HEY GUYS IT K.N HERE. I am Sorry Lotz of homework. Anyway this is not a sequel to A Past Well Forgotten. This is a sequel to the game though.

I gasped as I saw Raphael standing in the upper row of the Opera, hiding behind a curtain. He looked scared, almost frightened. I didn't reach out to him or call his name, I didn't want to get in trouble. I set down my violin and sat there staring for any moment from the curtain. A little ripple came from the curtain, probably Raphael breathing

I looked down at the crowd, they were all looking at me with hatred. Vergier and Charlie glanced in my direction

" Phantom R!" Charlie screamed, shaking her fist in the air

I was hidden behind a red curtain, so I could see everybody but they couldn't see me. I gasped really heavily moving the curtain. I hoped Marie didn't see me at all. I peaked my head around the corner and walked out holding my hat down. I looked at Marie who looked pretty calm, although I could tell she was wanting to call out my name and hug me.

" Hello Paris!" I called out excitedly " Phantom R has arrived"

I heard a giggle from Marie. I smiled as I jumped down from the top floor landing on my feet on the ground where everyone one was sitting. They all stared at me, I was only looking at Marie. I heard something snap behind me, it sounded like a gun. Everyone backed up, I just stood there knowing who was behind me.

" Vergier" I said turning around

He had a gun pointed right at me, the constables surrounding me. I laughed and put up my hands.

" What now Vergier" I asked him cunningly, resting my arms behind my head " What now?"

A constable came up behind me and tried to grab me. I jumped up in the air and flipped behind them. I held the hat to my head, smiling the whole way

" It's going to take a lot more then that Vergier" I said laughing as I let go of my hat " Maybe next time"

I jumped up toward the window still.

" Sorry for ruining you music" I said to Marie, smiling " It was...beautiful"

I jumped out the window

" Raphael called my music beautiful" I said blushing