The morning after the two nations' great night, they wake up in each other's arms. But, Ireland notices something about England that he was never informed about. Perhaps he has been away from the United Kingdom a bit too long. Then, several weeks later, the two decide to get a little kinky.

WARNING: Kinky lemon and strong incest themes ahead! If you're not into that, then skip the lemon when it comes!

I thank the readers who have been with me through the whole story! I hope you enjoy this final chapter!

Ireland awoke the next morning to see England still snuggled up beside him. This brought a smile to his face once he noticed that England was still asleep. At that moment, Ireland remembered the previous night and what he and his little brother ended up doing. The Irishman blushed, wondering for a moment if it was all a dream. However, the strange white stain on his green coverlet was enough proof that it wasn't a dream.

Wow... I can't believe we actually did it... Ireland blushed a little more as he began to remember more of that night.

England shifted beside him and let out a tired moan. His eyes slowly opened as his vision adjusted to the bright room. Through the blinds, he could see that the sun was out, providing to the brightness of the room.

For a moment, England forgot where he was. He instantly remembered he was in Ireland's room after seeing the red-head's arms around him, and the green covers over the bed.

"Good morning, Deartháir Beag," Ireland greeted him softly as he kissed England lightly on the forehead. England pulled Ireland's face down into a warm kiss.

"Good morning, Seamus."

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. I slept fine. And yourself?"

"Better than I have in a while."


"Yeah. I use to have nightmares all the time after... after I split away from you."

"What were they about?"

"It always started off with me behind that tree, trying to recover from being shot in the foot."

"I'm sorry."

"I told you to not worry about that, Deartháir Beag. But then I would hear footsteps coming near the tree. I always thought it was one of our soldiers. No matter how many times I had the dream, I kept thinking it was another soldier. So, I got up as quietly as I could, prepared myself for combat, and jumped out to shoot. Of course, we know the result of that.

"And then we were talking with our guns pointed at each other. Eventually we started arguing and yelling the most hateful things at each other. I ended up pulling your rifle to my face, asking you to shoot me. You wouldn't do it so I tried to coax you into it. Finally, I got you mad enough to do something. That's when you shot me."

"I shot you in the face?"

"Yeah. But I think you regretted it. You were crying even though you looked mad." Through Ireland's explanation, England laid there and paid close attention as if this were an interesting story.

"That really is a horrible dream."

"The funny thing is that I haven't had that dream ever since I started a relationship with you."


"Yes. They would come up a few times but they don't appear anymore."

England gave him a small smile as Ireland leaned down to kiss him. Moving his face only an inch away from England's, Ireland said in a low voice, "I have you to thank for that." England blushed lightly before turning away. Ireland chuckled at his youngest brother's embarrassment.

"We should get dressed and have breakfast," England muttered as he sat up.

"Sure, Deartháir Beag. I'll even let you-" Ireland stopped himself once he saw England's back. Or rather what was on his back. On his right shoulder-blade, as clear as day, was the image of a guitar.

Ireland wasn't exactly there during England's punk days. He saw him in the streets every once in a while wearing tight or ripped jeans, and band T-shirts, but that was it. He heard from Scotland and France that England started playing guitar. No one ever told him his little brother had a tattoo.

"Deartháir Beag?" England turned around to see Ireland raise an eyebrow at him.


"What is that?"

"What's what?"

"On your back." England turned his neck to either side to see what Ireland was looking at. Once he saw part of the body art, his eyes widened and he blushed a little more. He turned around to face Ireland, not sure how the red-head would react. The man looked calm but he was also good at hiding his real feelings.

"Ummmm, it's a tattoo..."

"When did you get it?"

"A few years ago..."


"You're not mad, are you?"

"No. I just want to know why you have a tattoo."

"Are you sure?"

"England, if I were mad at you, I'd be yelling at you right now."

"All right. I thought it would be cool."


"'And' what?"

"Do you still think it's cool?"

"Well, what do you think about it?"

"I guess it's nice. I'm not sure why you wanted a guitar but it looks really nice."

"It's the guitar I have. Maybe I could play it for you some time?"

"That would be nice. Come on. Let's have breakfast."

"What were you going to say before you saw my tattoo?"

