold bearing pleasure-barges bound for blossomy Cytharion of the Seven Suns. And in Teloe and Cytharion abide only youth, beauty, and pleasure, nor are any sounds heard, save of laughter, song, and the lute. Only the gods dwell in Teloe of the golden rivers, but among them shalt thou dwell." The humanity within me moved towards them, yet that other side pulled back. The pillar next to me also moved attempting to block these two gods from taking me away, to whatever place they would travel. But still I listened to them.

As I listened, enchanted, I suddenly became aware of a change in my surroundings. The palm tree, so lately overshadowing my exhausted form, was now some distance to my left and considerably below me. I was obviously floating in the atmosphere; companioned not only by the strange child and the radiant pair, but by a constantly increasing throng of half-luminous, vine-crowned youths and maidens with wind-blown hair and joyful countenance. We slowly ascended together, as if borne on a fragrant breeze which blew not from the earth but from the golden nebulae, and the child whispered in my ear that I must look always upward to the pathways of light, and never backward to the sphere I had just left. The youths and maidens now chanted to the accompaniment of lutes, and I felt enveloped in a peace and happiness more profound than any I had in life imagined, when the intrusion of a single sound altered my destiny and shattered my soul. Through the ravishing strains of the singers and the lutanists, as if in mocking, demoniac concord, throbbed from gulfs below the damnable, the detestable pounding of that hideous ocean. And as those black breakers beat their message into my ears I forgot the words of the child and looked back, down upon the doomed scene from which I thought I had escaped.

Down through the ether, I could see myself standing with Cthuga and a huge formless mass. The earth below was twisting and tuning ever angry at the seas, and wilds upon it. Under a ghastly moonlight I have no words to describe, were vile things I can never forget even after being cleansed by the Queen. A rending report clove into the night, and from this rift the earth was encompassed by a great desert. I was still looking down at myself, but also look out of myself that stood below. The tower of flame, stood silent yet the mass had changed form, into a enrapturing woman/man who looked at me. it had long silver hair, and its voice was both melodic and demonic all at once.

"Hail Ankor, Son of the great Chaos itself. Hail and well met my son, for I am he who created you. I am the crawling chaos, the harbinger of the greater cold. I am Narphlothotep , the shifting chaos. You are of me and mine, and eternally shall be."

As I looked at this figure, I felt myself being drawn back into one view, one perspective again. Its face grinned at me, and while I could never focus on any of it, I felt it growing deeper and deeper into my head.

"Join us son, join us and consume the universe"

That was the last of those visions I saw. When I awoke, I found myself leaning on a door, my finger pressed against a bell, ringing for someone to open it. A woman answered, with green hair and red eyes. A woman who I have spent every day thereafter with learning to be more than human, more than inhuman and more that what I would have become. I knew then that part of what I was had been shown to me in that dream. That I was not human in a pure sense and chaos to me was more than something that affected me, or was created by me. It was my legacy. I was the immortal son of Chaos itself.

Kodachi was many things that I don't recommend, but in one thing she was brilliant. Kodachi Kuno held the long lost secrets of the Deep Ones in regards to her poisons, and without them, I never would have been able to create my legacy.


These are oneshots ;) Its diffucult for me to think about a continuation while in the lovecraft vein. However, If I get enough requests for a specific story, I may bakc some of the lovecraft infuence off and start a different story with that idea.

For an example, it was suggested a meeting of The Son of Chaos and the Avatar of chaos. That would not fit as a true lovecraft theme story, but it would fit into a lovecraft influenced crossover.

So if you have specifc things you want to suggest, let me know, and I will consider it.