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Deseo del Corazón

Chapter Fifteen

~Severus's P.O.V.~

Severus watched as Hermione looked around at the walls in silence before stepping forward to run her fingers through the blue curtains that hung around his bed.

"Surprised?" he asked softly from his position in the open doorway.

She turned to him. "It's not quite what I was expecting."

"Oh?" He smiled as he raised a brow at her. "Let me guess; you were expecting a lot of green, silver, and skulls?"

"I just wasn't expecting it to be blue." She smiled back, and stepped towards him. "The green, maybe. Or black, since that's all that you're usually seen in. But not the skulls. "

What she did next happened so fast that he was almost confused. Almost.

One second, she was looking at his room, and then the next, her arms were around his neck and their lips were connected. The room was suddenly extremely hot, and he turned her around and pressed her against the door, pushing it closed.

In response, she wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened her arms, pulling him closer. Their tongues dueled for dominance as he grabbed her hands from around his neck and lifted them up against the door with one hand, slowly rocking his hips against her.

Severus heard her moan of appreciation as her head fell back against the door, his lips moving automatically down to the curve of her neck. He was suckling at her pulse point before he suddenly felt her tense up beneath him.


Her exclamation was followed by her pushing him back away from him.

"Please, don't!" she cried, sobbing as she sunk down onto the floor.

Severus was angry for a span of about three seconds before the reason for her sudden hysteria suddenly hit him. He remembered what she had told him of the Battle of Hogwarts. Immediately, he fell to his knees, cautiously bringing his arms to wrap them around her.

"I'm so sorry, Hermione," he said, trying to calm her down. "I didn't think. I'm sorry that I did that, knowing what happened at Hogwarts."

He couldn't to whisper apologies to her as she shook in his arms. It wasn't until he felt her body relaxed that she finally spoke.

"It's not your fault." Hermione shook her head and pressed her face into his neck. "I was the one who kissed you. I'm so sorry. It's just that... when I felt my hands against the door; it's how he held me when he... did that to me."

She started crying in earnest, and gripped his shirt in her fists. "I'm so sorry that I pushed you away. So sorry!"

Severus started rubbing her back. "I should have thought about it, Hermione. I'm sorry, I was just caught up in the mo-."

There was a soft knock on the door. "Is Master and Missus still wanting teas? It will be gettings cold soons."

Severus sighed. "Of course. We'll be out in a moment, Pipsy."

He continued to hold Hermione in his arms for a few minutes longer before standing, pulling her up with him. "I'm sorry again, Hermione. Are you all right, now?"

She nodded her head as she wiped away the tears. "It's fine. And don't apologize for the kiss; I wanted it just as much as you did."

She leaned against him, pressing her head against his chest.

"It felt so good," she started, voice muffled by his shirt, "but I just freaked out when you held my arms against the door; it scared me."

She was shaking in his arms again, and he tightened them, and leaned down to press a kiss against her hair. "I know that you won't hurt me. I guess that I'm just-"

"Don't worry about it, love. I understand." He pulled away and held his hand out for her. "Tea?"

She took it and nodded, smiling wobbly at him. "Thank you, Sev."

% Minerva's P.O.V. %

Minerva McGonnagall shuffled the papers around on her desk as she continued addressing the envelopes to the new batch of would be first years. After they had discovered that the first couple hundred of Harry's acceptance letters had been addressed to Harry Potter, The Cupboard under the stairs, Minerva had gotten rid of the automatic addressing system and had split up the job between the teachers for the different years. This way, if a worrisome address were to ever appear on her roll for any of her students, Minerva would then notify the Aurors about there being a potential problem with the child's home life. She'd already done so for several families; one particular address on the list had been listed as Terrence Mortile, Pit In the Basement.

However, despite all this, it had done nothing to stifle her mood. Minerva was still looking forward to the first year of school after the war, and hoped that it would go well.

* Hermione's P.O.V.*

She couldn't help but grin as she walked through Scrivenshafts's in Hogsmeade, humming softly to herself as she picked out a few nice quills for use when she started grading papers. Hogwarts was due to start in two weeks, and she couldn't be more thrilled. She was going to be moving into Severus's rooms tomorrow, to get used to it before he himself arrived the following day.

During the day, she would probably be spending most of her time in the library. Assessing the damage to the archives would be a timely task, but Hermione had spent more time in the library in each of her individual school years than any Ravenclaw had ever done during their whole time studying at Hogwarts.

Sorry that it's short, but it's more of a filler, and I didn't want the chapter to run too much.