"I was trying to say 'I'll even let you cook.'" England smiled at this as he pulled on his dress shirt. He knew Ireland didn't think his cooking was the best, but he was glad that he encouraged him to make something. That's all he needed to be happy.

A month later, Ireland was visiting England again. Now that their relationship was out in the open, they freely went to each other's houses to visit. Sometimes their brothers would be around when Ireland came over, other times not. This was one of those times when the rest of the British Aisles were nowhere to be found in the house. This was just how they liked it.

The two island nations were relaxing in the living room, watching tv to pass the time. As their show went to a commercial break, England decided to make some tea. Ireland sat on the couch and watched the advertisements as he waited for his brother to finish the tea.

Suddenly, there was a crash and some cursing from the kitchen. Ireland rose from his seat and walked toward the kitchen door to see what happened. Pushing back the door, he saw England wiping up water from the floor. His dress shirt was wet and the kettle it came from was sitting on the counter above him.

"Are you okay, Deartháir Beag?"

"No! The bloody kettle slipped and I got water all over my shirt!"

"Do you want me to help in any way?"

"You could get me a clean shirt."

"All right. I'll be back shortly."

Ireland left the kitchen and went upstairs to England's bedroom. He opened his closet door and pulled out a random shirt. It was white like the one England had on right now. Ireland assumed that the Englishman wasn't picky since he just needed a clean shirt.

Ireland was about to shut the door when he noticed something on the left wall. It looked like another door but smaller and in the shape of a square. Curiosity struck the Irishman as he set the shirt on England's bed and peered at the secret door.

I wonder if this is another spot for his rituals, Ireland wondered as he turned the small knob. Or maybe he hides things in here.

Opening the door, Ireland saw nothing but a box inside. It was a regular cardboard box that was slightly worn from years of sitting in the tiny room. Ireland pulled it out to see what the contents held inside. He pulled out a hat that he immediately recognized from England's pirate days. Under that was the matching coat, shirt, and trousers.

He still kept these? Ireland wasn't sure why he was surprised. Maybe because when England's pirate phase was over, he swore to be a proper gentleman. He obviously still had his moments.

The next thing he pulled out was a police officer's hat. Under that was the uniform that went with it. Ireland wasn't sure why his youngest brother had this. He never did anything that involved the police or being a part of a squad. It was when Ireland looked further down into the box that he found the answer to that. There were handcuffs, mouth gags, whips, paddles, and a variety of other sex toys at the bottom of the box. Ireland wasn't sure whether he wanted to be scared, surprised, or shocked. He was not expecting this out of England.

An idea came to his mind as he was surveying the different sex toys. He put everything back except for the police uniform, and the handcuffs. He put the uniform on the bed and took the dress shirt, hat, and handcuffs with him.

Ireland kept the hat and handcuffs behind his back as he descended the stairs, and went into the living room. England wasn't there so Ireland put the hat on and sat in the arm chair. This way, his back was to the kitchen door and England would have to come to the chair to see him. The Irishman chuckled at his devious plan.

"Deartháir Beag! I'm back with your shirt!"

"That took a little longer than expected!"

"I was taking my time! I'm sorry!"

"Well, bring it here!"

"Come into the living room!"


"Just do it!"

The kitchen door opened as Ireland chuckled under his breath. England looked a little annoyed. He wasn't in the mood for any of Ireland's games.

"Why the bloody hell couldn't you bring it into the kitchen? Why are you asking me to come into-" By then, England had walked into the living room and was in front of the arm-chair. He saw Ireland wearing the police hat, his legs crossed, and spinning the handcuffs in his fingers. He wore a mischievous smirk on his face that was on the verge of being seductive.

"So, what has this naughty boy been up to all these years?" Ireland asked, trying to sound seductive. England blushed madly as he realized what was distracting Ireland.

"You... My box... My things... Why... How did you..."

"I saw the door and thought I'd take a look. There were some interesting finds."

"Oh, god. This is embarrassing."


"You weren't suppose to find those. No one was suppose to. That's why it was in my closet. That's why there's a hidden door in there."

"But what's the point in having these things if you're not going to use them?"

"I use them!"

