Hello! Due to the lack of good Everest fics, I decided to write one after being inspired by "Not Everyone Makes it to the Top" and seeing the little bit ConfederatePrincess wrote between Bryn and Chris (used w/ permission)

I loved the series, but (being a teenage girl) thought it needed some romance. So I decided to write a three-shot between these two. I don't actually have the books with me, so bear w/ me if I get come facts wrong, plus I changed a few things for the sake of the story. Takes place between Tilt dying and Dominic and Ethan returning to Base Camp.

Chris Alexis could only stare at his parents. The cell phone that had brought the worst news of his life lay on the couch. Just moments earlier, Cap Cicero had delivered the news that his little brother was most likely dead. Dominic had climbed with Ethan Zaph against Cap's knowledge, and Chris had rejoiced with his brother when the news came that the two of them had summited. Only when they hadn't returned to the SummitQuest camp or the German's camp had the bad news come. Dominic and Ethan were dead.

Suddenly he couldn't stand his mom crying or his dad trying not to anymore. He made his way to the door and pulled on his jacket while rushing into the cool March air, fighting his own tears. He leaned against the porch. Dominic was his brother. Ethan was one of his closest friends. Key word being was, as in not anymore. Because they were dead. He didn't want to believe it. It didn't seem real. This was some horrific nightmare. He jumped of the porch and hit the ground running. Anything to keep the tears back. Anything to keep him from thinking.

Bryn Fieldler received the news via a news broadcast. She'd looked up from the book she had been reading when her mom had told her something about SummitQuest was on. When the reporter had said that Dominic Alexis, Ethan Zaph had summated earlier, she had cheered. But when he had continued his report by saying, "Only now we have received the latest from Nepal. Zaph and Alexis and their teammate Norman Crowley have now been presumed dead. Crowley summated earlier as well but is now reported missing. He went looking for Zaph and Alexis but all radio contact has been lost with him. Zaph and Alexis also lost radio contact and have not been seen at the SummitQuest camp or at any other camp in the area." That was all they had at the moment. Her mother had a horrified look on her face. She turned to say something to Bryn, but before she could, Bryn was running out the door. The cold air enveloped her and shoulders shook while she cried. Dominic, Ethan, and Tilt were dead. Dominic could have been her little brother. She would have died if not for him! Ethan was her close friend. She cried for Tilt too. He had treated her like she wasn't a good climber, but he still deserve to die. He was only fourteen for god's sake! She started walking, hugging her self against the cold. She knew all about the reports that Dominic was supposedly too young to climb. She had known he wasn't. She knew he could do it. He had, but it hadn't ended right. More tears came and she wiped them away. She could only imagine what their families were going through, what Chris…

What was he going through? Dominic was his little brother. She remembered the last time she'd seen him, in Alaska. He'd flown all the up from New Hampshire to see her and Dominic. It had been so sweet and the two of them had talked for a couple of hours. Since then, they'd texted and talked on the phone off and on. And those blue eyes…

She pushed thoughts of him out of her mind and kept walking, thinking of nothing.

Chris glanced at his cell phone an hour later after running until he could barely walk back. It was getting dark and the light from his phone illuminated the sidewalk. He looked at Bryn's text, much longer than usual.

"Chris, you doing okay? I heard on the news. It doesn't even seem real, does it? I have no idea how you must feel. I'm so sorry. Please call me, I couldn't reach you."

He knew she meant well, but reading her describe his own feelings just sharpened the pain. He wanted to call her, wanted to hear her voice, but he knew if he started talking to her, he'd just break down. He thought back to the SummitQuest training in Colorado, remembering how he'd barged into her alone in the lounge one night.


"Oh, sorry. I can, uh, come back later." He'd stammered when he walked into the lounge to find her watching a movie alone late at night. She turned the volume down.

"You can stay, Chris. I don't mind. I just couldn't sleep so I thought I'd find something on TV to watch." She hadn't told him that she was afraid that if she sleep she'd sleepwalk and cause even more trouble.

Awkwardly, he had sat on the couch next to her while she turned the volume back up.

"What's this?" he'd asked her. She'd looked at him, eyebrows raised.

"You've never seen Grease before?" She'd laughed while he'd just shrugged. "We can watch something else." She turned it off. "Or talk or something." He shrugged again.

"I don't have much experience in talking like girls do, according to my ex-girlfriend." He had said. Bryn smiled. "Well, Andrew used to tell me I wanted to talk all the time."

"Who's Andrew?" He had asked, stupidly. Bryn blushed.

"My ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him a few months ago."

"Well, why would anyone break up with you?" He wondered allowed, blushing himself when he realized what he'd said.

"I broke up with him. He was cheating on me."

"Funny story. Jennifer cheated on me so I broke up with her."

Bryn had laughed had said something about them two of a kind.

"Two of a kind, all right." He'd said, grinning. She looked him in the eye and he looked away. She took his hand.

"You really liked her, didn't you?" He gulped.

"Nah, she wasn't that great. Not like y—"She didn't say anything, but he saw more color in her cheeks. Something changed then, with her looking so beautiful and them talking about dating. He'd leaned down, about to kiss her when Dominic had opened the door and…

-End flashback-

He would even miss Dominic opening the door and ruining his moment with the prettiest girl he knew.