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Deseo del Corazón

Chapter Seventeen

She sat on the edge of the wall atop of the Astronomy tower, nursing a nearly empty bottle.

Taking the last sip, she dropped the bottle over the edge, and leaned forward to watch it fall. She didn't realize that she was leaning too far until she was free falling, arms and legs spread eagled.

Hermione sat up abruptly in the bed, gasping for air like she couldn't breathe.

As she tried to calm herself, she felt movement beside her.

"Was'samatter?" Came a sleepy voice from the other side of the bed. Turning, Hermione flung herself into Severus' arms before she started sobbing into his chest. "It's only a bad dream, Hermione," he said, obviously fully awake, now.

"I know." She sniffed as she wiped at the tears. Then, as if realizing where she was, she pulled away and moved back to her side of the bed. "Sorry," she muttered.

Hermione felt him run his hand down her side. "Don't apologize. I'm here for you."

She turned over and stared up into his dark eyes, his gaze seeming to burn into her. "Thank you," she said softly, before leaning forward and pressing their lips together. As he pulled her flush against him, her eyelids dropped shut and she gave a sigh.

His hands moved until they were gripping her hips tightly, while her own ran themselves up his chest and fisted the material of his T-shirt. Leaning her head away, Hermione moaned when his lips immediately moved down to the side of her neck, tracing right over her pulse point. He guided her onto her back on the bed before he leaned back himself and hovered above her, holding his weight on his arms. She reached up and fisted her fingers into his hair, to which he answered by grounding his pelvis into hers, causing her to groan softly before she pulled her head down to her for a kiss.

"Severus," she whispered, staring softly up at him.


"Touch me."

There was a short pause before she felt him reach a hand down to the hem of her shirt, and slowly started to slide it up, making sure to run his palm under the cloth. Hermione lost herself in his touch before he leaned down again for another kiss. By the time their lips had parted, Severus had already divested her of the shirt, and he pulled back for a moment to look down at her before he spoke softly.

"You're beautiful."

She blushed as she leaned up and pressed their lips together again.

Closing her eyes, Hermione thought back to all the daydreams she'd ever had where this had happened. She had wanted to be in this position for many years, and now that she was finally there, all that she wanted to do was cry. His hand was suddenly on her face, and she opened her eyes to look at him. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked, voice laced with concern.

She felt her face soften, and she raised her hips to grind up against his erection. "I…" she paused, forgetting what she was going to say, before thinking over what had been going through her mind. Her eyes bore into his as she whispered a soft "I love you", as if it was the answer to his question.

As she tilted her head so that she was leaning into his hand, he leaned forward, and just before he pressed their lips together again, he sighed. "As I love you."

When the sun was rising the next morning Hermione was entombed in the arms of her future husband, friend, and as of last night, lover.

She stretched inadvertently, causing her bum to rub against his manhood, eliciting a sleepy moan from the man. Lightly pulling herself out of his grasp, she quietly slid herself off the bed before making her way towards the bathroom to have a shower.

"I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut," she sang as she stepped under the hot spray coming from the shower head. Grabbing the bottle of shampoo off the small, metal shelf, she popped the lid before squirting the shampoo onto her palm. "My weakness is, that I care too much." Massaging her scalp, Hermione spun lightly on the grip mat spread on top the marble floor. "Our scars remind us, that the past is real, I tear my heart open, Just to feel," she sang loudly, and, keeping her eyes closed as she rinsed her hair, Hermione didn't notice Severus slip into the large shower stall behind her, and gave a scream when she heard his voice whisper in her ear.

"Having fun?"

Spinning around, she had her hand extended to hit him, but Severus brought his hand up to stop it; the movement was so fast, that it was a blur to her.

"Trying to slap me now, are you?" he said, trying to hide the grin on his face.

"Merlin, Severus. I'm so sorry." Her hands were covering her mouth, and she looked at him like a deer caught in headlights. "I didn't hear you come in."

He reached his hands out to pull hers away from her face as he gazed down at her nude body. "You've got an amazing singing voice, dear."

As their eyes met, Hermione gasped at the heat she saw in his. She hesitated for a moment before leaping towards him, and smashing her still swollen lips– a result of last night's love making– against his. As his arms came around to hold her, Severus swung them around until he was pressing her up against the wall of the shower, where she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist. "When did you wake?" she said, gasping as Severus dipped his head down to suckle along her collar bone.

"I was awake long before you were," he grumbled against her skin. "I just didn't say anything when you woke."

Though she was new to the act of love making, she rocked her hips boldly against him, causing them both to groan loudly. "How long do we have until breakfast?" she asked breathily before pulling his face back to hers.

