Wake up. School. Shake It Up! Chicago. Then home. Boring. This is so boring. Cece and Rocky sighed as they thought the same thing. Their life was so boring right now,that if a unknown person talk to them, it would be like:

"Hey little girls,do you know where's-"

"Hey,I'm Rocky and she's Cece! Wanna be friends?!"

"AAAAAHHH!" He would scream at theirs screams.

Coming back to reality, Cece and Rocky were just sitting on the steps of their building (God,I miss this scenery.). Cece was looking some news on her phone,then saw a announce on the left side of the page. It was about: 'Josh and Camille are together now. Come you too to E-Harmony.'. Cece looked at it a few times,then screamed:

"Rocky,maybe we should do something funny."

"Really? Don't you say?" Rocky answered sarcastically.

"Come on! Think about something! I want to see if your idea will be better than mine."

"Cece,I'm so bored now,that if I saw a little fly I'd be excited about it."

"Geez...I was thinking,and if we do a profile on E-Harmony?"


"Yeah,just for fun."

"Cece,I'm not going to date people I even don't know."

"No! We're not going to date. Just have some fun."

"Okay,then. When are we going to do this?"

"I don't know...How about now?"

"No Cece...I really have to go now...Maybe tomorrow."


Rocky climbed upstairs and Cece was just there,thinking about her life.

"It's fun how life can be so cool sometimes...Then in the other day,it'll be the more boring this ever." She said to herself.

A couple passed by her and the girl was feeling cold. The boy took off his jacket and held it around the girl:

"I love you,Jullie."

"Me too,Harry."

Cece saw them and smiled. But when the street was empty,her smile faded away. 'Maybe I'm just needing some love on my life.' Her thoughts. Cece wanted a boyfriend since she knew what it was. But still with patience. Cece wanted a serious relationship,a love story with someone special that could make anyone cry. In joy,of course. Cece knew that if she tell this to anyone they'd think that she's too much cheesy. But that was Cece Jones. Just a teenager,that wanted to have her fairytale. Was that ask too much?
'Oops,time to go. Flynn can't be alone,or he'll break the house.' Then she heard a sound of vases breaking. 'Oh-oh.'

"Here I go." Gunther said while he was signing up on his account in a relationship site. He was feeling so alone since Ty and Tinka were dating that he came to the point of enter in a relationship site. To his luck,Photoshop does exist. Didn't get it?

Well...Gunther was unsatisfied about his muscles and he 'have to pass a good first impression'. So,he took a photo of himself shirtless. Then edited this in photoshop,to make his muscles bigger. And no,don't get me wrong. His muscles were already growing up,and getting noticed by a lot of girls,especially Cece,just that he didn't noticed it. But for him,that wasn't enough.
He successfully entered his account,and saw 12 requests. He addicted all of them,and 3 of them were still online. He called them, that quickly answered him. But the answers weren't that good:

'Wanna come to my home?',

'I wanted to see that hot body a little bit closer' and

'I wish I could feel your hands on my body now' wasn't the answers he wanted.

He replyied:

"Ladies,if I wanted any sex,don't you think that I'd be in a house of girls that do it,or simply masturbating myself on a Playboy? I'm wanting a serious date,not be a sex toy for you. So,please,stop being a slut that wants to give to the first,okay?"

For a minute Gunther regretted sending this message. But then he said: "Well,I didn't asked her to do this."

God...Well,Gunther, you should be ready for this. After all, you're in a relationship site.

"I know,alright?"

Kay. Geez.

By the way, Gunther also wanted a serious relationship,and a different girl. Not a normal girl,someone crazy that knows how to live and enjoy life.

Gunther wanted a girl with a bright personality,that would be the only one who could lift him up,makes him laugh or complete him. Sarcastic? Well,in her way. Funny? In every single way,he loves to smile,and laugh. Pretty and hot? Sure,his focus. But a pretty and hot personality too, and even more; He wouldn't bother if she knew how to cook,dance and if she had fashion sense. He'd love if she had curls, and if she gives him attention,love,care. But she have also to be ready to tell him when he's wrong,and more,support him. It may sound strange,but he was so freaking needy.

'God damn,I need a girlfriend.' His thoughts.

It'll be soon and he'll not feel this way anymore. He logged off of that site, excluded that account and entered E-Harmony. His profile photo there was just a heart,saying: 'I need be loved.' He kind of love that picture. His profile was empty, and he was feeling like give up. He quickly logged off and went sleep.

«Next Day»

Cece was waiting impatiently in her couch to Rocky appear. Cece was 'a bit' excited about creating a profile on E-Harmony to have fun. Y'all know, scare others members, and to whatever she liked. When a happy and excited Rocky entered through her window, Cece jumped excited and said:

"Finally! Rocky did you forgot? We're going to do a profile on E-Harmony, and this is the more exciting thing we have to do in months. For you see till what point we're bored."

"I guess you're right." Rocky said,thinking a bit. "Let's go! Let's open the site and do it!"

Cece took her notebook and opened the window. She immediately opened E-Harmony site.