"Even the sex toys?"

"... Some of them..." Ireland stood up and put the hat on England.

"Deartháir Beag, there's one thing I learned from France and that's to be open about things in a relationship."

"I'm surprised he didn't tell you something perverted."

"He also told me to share your perversions with your partner. The point is, you shouldn't be ashamed of these things now that we're together."

"But you must think I'm some kind of pervert now."

"Trust me, Deartháir Beag. I don't think that of you. There are... far worse people out there than you. Far worse..."

"Do you... want us to roleplay... or something...?"

"Your uniform's upstairs."

"Maybe France did rub off on you."

"We're all perverted on some level, Deartháir Beag."

"Let me guess. He taught you that, too?"

"... Yes."

"You really should stop listening to him."

"He's my best friend. How could I not?"

England walked upstairs with his shirt, hat, and handcuffs. A blush was still on his face as he disappeared up the stairs away from Ireland. The Irish nation chuckled to himself as he realized what he was getting himself into.

A few moments later, England came back down wearing the full uniform. Ireland wasn't going to deny that seeing England dressed like that turned him on. He tried to hide his slight boner by tightly crossing his legs.

"I'm just going to warn you, I won't go half-assed on this," England said. He had a serious look on his face as he told this to Ireland.

"That's just fine, Deartháir Beag. I don't mind."

"Good." England grabbed Ireland by the shirt and pulled him out of the chair. He could see Ireland's growing erection through his shorts. "Because I've had a lot of practice. And it appears..." England reached down and grabbed Ireland's erection. The red-head let out a soft moan, surprised at how straight forward England became. "... You've made a violation."

"Don't you think you're the one violating?"

"Excuse me? Are you smarting off at an officer?"

"No, sir. I'm sorry."

"Now, if we can take this somewhere more... private... I'm sure we can get this over with without any complications." England pulled Ireland toward the stairs, holding onto his wrist securely.

"What exactly am I being arrested for, officer?"

"Indecent exposure."

"But, sir! There must be some mistake!"

"Really? I have a very reliable source that told me you exposed yourself provocatively to some women."

"That proves I'm innocent! I would only expose myself to a man!" England stopped as they were halfway up the stairs. He looked at Ireland and gave him a sly grin.

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I mean, no. I mean-"

"You'll have plenty of time to think about that once you're in your cozy little cell." England pulled Ireland further up the stairs and walked toward the direction of his room.

"But officer! I can't go to jail! My boss will kill me!"

"You should've thought about that before you showed off your prick to a bunch of men." They made it to England's bedroom and entered the room. Once inside, Ireland gave England a pleading look.

"Please, officer! There must be something I can do other than going to jail!"

"Are you trying to bribe me?"


"You really don't want to go to jail, do you?"

"I'm willing to do anything to avoid that."


"Anything." England gave Ireland another sly grin before walking over to the door, and locking it. He didn't want their brothers to interrupt if they came home in the middle of their fun.

England walked over to Ireland and gave his clothed erection a teasing poke. Ireland groaned out again but tried to keep it quiet. It was hard for him to keep control with England being the dominant one.

"So what do you have in mind?" England let out a low chuckle as he noticed Ireland's light blush.

"Sit down and I'll show you," Ireland replied, finally gaining his composure. England sat on his bed and crossed his legs while Ireland kneeled down before him.

"You'll have to uncross your legs, sir." England did as he was told and placed both legs a few inches apart, his feet planted firmly on the ground. Ireland held the Brit's knees and pulled his legs apart.

"What are you doing?" England didn't sound surprised or angry, but suggestive. He was fitting his role pretty well from what Ireland could tell. The Irish nation looked up at his little brother with excitement and arousal in his eyes.

"I need room for what I'm about to do." Ireland began to unzip England's pants and pulled them down low enough to pull out his semi-hard member.

"I don't think it's in the condition for what you're planning to do."

"I can fix that." Ireland kissed along England's length, earning small gasps and moans from the British nation. He started to kiss the underside of England's penis, going from the head to the base. He found himself at the blond's testicles and decided to kiss the sensitive organs. England's moans grew slightly louder, urging Ireland to lick his brother's balls. This really made the island nation moan as he tried his best to keep them low.

