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10 AM, Los Angeles – California, Beverly Center Shopping Mall


Last night, after smiling for about 1 hour at the idea to see Jackie for a dinner, she realized that she didn't bring any dress. So this morning she decided to go shopping! It was sunny outside, she was happy, and having fun in the malls of Beverly Hills trying to find the best dress for tonight. She needs something sexy and classy, but not ''whore-y''. Black? Not original enough… Blue? Hmmm not her best color. Red? Yes red. The little dress that she was staring at was just perfect, a beautiful red, just tight enough to show her waves and showing just enough skin to be a tease.

- I'll take it! She says to the clerk.

- Great! It fits you very well. Please follow me at the cashier.

- Sure!

- So it makes a total of 1059,75$. How will you pay?

- Sorry? How much?

Catherine was so excited about it that she didn't even took a look at the price. Well it's not like she can't afford it…

- 1059,75$!

- Hum, okay. Mastercard.

- Great! So you have 14 days for a refund if you bring it back with the price tag and in good condition! Have a nice day miss!

- Thanks! Catherine said a bit unsure of what she just did. She liked the dress and there is nothing too expansive for her little Jackie! But still, its 1059,75$ for a dinner dress.

14PM, Los Angeles – California, Catherine's hotel room

Back at the hotel, Catherine took a hot bath with some bubbles, she used to do this with her porcupine. She needed to relax, it was only 4 hours left before Jackie's limo would be here. She wants that night to be perfect, she doesn't want to ruin her second chance with Jackie. Catherine was so tense! Because she was stressed out about tonight but also because she remembered what Jackie and her used to do in such a bath, under the water, with passion fruit bubbles….

(For 18+ only. I've cut a part so it can be accessible to a younger audience or for anybody who wants a story with not too much sex scenes. If you want to read the cut scene go see the ''Bathtub hot time'' story NOW. Thanks).

At 18:25 Catherine was ready, and waiting for the limo in the hotel hall. Would Jackie be in the car?

18:55, L.A. – California, Secret restaurant


Jackie was waiting. She had reserved a place in one of her friend restaurant that wasn't even opened yet. She convinced Mark to set a table for her and Catherine one day before his grand opening. It was a chic restaurant with French cuisine, a cosy/romantic ambiance and it was just for them. At first, she thought that maybe it was too much, but she wanted to impress her so bad. The table was dressed with a red tablecloth, some white candles and a bouquet of flowers, not roses because it would be too intense. It was placed, near the interior fountain, with a view on the outside where we could see the beach.

Jackie heard the front door bell and then she heard Mark.

- Good evening Miss Stark. I'm Mark a good friend of Jackie and I will be your host for tonight. Shall I show you your table?

- Hi Mark, and yes thank you.

Hearing Catherine's voice made her shivers. She took a quick look around to make sure everything was perfect. When she saw her, Jackie jumped up of her chair, smiling to the beautiful blonde coming to her in a splendid red dress that seemed like it was made for her.

- Wow! Catherine you look amazing!

- Well you told me to get dressed, she said with a playful smirk.

Mark pulled Catherine's chair so she could seat, and then Jackie took back her place.

- So where are we? This place seems all secret, and I don't know if you've noticed… but we are alone.

Jackie let out a little laugh.

- Its Mark's restaurant. The opening is only tomorrow but I convinced him to cook for us tonight. You'll see, he is a great Chef.

- If the food is as amazing as the decoration, we'll have a great dinner!

- …

Both of them were just smiling, like they were at ease with each other but at the same time like the don't really know if they should talk about some serious things or just have a great time.

- How's the movie going?

- Pretty good. Filming is over. Now I'm only promoting it before it comes out in one week.

- Wow! Really! It seems so fast, it's only been two month since you left Bloomington.

- Yeah, I know. The production team really wanted the movie fast, so the shoot all the scenes I was not in prior my arrival in L.A. My scenes were shoot in one month. All the studio thing is almost over and they announced the premiere for next Thursday….. Maybe you can come if you're still here. I can have you a ticket…

- I would love that!

- Great, so I'll talk with Wade about it tomorrow.

Everything was going so good, Jackie was floating on a little fluffy cloud.

Mark came by with some drinks. A dry Gin for Catherine and a Marguerita for Jackie.

- Marguerita? No Scotch?

- Now that I've started hanging with people of my own age I've widened my drinks choices! Jackie said with a smirk, referring to the first time Catherine offered her a drink by doing a psychologist trick.

- Well I'm glad you've diversified yourself!

Both laugh.

The rest of the dinner went pretty good, talking about all and nothing and enjoying the time spent together. They just had finished the dessert when Catherine got up, took Jackie by the hand, and pulled her outside, on the beach.

- Remove your shoes, said Catherine.

- W-why?

- Just do it.

Jackie proceed while the teacher did the same.

- Put your feet in the beach sand. Close your eyes. What do you feel?

- Really? Said Jackie with one eye opened.

- Really. Just focus and tell me what you feel.

- I feel the fresh air of the night, mixing with the warmth of the sand…

- Move your toes…

- I feel a weird sense of liberty, and I feel the sand tickling my toes.

Jackie felt that Catherine was closer to her, than she was a minute ago. She felt her near, and she felt an urge to feel her.

Catherine took Jackie's hand in hers.

- Keep your eyes closed.

Jackie's heartbeat was going fast.

- You see that feeling you have now, with your feet in the sand. That tickling that makes you feels good, the freshness and the warmth at the same time, the feeling that you could stay here all night just feeling the sand on your feet?

- Yeah, answered Jackie.

- That's how I felt when I first saw you in Prof. Hecht office. I knew from that first time that you had just stolen my heart and believe me, it's hard to get there. I've never wanted to hurt you Jackie. And I'm really sorry that I've lost you. I was wrong when I said you didn't worth it. You worth it so bad that I've cried over you for two months! It was really nice to see you again tonight Porcupine.

Jackie felt those soft lips she dreamed of every night, brushing hers and disappear before she could catch them.

- Catherine?

When Jackie opened her eyes, she was already gone…

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