AN: Retarded angsty KaminaxYoko drabble. Rated T for self-harm.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gurren Lagann

Ten times over, you said. Ten times over. And I believed you.

I remember how you held me, and how complete it felt. How surprisingly gentle you were, loving. Like you believed your own lies.

'I'll repay you ten times over…'

Lies. Lies. You never came back for me, you left me behind, broken and empty. An empty heart, an empty room, an empty behemoth. An empty world.

I pick up the knife.

So if it's not your mouth to make me feel again, ten times over…


And the knife is red, and there is pain. Because I can't have bliss anymore, pain will have to do.


Naked in an empty room, red on my arms spills onto the floor. My vision begins to blur, surely this little blood loss isn't..


No, I'm not faint. But my vision is still blurred, and I can barely make out the new amounts of red on my leg.


And more red spills onto the floor. The behemoth you bought with your blood, I'll paint this room red with my own.


And as my breast weeps red, blood isn't the only liquid I'm leaking. The tears in my eyes fall, and mix with the red on my body, on the floor.


And these breasts you nearly killed yourself to see at the hot spring weep red tears for you, even as my eyes weep clear ones.


And I can't see the red on my back, but I can feel the pain of the cut, feel the warmth and the wetness as it falls to the floor.


And my back weeps red in two lines, as I sink into the puddle of red I have created, pathetically sitting in my blood, crying for a liar of a man.


The tears sting the cut on my cheek, as the red and the clear mix on my face before falling onto my lap.


Ten times over. Ten times over. My hand shakes as I lower the knife, and I lift my head and scream. The pain is all there is, all I have left, but it was done ten times over, so it is enough.

I stand. While there is not much blood, I still feel dizzy. But the blood must be cleaned, and I must do my best to bandage my ten, ten times over, cuts.

But although it was ten times, it still isn't enough. The hole in my heart cannot be filled with red, even red ten times over. And covered with bandages, I sleep fitfully, you and your words haunt my dreams..

Ten times over… ten times over…