Out of pure arousal, England pushed the back of Ireland's head further into his crotch to feel more of Ireland's tongue. Ireland instead put one of his nuts into his mouth, sucking and teasing the organ with his tongue. England let out more moans, not bothering to control them anymore. He was too aroused to keep up the dominant cop act.

England was about to press Ireland's head closer to him when the red-head released the testicle. He licked from the base to the head of the underside of England's penis. His manhood was hard enough for Ireland to blow him.

The Irish nation licked up the precum forming from England's head while stroking his shaft. England's moans grew louder as Ireland's tongue trailed over his sensitive head. Wanting to hear more from his brother, Ireland put more of England's manhood into his mouth. He got what he wanted when the Brit's moans grew increasingly louder.

"More..." England grunted in an attempt to stay dominant. Ireland happily complied by putting more into his mouth. He began to run his tongue up, down, and around the shaft, abandoning the use of his hand as the space between his lips and the base were getting shorter.

Wanting to hear his little brother scream, Ireland decided to bob his head while his tongue still played with the organ. Before England could buck his hips, Ireland held down his thighs. England arched his back and let out the loudest moans Ireland has ever heard. He bobbed his head faster until he felt England push his head forward, where the Irishman's lips met with the Brit's base and pubic hair. Seman rushed down Ireland's throat as England came long and hard into his mouth.

Swallowing the last bit of England's insides, Ireland slowly released his brother's penis and looked up at him. England was panting softly with a light blush across his face. Ireland always loved seeing him like this.

"That was pretty good," England panted out, still trying to sound dominant, "But that doesn't tell me why I should let you go."

"What will convince you then, officer?"

England pulled Ireland up then pushed him onto the bed. He forced the Irishman's hands above his head and quickly handcuffed him to the bed. Ireland blushed as he looked up at his brother's smirking face. England got off the bed for a moment to remove his pants before returning, sitting on top of Ireland's pelvis.

"If you let me do as I please, I'll think about letting you off with a warning."

"Tell me, officer, are you going to commit a bigger violation than what I've done?"

"I think you've already created a violation." England rubbed up against Ireland's growing erection, making the red-head blush harder. "One that I can take care of."

England crawled down to Ireland's shorts and began to unzip them. He pulled them off with Ireland's boxers and threw them on the floor with his pants. Ireland's erection stood before him proudly with a few beads of precum falling out of the slit on his head.

England leaned down to Ireland's penis and, with his gloved hand, rubbed the head with his finger. Ireland let out a soft moan as his swollen organ was being touched in such a teasing way.

"My, my. This truly is a big violation." England emphasized the word "big" as he pressed down lightly onto Ireland's head. The red-head bit his lip while choking out a moan. Ireland couldn't believe how turned on he was by this.

England brought his gloved finger with the bit of precum to his lips and licked it. Ireland's blush grew darker and his member twitched. England noticed this and smirked even more.

"That turns you on, does it? We'll have to fix that, won't we?" England gripped Ireland's penis and took the head into his mouth. Ireland tried to keep his moans silent. England's motive was to make Ireland scream like he did moments ago. Ireland, though, was determined to not give him the satisfaction of hearing him vocalize his pleasure.

England took his time sucking the head while stroking the shaft. He wasn't getting anything out of Ireland except low moans out of pleasure. He sped up his hand and gripped the hardened member firmer but not to the point where it hurt Ireland. While doing this, he concentrated on licking at the slit where more precum was developing from. Ireland did his best to stifle his moans, resulting in having a darker blush than England's.

After not hearing much out of Ireland, England decided to try one last thing. He put a little more of Ireland's manhood into his mouth and let out a deep moan. The moan sent vibrations through Ireland's penis, sending pleasured shivers up his spine. The Irish nation bit down on his lip while letting out a more noticeable moan. It was a little better than before, but England was still disappointed. He was hoping that this would do the trick.

Before England realized it, Ireland came into his mouth. He let out a grunt as he emptied himself into England's mouth. The Brit swallowed the last of Ireland's seman before slipping his mouth off of him. He looked up at Ireland as he licked his lips clean, making Ireland blush harder. His penis, still slightly hard, twitched as he watched his brother swallow the last of his seman.

