" C'mon Beast Boy! You can do it! " Snow shouted encouragingly. But that only distracted Beast Boy, getting him pummeled into the wall by Malchior once again.

" He really can't do it. " She whispered to Stephen. He shook his head. The battle had only started a few minutes ago. Beast Boy was getting his ass handed to him while Scott was having no problem fighting Mathew Patel. Finally, Mathew fell to his knees weakly.

" No. . . how could this happen? TWICE?! " He shouted. Scott's answer was simply a kick to the face, making Mathew explode into coins. Snow grinned.

" Amaaaaziiing. " She said as the coins fell, bombarding everyone in the group.

" HEY! A LITTLE HELP OVER HERE?! " Beast Boy shouted between punches to the gut. Scott nodded with a courageous smirk and ran up to Malchior and tapped him on the shoulder. Malchior glanced at Scott, raising an eyebrow. He motioned him to come a little closer. With a nasty glare, Malchior pulled his attention away from Beast Boy and towards Scott. He pulled his fast back and sent a hard punch right into Malchior's skull.

Beast Boy shifted into a gorilla and threw the dazed Malchior into the air. Beast Boy and Scott jumped into the air and sent Malchior back to the ground with powerful punches from each of them. Malchior lay in a crater, confused and weak. The group surrounded him in his weak state. He groaned and looked up, dismay crossing his face.

Beast Boy twirled down through the air before hitting Malchior one last time, making him explode into coins.

" Sweet! " Beast Boy exclaimed. Then everyone ducked as the coins bombarded them once again. Beast Boy just dashed into the pile and started stuffing his pockets greedily. " Free cash! " Raven chuckled lightly before grabbing Beast Boys shoulder and dragging him away from the money pool.

" Alright, now that that's done, you guys have some explaining to do. " Robin turned to the comic book characters, a questioning glance upon his face.

" Yeah. . . " Ramona nodded.


" So Ramona had 7 evil exes, and Scott had to fight them, and now their back for revenge? " Cyborg went over the facts he was told. Everyone nodded.

" Joy. " Raven said, leaning back in her chair. Kim nodded in agreement, her face as emotionless as Raven. As promised, the group went to Pizza Pizza to eat together. The opposite group explained the evil ex story and the Titans didn't have a hard time believing them.

" I haven't the slightest clue of what is up, but I know that something 'fishy' is happening. " Starfire commented.

" She's from a whole different planet right? " Stacey questioned. The Titans nodded, Starfire just smiled happily. " Just making sure. "

" Really? I thought she was just mental. . . " Knives' statement trailed off.

" That's what I thought when I first joined the team. " Snow replied. " No need to be embarrassed. "

" Please, what is this 'mental' that they are speaking of, Robin? " She turned to her boyfriend, eager to know the definition.

" Uh, it's nothing Starfire. " Robin tried to pass it off.

" It means your whacked up in the head. " Kim stated dryly.

" 'Whacked up' ? " Starfire tilted her head.

" It means crazy. " Neil muttered, his fingers dashing across buttons on his 3DS.

" You think I am crazy? " She looked a bit hurt by this.

" No. I thought you were until the whole alien thing was explained. " Snow replied, smiling warmly.

" It is ok then? " Starfire asked hopefully. Everyone nodded.

" So, who's gonna try and beat your ass into the ground next, Scott? " Beast Boy questioned, getting back on topic.

" Well, in order, probably Lucas Lee. But he's kind of nicer then everyone else so I wouldn't say he'd beat my ass into the ground. His stunt team might though. . . " He replied, stuffing a piece of pizza into his mouth.

" He's probably not an actor anymore since you kind of murdered him a year ago. " Wallace pointed out. " So you can count the stunt team out. "

" Sweet. " Stephen commented.

" So maybe this won't be so hard after all. " Scott perked up quickly and happily, feeling much better about the whole situation.

" Don't count your chickens before they hatch. " Ramona told him.

" So, when do you think Lucas will come after us? " Raven questioned.

" Soon, probably. " He replied.

" Real soon. " Knives said, her eyes wide. Everyone had questioning looks on their faces. Then they realized where Knives was looking. The group slowly turned to look out the window. There he was. Standing there with a vengeful look on his face. And he wasn't alone. Robin glared at the man beside him.

" Slade. " He growled. If they could see it, they would see a smirk upon Slade's face.

" Hello, Robin. " Slade said plainly.

" I'm not surprised. " Snow spoke up. " He wasn't even working with the Brotherhood of Evil. In fact, why wouldn't he be here? " The other seemed to agree with Snow Leopard's statement. But now wasn't the time. The window burst into millions of shards, allowing Slade and Lucas Lee to step into he restaurant. Civilians fled from the scene as they walked toward the group. Scott and Robin stood up at the same time, getting into battle position.

" Scott Pilgrim! " Lucas Lee shouted and pointed at the said person. " I'm back to kick your ass! "

" I am afraid that your ass is the one that will receive the kicking! " Starfire exclaimed. Beast Boy snickered.

" Good one, Star. " He said in between laughter. Hearing one of the most innocent voiced teammates he had curse was comedy to him. Raven slapped him upside the head.

" Quiet. " She growled. It was funny that even though Beast Boy was the man of their relationship, Raven seemed to be the alpha. Beast Boy nodded and watched as Robin and Scott came face to face with their enemies. An epic fight was about to begin, they could just sense it. Anger and hatred filled the room as the teams stared each other down.

" So are you guys just gonna like, stare at each other all day? " Snow questioned, ruining the epic moment.

" I don't know. Are we? " Scott questioned.

" Uh, if you want to? " Lucas Lee shrugged.

" Just fight already! " Stephen shouted.

And so it did.

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