"Rocky,think about a name." Cece said looking to the ceiling, thinking about any name.

"Uh...Let me see...What about 'DanceLover'?" Rocky suggested.

"No...Too much normal,and graceless." Cece said.

"Then... 'I need a love'." Rocky suggested.

"Ridiculous, but I'm getting bored by picking nicknames,so let's took it." Cece said.

"What? 'I need a love' is the most bright name that attracts a lot of persons. Aren't we wanting to have fun? Prank people,and so on?" Rocky defended.

"Yes. Then it'll be this one. But wait...They don't want a name?" Cece asked.

"Yeah..But let's say that our name is 'I need love'. Fine... Woman...Wanting guys...United States...E-mail, password...Hey,I'll tell you the password later,okay?" Rocky answered.

"They are asking how did we heard about then. Online,wasn't it?"

"Yes,you saw it online." Rocky answered.

"Now let's 'Find our Matches'!" Cece said doing a 'Victory Dance'. "Oh. Another questionnaire. We are female, uh...What age Rocky?"

"Maybe 54 years old." Rocky said laughing.

"And when did that born?"

"1958. May,15. I don't know."

" Next one. 'How important is your match's age to you?' Rocky,you answer that."

"Very important."

"Now..What is your current marital status? I guess, never married."

"You guess? Cece, you're sixteen. Maybe you're talking about your fake marriage with Gunther."

"Fake? Marriage? I never did that." Cece said don't remembering nothing about it.

"Come on! Don't you remember that when you was little me and Tinka forced you to marry with Gunther? Then he gave you a cheap ring that come with the candy?"

"Oh! Now I remember. I actually forgot it. Then we're going to put never married on our profile."

"High School." Rocky said pointing at the screen.

"What?" Cece asked confused.

"The answer to the next question." Rocky said with a obvious' look.

"Oh. How important is your match's education to you?"

"Very much."

"What's our personal income?"

"I don't know about you, but mine is...$20,000."

"Me too. How important is your match's income to you?"

"Not at all."

"Describe your occupation. Dance,isn't it,Rocky? Or secretly love Deuce?" Cece joked.

"Hahaha,funny Cece."

"How important is your match's height to you?" Cece thought a bit. "Very much."

"What is your ethnicity?" Rocky now asked.


"How well do the following words describe your physical appearance?" Rocky asked.

"Very well, to all of them." Both of them answered,while passing their hands through their hair. The items were: Stylish, Attractive, Athletic, Overweight,Plain, Healthy and Sexy.

"How satisfied are you with your physical appearance? How important is it that your partner be physically attractive?" Cece asked. Rocky thought a bit.

"Well...First question's answer is very. Second question is...Somewhat." Rocky answered.

" I love to help others; yes. I seek adventure; yes. I often leave a mess in my room; no. I get stressed out easily; depend. I often make others feel good;yup. Aww,I'm getting tired."

"Me too."

After about 1 or 2 hours, Rocky and Cece finished their profile. They had 2 matches already. Rocky decided to go home,she was really tired. (I took two hours to make a fake profile. lol) Cece was alone. She went to her room,took a shower, pulled into soft shorts and a shirt, to went sleep. But the shower took her sleepiness away,and she opened her room's window,climbed in bed and entered in E-Harmony. She started laughing remember the afternoon with Rocky, but stopped laughing as she received a new notification. " liked your new profile." Suddenly, a little chat window appeared in the left side of my screen. Was that guy.

∞Chat Room∞

MLB: Hello.

INL: Um...Hi.

MLB: What's your name?

INL: Hm...C..Cas...Cassie.

MLB: Cool. Mine's G...Gregg.

INL: I like that name.

MLB: Yeah...Are you new here?

INL: Yes,I'm new. You?

MLB: Not at all. How old are you?

INL: 14. I know I'm too young.

MLB: Hey,it's okay...I'm 14 too.

INL: So...What's your favorite color?

MLB: Uh...That's an awkward question. But I like yellow.

INL: I like red. I know that's an awkward question. I'm a bit without topic. Sorry :)

MLB: Nah,it's okay. What's your favorite bands?

INL: Well...Coldplay,Maroon 5, Muse,Gorillaz, Queen, One Direction.

MLB: Really? One Direction? Ugh. ;/

INL: Shuddup! lol. Yours?

MLB: Well..I like Coldplay. I'm not one of that guys that have a favorite, I like a lot of bands.

INL: Well..Favorite kind of movie?

MLB: Horror.

INL: Me too 3

MLB: We like same things... I'd love to know you better.

INL: Yeah...Me too,Gregg.

MLB: How can I call you?

INL: Sissi.

MLB: Why Sissi?

INL: That's how my friends call me.

MLB: It remember me a friend of mine. A redhead.

INL: Cool...I guess.

MLB: But why Sissi?

INL: Ca(Sissi)e

MLB: Why don't Cece?

INL: Fine,by me.

MLB: I have to go.

INL: Goodnight,Gregg.

MLB: Goodnight,Cece.

Who understood why Gunther wanted to call 'Cassie' of Cece?
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