"You're still hard. How convenient." England sat up then took off the glove on his right hand with his teeth. He threw the glove over the bed with the rest of their clothing before reaching over to his night stand. He pulled out the small drawer and took out a bottle of lubricant. He took the other glove off with his teeth and threw it to the ground while opening the bottle up with his right hand. England put some of the lube on his finger and began to cover Ireland's penis with it, stroking him in the process.

"Can I request something, officer?"

"And what would that be?"

"Can you uncuff me for a moment?"



"Begging won't work here."

"But, officer, my wrists hurt."

"I'll think about it. Let me continue lubricating and I'll give you an answer."

"All right..."

England stroked Ireland a little more until he felt that he was all lubed up. Then, he put some more on his fingers, reached behind him to his entrance, and inserted a finger into himself. He let out a quiet moan as he pushed the finger further in.

Ireland laid there and watched as England fingered himself above him. The blond's face was flustered once more as he added more fingers inside him, stretching his entrance for Ireland.

England eventually removed his fingers from himself, blushing madly at Ireland. He began to loosen his tie before untying the whole thing.

"It's a bit warm," England explained as he removed his coat. His tie and coat landed on top of their clothes, turning the pile into a mound. Lastly, England unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his pale body. The shirt soon joined with the other clothes on the floor.

England reached over to his night stand and grabbed the keys to the handcuffs. He uncuffed Ireland from his bed and kept them away from Ireland as he sat up.

"Is that better?" England asked, no sympathy in his voice.

"Almost." Ireland cuffed one of England's hands, grabbed the other, and quickly cuffed it behind England's back. While England was still recovering from the shock of what happened, Ireland took the keys from him and put them back on the night stand.

"Now I feel better," Ireland replied to England's previous question.

"You git! How dare you cuff an officer! You really want to go to jail, don't you?"

"Don't take it personally, officer. I promise to make this worth your while."

"'Worth my while' my arse! You uncuff me this instant!"

"I guess I'll have to show you, then."

"What are you-" Ireland lifted England up, positioned his penis at his entrance, and brought England down on his penis. England moaned loudly as he felt Ireland enter him deeply, almost hitting that spot that would put him on edge.

Ireland raised England up until he was almost off his penis before pushing him back down onto it. England moaned loudly again, enjoying how close Ireland kept getting to that sensitive spot inside of him. He knew it wasn't going to take him long to lose it.

Ireland thrusted up into England as he pushed him down onto his penis. He had finally hit the spot, making his little brother scream out in pleasure. For a moment, England forgot the cop act and started yelling out Ireland's name every time his spot was hit.

"Seamus! I'm going to cum!" England let out another pleasure filled scream as Ireland sent him over the edge. He came on Ireland's chest and stomach before falling onto him, weakened by their activities. Ireland thrusted into him a few more times before coming inside of him. Seman leaked out of England's entrance as Ireland slowly raised him off of his penis.

Ireland leaned backwards and laid on his back while England rested on his chest. Ireland rubbed England's arms and back as he tried to regain his energy. England listened to his older brother's heartbeat while his head rose and fell with the red-head's chest.

"So, have you thought about my punishment, officer?" Ireland asked, remembering their roleplay.

"I'll let you off with a warning," England said, sounding exhausted and tired.

"What a relief."

"Uncuff me before I have to beat you."

"Okay, officer," Ireland joked as he reached for the keys to the handcuffs.

"I'm not playing, Seamus. Uncuff me or I'll show you what else I've been practicing on."

"You almost make me curious, Deartháir Beag." Ireland uncuffed England's hands, allowing him to wrap his arms around his older brother.

"Your curiosity led you this far, Seamus. Follow it any more and you may actually die from it."

"As long as I die making my deartháir beag happy, I'm okay with it."

England leaned up and kissed Ireland before burying his head into his collar-bone.

"You're a little embarrassing sometimes, you know that?"

"Only because I love you, Deartháir Beag."

"I love you too, Seamus."

Reading over this, I thought Oh, god, what have I done? I also realize this is more of a filler chapter. Oh well. It was still fun to write. I hope you guys enjoyed this!