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I don't know why I've stayed with you for so long; it hasn't done me any good. All it's done is given me a bad rep.

I know you don't love me at all, and maybe that's why I go looking for the company of other guys; to see if I'll find any love in one of them. But they're no better then you. They drag me along, buy me a few beers, make sure I can barely walk straight before taking me upstairs.

Sometimes I want to go anyway, like when I've found out you were with that girl that looks like she just came from some bar in Texas, with the cowboy boots and the plaid tied up shirt and hat. Those are the times when I go quite willingly with whomever it is that bought me the drinks.

But other times it isn't so simple. Sometimes I don't want to go, but they threaten to tell you that I was with another guy the night before, and I just follow, because you thinking I was with one guy is better then you knowing I was with several others.

I know you don't love me, you don't know how to love anyone. But you always treated me different, even if it was only a little bit. But you did. When you would leave other girls, you were through with them. But when you would leave me, you'd always come back with that swagger in your step and that sly smirk on your handsome face.

But it wouldn't last long before you were back in jail, and I was left on my own once again. I always told myself I would leave, that I didn't need you and I could find a guy who had real feelings for me, that didn't care about the reputation you gave me. But something about you keeps me hanging on, like I can let go. I know you have something to do with it; you know you have me on the end of an invisible string. So why don't you let me go, set me free. I know you've lost whatever feelings for me you once had, from when we were little and it was one of those cute kid crushes. But you never leave me time to get over mine. You just keep coming back to throw it in my face that you have control over me, that you can keep me hanging on as long as you want to.

I know I can run, and get out of the town and start fresh. But I can't break free, you have me too tight.

So why don't you man up and let me go, find someone else to hold in your clutches until they can barely breath.

Like the song goes:

Set me free why don't ya babe
Get out of my life why don't ya babe
'cause you don't really love me
You just keep me hangin'on

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