"Long enough!" he groaned, before pressing himself to her entrance and slowly pushing inside.

Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table beside her friends with a wide smile on her face. "Morning!" she said brightly, earning several weird looks from the people who had been in the DADA class the day before. Two of them were courtesy of Harry and Ginny, the former opening his mouth to say something, but Ron interrupted him.

"Was'got'choo'sho'appee?" asked the redhead around a mouthful of cereal.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake, Ronald," she chided, turning to him (she noticed the way Ginny's gaze shot to her neck). "You're almost eighteen. I thought by now you would have at least restrained yourself from speaking with your mouth full!"

Ron rolled his eyes at her comment, and she gave him another look of mild disgust before turning to Harry and Ginny. Ginny made a subtle motion to her neck, and confused, Hermione brought a hand up to touch her own. She nearly gasped when her fingers brushed against an inflamed spot and she realised what the younger girl meant.

Severus had left a hickey.

"Morning, 'Mione," greeted Harry.

"Did you do your homework?" she asked, attempting to distract him as she let her hair down to cover the mark Ginny had seen; Ginny gave her a wink and a thumbs up.

He grinned devilishly at her, not seeming to notice what had passed between Ginny and her. "I didn't have any homework. There was an argument in my first class, and the Professor never showed up for potions after lunch."

Hermione felt her face heat up as the blush appeared, causing both Harry and Ginny to start laughing. She bowed her head before she mumbled, "He didn't say anything about having classes yesterday afternoon."

Ginny laughed harder before she was able to get out the words, "I imagine neither of you said much of anything yesterday!"

Ron choked on his food, finally understanding the turn the conversation had taken. "You didn't sleep with the bloody git, did you?" he exclaimed, causing the people closest to them to turn towards their conversation.

She glared at him. "Whether I slept with the man who is to be my husband is no concern of yours." She stood up from the table. "I will see you later," she said harshly before spinning on her heel and marching out of the hall with an angry scowl on her face.

When she entered the library, it was completely empty. She sat down heavily in the chair that sat behind the counter near the doors, and started going through papers.

She knew Severus had entered before he spoke; whether that was from hearing the familiar sounds of his footsteps, or the fact that he nearly always smelled of herbs, and man.

"Dare I ask what happened?"

Her eyes shot to his, after gorging on his body, and glared. "Why didn't you mention that you were supposed to be holding classes yesterday afternoon?"

A subtle blush burst across his cheeks as he spluttered slightly. "If I recall correctly, you were just as distracted as I was."

"But I didn't know you had classes! Now the whole school knows," she yelled out.

"They don't know. The best that they can do is make an educated guess on what little they know about what happened yesterday."

"Which, at Hogwarts, is just as good as knowing everything!"

He didn't say anything, but allowed to simmer in her seat for the moment.

Hermione looked down at her hands before a sigh left her lips

"I apologize. I don't mean to yell, it's just, Ginny saw this mark on my neck. She teased me a little, and when Ronald finally made out what we were talking about, he practically yelled, asking if I had slept with you."

She saw him stiffen at her explanation.

"If the idea of sleeping with me upsets you so much then you should have said no!" he snarled, before turning around and making his way towards the exit.

Hermione stood and ran after him swiftly. "I never said that it upset me, I just don't like having my private life spread across the school like week old gossip. If we make love, then it is of nobodies business except yours and mine."

He exited through the door, and she followed. "Miss Granger, I've been known as a malignant bastard for close to, if not longer than, twenty years. We are to be married, and have children, there will be rumors about us."

"But you're not a malignant bastard, you were just forced to act like one since you chose to be a spy."

He glanced sideways at her as they continued walking. "I think you may be slightly biased."

"HERMIONE, DUCK!" came a familiar yell from behind them.

Hermione jumped to the side and knocked Severus onto the floor with her before looking up quickly enough to see Errol fly face first into the wall in front of which she had been standing.

"Errol?" she asked shakily, having feared the worst.

Harry, Ron, and Ginny came up beside them, and reached hands out to help them up.

"Bloody bird," growled Severus as he wiped his clothes. He looked up at her and asked softly, "are you okay?"

She nodded, before turning to her friends. "Why is Errol trying to kill me?"

Suddenly a purple envelope appeared in front of her face, having pulled itself off of the unconscious birds leg.

"Greetings and Salutations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Snape. We would like to inform you that the date for your wedding is set. Congratulations, you are to be married on the second of January! Have a nice day."

The letter exploded, and Hermione's hand flew to her throat, as if it would help her breathe. She turned woodenly to Severus.

"Three months," she gasped, before falling backwards unconscious.

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