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Title: A wind of change

Catherine's Part

8AM – Bloomington, IN – Catherine's house

A ray of light is piercing in the room of Catherine Stark. She slowly awakens and turns to her right like she want to hold something or someone… but nobody's here. On the corner of her eye a little tear makes its apparition. She swipe it with the back of her hand and gets up.

It's been two months now since she lost her job as a psychology professor at the College, and it's been two months since she last saw Jackie. Those two months she basically did nothing except mourning Jackie, she just can't get her out of her mind. With her she felt something different, it was not just desire like the other girls, no it was stronger than that. Love. It was love. In 30 years of life she never felt so good than when she was with Jackie. She called her «Porcupine»…

Why did I let her go? Why didn't I told her I loved her? She tells to herself.

Well, she did one time… but that doesn't count «Porcupine» was sleeping.

Get over it Stark! It's been two months now, and your acting like a depressed granny! She probably already forgot you.

While taking her breakfast, an idea comes to her mind. What if she goes on vacation somewhere. Changing air is always a good way to feel better, and she has no responsibility here except Ethan. Maybe Prof. Hecht would accept to take care of him, he kind of always liked that dog.

The sexy ex-professor decides to get dressed and pack her bags for two weeks vacation. She decided to go straight to the airport, to make sure she doesn't change her mind, and take the cheapest ticket left. She calls Prof. Hecht that agrees to take, he already has a key of the house.

The taxi is honking at the door and Catherine is running to get all of her things, she's kind of excited about that trip! *Honking again*

God damn, taxi drivers always so impatient!

Jackie's Part

5AM – Los Angeles, CA – Jackie's apartment

The little blonde is lying on her bed in underclothes staring at the ceiling. The heat is so intense that she can't sleep. She thinks about her movie, «Neptune 26», the filming is over but now she has to do some promotion and she never really liked that part. Of course she never shows it and act like the perfect little actress we ask her to be. Yesterday she had an interview with FOX, and the day before with TLC, and the day before, etc. *Sighs*

Oh she enjoyed filming and acting, but she wish she could only have done that part. Now that she is not on the set anymore, she feels …. empty. Something is missing and she couldn't find what it was until this morning. She had the revelation: she misses Catherine. To be honest, she thought that she was over her. It's the first time in 1 month and a half that this incredibly sexy teacher pops up in her mind. But now that she is thinking about it, something is twitching in her heart. Gosh she misses her, she misses that feeling she had when she was with her. Jackie felled heels over head in love for her since the first time she saw her in Prof. Hecht office, it was her real first love. It probably wasn't the same for Catherine… she remembers that night when she told her that she didn't worth it. Days later she slept with a man and treated Jackie like a child.

Just before Jackie left Bloomington for L.A. they walked into each other at the library. They spent one last night together… to say goodbye. Jackie wanted to tell her how much she loves her but nothing came out of her mouth, she was too afraid.

I wish I could see her again… But I'm dreaming she probably found another girl and she for sure totally hates me for losing her job. Jackie tells to herself.

Daydreaming about Catherine, Jackie finally falls asleep.

*** End of chapter one

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