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Deseo del Corazón

Chapter Eighteen

The first thing she noticed when she opened her eyes was that she was in the infirmary. The second: that there was a soft and warm hand holding hers.

Turning her head to the side to look, Hermione caught sight of Ginny sitting back in a chair next to the bed, eyes closed in sleep. Seeing only the redhead, she opened her mouth to speak, but Ginny's eyes suddenly opened at her slight movement. "Professor Snape, though reluctant to leave your bedside, had a class to teach, and it just so happens that the class was eighth year potions."

Closing her mouth, Hermione gave her a smile in gratitude, before she frowned. "Did I really get a letter announcing my wedding date?"

Ginny patted her hand before comfortingly nodding her head. "And then you fainted." When Hermione didn't speak Ginny continued. "Were you really that shocked? You knew this was coming."

"I'm afraid," Hermione whispered, so lightly that Ginny had to strain to hear her.

"Of what?"

"That he'll change... after we get married." She sniffled, wiping away at the tears that had start to fall down her face. "I'm afraid that he'll decide that he doesn't want me. Afraid that when we get older, that he'll realize that I'm not, and never will be good enough for him."

Ginny motioned for her to scoot to the side, and when Hermione did, climbed into the bed beside her, before she leaned forward and Hermione found herself pulled into a hug. "Do you love him?" Ginny asked lightly.

"Yes," she cried, "and that's why this is so hard. What if one day he decides that he doesn't love me anymore?"

"Then I'll kill him. And then after that, I'll have Harry and my brothers bury the pieces of his body... whatever's left of him, anyway."

*Severus's P.O.V. *

"Stupid nitwits," he growled for the third time in the five minutes they had been walking towards the Hospital Wing.

Severus heard Weasley huff as both he and Potter followed after him.

"The 'stupid nitwits' can hear you, sir."

Stopping in his tracks, he turned to look at the two of them. "Does this look like the face of a person who gives a damn, Weasley?"

Except for some light grumbling from an irritated Ron, they made it to the infirmary in relative silence. The only sounds in the large room were from the springs of the beds, and that of the two occupants at the far end, near the windows.

"Do you love him?" He heard the voice of the youngest Weasley ask his wi– fiancé.

"Yes!" she cried, and Severus shot a glance at the two standing beside him. "And that's why this is so hard. What if one day he decides that he doesn't love me anymore?"

Severus's eyes narrowed.

She was doubting him. He started to raise his foot to step into view when Ginny provided an answer to the rhetorical question. "Then I'll kill him. And then after that, I'll have Harry and my brothers bury the pieces of his body... whatever's left of him, anyway."

In one second, the world seemed to come to a standstill, before exuberant laughter was heard throughout the wing, and Severus felt something he would probably never find the correct words to describe burst in his chest. If he were to look in a mirror at that moment, he was sure that he'd see a goofy smile, reminiscent of a Gryffindor, on his face.

"Gin, save the threats for me! I'm sure that I'll be the type to threaten castration while in labor."

His eyebrow twitched slightly, much to the amusement of Harry and Ron, but his lips dropped, and his color faded when Ginny supplied a comment on that topic.

"You know that you'd probably be able to get away with it too, right? Blame it on the hormones."

Harry groaned quietly, and when Severus looked at him oddly the boy-who-lived just motioned for him to wait. "But Ginny," Hermione started, "I wanted to.. blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol!" The brightest witch of her age sang, as if she were not sitting on a hospital bed.

~*~Hermione's P.O.V. (ish)~*~

Hermione smiled when her best female friend started singing along with her. "Blame it on the vodka."

"Blame it on the henny."

They girls smiled as they continued singing loudly together. "Blame it on the blue top, got you feeling dizzy."

Hermione froze when she heard the door open and approaching footsteps, instantly falling back on her bed, and motioning Ginny to her seat. "How were your classes, Gin?" she asked.

Ginny opened her mouth to answer when they heard Madame Pomfrey to speak from the other side of the curtain that hung around her bed. "Severus, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley," she greeted. "Why are you just standing there at the curtain. She is allowed visitors."

Hermione swished her wand and the curtains disappeared. She narrowed her eyes at the three men standing right outside of where her curtain had been. "Were you listening in on our conversation?"

She watched as Severus blushed (Poppy's eyes widened as she took in his expression) before he started to mumble. "It's not my fault… I didn't do it on…" He looked up at her with a smoldering look. "If you were having a private conversation, you should have put up a privacy charm."

"Stop it," she muttered, oblivious to the horrified looks that Harry and Ron were now shooting between them.

He raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling. "Stop what?"

"Stop trying to distract me with the smolder, you keep trying to do that ever since we watched Tangled together."


"Why are we doing this?" he grumbled as she dragged him by the hand through the front doors of the large building.

Looking around she walked up to the counter. "I'd like two to see Tangled, please," she said, sliding a card across the top.

The young man that was standing behind the cash register nodded and pushed a few buttons on the modern screen before a few tickets printed out through a slit in the table top. He handed her back her card and gave her the two tickets. "Enjoy your movie!"

Hermione dragged him through the line at the snack counter, and after purchasing a large drink for the two of them, and a large popcorn, they made their way to the theater. "Why are we doing this?" he grumbled again.

She gave him a look out of the corner of her eyes. "Because, Severus, it is my night to choose our date, and I wanted to go to the movies. I've heard good things about this movie."


"No. I've done everything that you've asked, without complaint might I add," she continued. Ignoring his snort, she only glared at him as they sat down in the nearly empty theater. "You can sit through this one muggle movie with me."


Despite the fact that Severus was obviously quite reluctant to even think about enjoying the movie, Hermione noticed that he was slowly getting into it, slightly relating to the character of Eugene Fitz Herbert, a.k.a. Flynn Ryder.

When the end of the movie rolled around, and they were walking down a boardwalk in muggle London, he tightened his arm around her shoulders. "I guess that it wasn't as bad as I had originally imagined it was going to be."

"I'm glad." She leaned against his side as they walked down the road.

*Flashback End*

He grinned and turned to Madame Pomfrey. "Is she allowed to leave?"

The healer waved her wand at Hermione and nodded as each diagnostic spell came back okay. "Yes." She looked at Hermione. "I want you to eat a good lunch, Ms. Granger."

Severus stepped forward. "I'll see to it that she does."

~~~ Later ~~~

They both stood in front of the bathroom mirrors, in various stages of brushing, flossing, and hair combing.

"How is it going in the library?" he asked gently, between times of spitting foam into the sink.

"Okay. Classes?" she said, tugging a brush through her mess of curls.

After rinsing out his mouth he moved so he was behind her and gently took the brush from her hand, before he proceeded to brush her hair lightly. "DADA is going good, but you knew that already."

She smiled at him through the mirror. "And Potions?"

"As well as teaching a vast amount of complete dunderheads can go," he said, finishing her hair, and setting the brush down on the counter behind her.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm sorry," she murmured.

He raised an eyebrow. "For what?"

"Fainting. I was just–"


She nodded, but started talking. "Yes, but not because we're getting married. I'm afraid because–"

"Because you're afraid that I will stop loving you."

She stood on her toes and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I knew that you were listening."

He pressed a soft kiss against her temple. "Time for bed," he said before grabbing her around the waist and carrying her to the bed.

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