Epilogue: Friends to the End

BlueTiger321: Well, now Korra got her husband back, Tarrlok's in jail, so that just leaves to what happened to Josh and Martin. Although it pains me to say this, I must now bring this story to an end. Enjoy!

Two days had passed since then. With Korra and Mako back together, they lived happily and never had a care in their heads. But not all was well for everyone. Along the interstate in a dry, desolate region, Josh and Martin walked down the side to head back for Providence with the sun glaring over them and a crow cawing in the distance. Due to the police confiscating everything they purchased with Korra's money, they were back to wearing their regular clothes and had no other means of transportation. Josh kicked at a rock while walking and carrying their only bag until he finally got bored and kicked it into the dirt.

The two men felt miserable about their situation. They went in to Aspen with barely anything, then they lived like millionaires in the city, and they came out with even less than when they began.

"I can't believe this, Josh," said Martin and stopped on the spot. "First Korra dumps us, then the cops take our nest egg, and then our Hog breaks down."

Josh also halted, then turned to his friend and said, "Yeah! When are we ever gonna catch a break?"

Just then, a Greyhound bus stopped right next to the men. Painted on the side was a huge sign that said Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Tour. The sounds of windows opening got the men's attention and they looked up with stunned faces to see dozens of beautiful women wearing only bikinis looking down on them like they were gods looking down on worshippers. Josh and Martin opened their mouths wide at the sight, both thinking that neither of them had ever seen so many women stare at them before in their lives.

The doors to the bus opened up and out stepped three bikini-clad girls named Amy Wong, Frankie Foster and Juliet Starling to greet the men.

"Hi," said Frankie.

"Hey there," said Juliet.

"Hi, guys!" said Amy. "We're going on a national bikini tour, and we're looking for two oil boys who can grease us up before each competition."

Josh and Martin looked at each other and smiled wide with excitement. Beautiful women sought their help and they were the only ones who could give them what they needed—and who were they to turn down the requests of girls in need?

Martin looked back at the girls and said, "You are in luck!" He then pointed down the road. "There's a town about three miles that way. I'm sure you'll find a couple guys there."

Josh remained silent and nodded his head in agreement and winked.

All three women gave odd stares at the two men, each of them thinking that wasn't what was implied when they asked for help.

"Okay, thanks," said Amy.

"Bye," said Frankie.

"See ya," said Juliet.

The women stepped back into the bus with the doors shutting behind them.

As the two men stood and waved when the bus began to depart, Josh soon had the notion that Martin made a huge mistake. He grabbed his friend by the head and pulled him in close while giving him a horrified glance.

"Do you realize what you've done?" Josh shouted. He let go and ran after the bus shouting, "Hey!"

Martin picked up the bag that Josh dropped and ran after his friend while shouting, "Josh! Josh!"

When Josh was close enough to the bus he pounded his hand against the side to get it to stop. It finally halted on the road and the doors opened up. Josh went up to the entrance and paused to catch his breath while Martin stood behind him. Now, Josh thought, he was going to set things right.

"You'll have to excuse my friend—he's a little slow," said Josh. He then looked down the opposite direction of the road and pointed. "The town is back that way."

All the women on the bus shared the same strange look they gave the men, figuring how dense the boys had to be not to notice what they were implying. But the bus driver took Josh's advice and turned the bus around to head in the direction in which the bus came. Josh and Martin were left on the road watching the bus drive out of sight and thought how fortunate the women would be to find some willing men to help them.

"Wow," said Josh. "Two lucky guys are gonna be driving around with those girls for the next couple of months."

"Yeah," said Martin. "Don't worry; we'll catch our break too. Just gotta keep our eyes open."


The two friends then turned around and continued walking down the interstate. Josh soon got bored and began to play Tag.

"You're it," he said and tapped Martin.

"You're it," Martin said, tapping Josh back.

"You're it. Quitsies."

"You're it. Anti-quitsies, double stamp."

"You're it. Anti-quitsies, triple stamp. No erasies. None at all."

"You can't triple stamp," said Martin.

"Yes, if you have a double stamp, of course you can," said Josh.

"You can't triple stamp!"

But Josh merely covered his ears and tuned out Martin by singing to himself.

"You can't if you have a double stamp!" Martin continued. "You can't triple stamp! The rule! You can't triple stamp a double stamp, Josh! Josh! Josh!"

All Martin got was Josh turning to him and blowing out a raspberry. So the two men walked down the road, best friends forever.


BlueTiger321: Well, that's it! The story's over!

Josh: Aw, man! Is it too late to get on that bus full of hot women?

Martin: It's too late.

Korra: At least you guys are still friends.

Josh: Oh yeah, that's all I need right now.

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