"You're late again, Mr. Hessenheffer." Mrs. Fritz said.

"Sorry,Mrs. Fritz,I woke up late. I'll organize my time."

"I hope."

Gunther sat beside Cece and she grimaced,then looked like she was going to throw up. Of course she was pretending. He looked at her and said:

"What the hell is wrong with you,Cece?!"

"What! I didn't do anything to you!"

"You grimaced when I sat beside you."

"I didn't!"

"Yes you did. Stop the lies,Cece! You're such a liar."

"I'm not! You say this because you hate me,and because you are my enemy,that's why!"

"One thing doesn't have nothing with another! You keep making my life as bad as hell! You keep burning my life!"

"I don't! Actually,you do this! I hate you,Gunther Hessenheffer!"

"I hate you too, Cece Jones!"

"Ok,that's enough!" Mrs. Fritz said. Cece looked at Gunther with a painful look. Gunther did the same.

"You two! Go sit right now! I want you two in detention next."

"Fine, ." Cece whispered softly and Gunther chuckled. Mrs. Fritz luckily hadn't heard nothing she said and continued the lesson.

"Go to lunch,when we get back, we are going to study the new way to solve equations." said.

Cece ran to Rocky when they met on the hall.

"Cece,what happened?"

"That son of a bitch! Gunther keeps lying. I hate him."

"I know you do. But don't worry,Cece. It's everything okay now."

"Ugh...Let's go to lunch?"

"Sure! But since we're here, let's go to Crusty's."

"Kay. Hey Cece, you can go before me,I have to take my purse and go to give my book back to ."

"My last class was with her,she's still in the class."


When Cece arrived Crusty's,she entered and went directly to order something. The whole 'fight with Gunther' thing,had gave her a headache and hunger from hell. She wanted a pizza so badly. But when she was going to order, a blond and tall guy entered in front of her.

"Hey! I arrived here first!" She yelled.

"Girl,can you just shut up?" He turned and his cup of juice fell to the floor, spattering orange juice all along Cece's leg.

"Gunther! You again? Thanks so much,I loved the orange juice you threw in my leg." She said fake-smiling.

"You're welcome,Cece."

He walked away and then sat in a table. She sent him a death glare and he simply shrugged.

"Haha,looks like the duck is all wet,uh, Cece?" Deuce said laughing.

"Deuce,if you do any other unfunny joke, I'm going to cut Gunther's G-point and make you eat it,if you get what I mean."

"Fine! Gee, you're such a mean today. What happened?"

"I'm sorry,Deuce. I'm just with a headache and this isn't leaving my head alone."

"It's okay,Cece. Actually I shouldn't have done this unfunny joke."

"Aww,thanks, Deuce!"

She got up and hugged Deuce. Then he suddenly coughed and Cece pulled away.


"I have bad news,Cece."


"You'll have to sit with Gunther."


"Because Crusty's is full of people and he is the only one who's sitting alone. But you can sit in ping pong table." He said grinning.

"Ugh,fine. I'll sit with Gunther. Geez."

"I'm going to ask for your pizza." He walked away.

She walked to Gunther's table,where he was eating his cupcake. Cece put a fake smile in her face and then sit beside him.

"Hey Gunther. How are you feeling in this lovely day?"

"I'm feeling...Like I have a girl sitting beside me just because the others tables are full of person. Am I right?"

"Yes you are."

"Cece,you don't have to pretend to like me just to sit here. Simply ask,darling."


"No prob,please. Where's Rocky?"

"She's at library. I guess."

"Oh. Okay."

An awkward silence attacked the place, and they felt awkward. Cece and Gunther couldn't look at each others eyes. When they finally looked at each others eyes, Gunther looked at her. She felt like he was just entering in her soul in the same time, but shrugged and got up.

"Well Gunther, thanks so much for leave me sit beside you, and for don't try to kill me."

"It was hard not to try, but I saved forces."

She sarcastically laughed, and he chuckled. She left the place smiling to herself. Luckily, she didn't noticed that she was blushing. Gunther watched Cece walk away and then shrugged his thoughts off of his head. He entered in e-Harmony online, and waited a few minutes to send a message to 'Cassie' . Cece just went home and texted Rocky.

From: Cece

To: Rocky

Where r u?

From: Rocky

To: Cece

Sorry,I have 2 do homework.

From: Cece

To: Rocky.

Kay,kay,just come here when you finish your homework.

From: Rocky

To: Cece


Cece just rolled her eyes and then quickly took a shower. When she left the bathroom, she saw a new message in her laptop, and immediately answered.

∞Chat Room∞

MLB: Haii.

INL: Hey. Just took a shower.

MLB: Interesting.

INL: I know when you're using sarcasm. I also know where you live. I can kill you.

MLB: Geez,someone's in PMS...

INL: Just because I'm nervous doesn't mean than I am in PMS. Ugh. Boys.

MLB: LOLZ. So,any progress with you and your secret crush?

INL: First of all...No. Second, I don't have a crush.

MLB: Yeah,sure. I know.

INL: Fine,I have a crush. But I am seriously starting to dislike him.

MLB: Why?

INL: Reasons.

MLB: Okay. But by the way, same here. I am starting to dislike my crush. She's always mean.

INL: Wow.

MLB: I know. But had always been like that. It's never going to change. But tell me something...Would you ever date someone that you hate just because you have strange feelings for her?

INL: Yeah,I guess. Why?

MLB: Just asking. But by the way, how do you look?

INL: I'm redhead. I have brown eyes and I love to dance.

MLB: You looks like my crush.

INL: Lol. And you?

MLB: I am blond, have blue eyes and I'm tall. I also love to dance.

INL: We have a lot of things in common. Dance,siblings, some bands...

MLB: I know. And I'm happy. I mean, it's cool to know that does exist persons who have things in common with me besides my sister.

INL: Woo! What's your favorite song?

MLB: Stereo Hearts. Why?


MLB: Lol. See? We have everything in common. Yes,I do!

INL: Yay! If you had to save a person who was burning, and if you had a glass of water, what would you do?

MLB: Drink it!

INL: Me too! Aww, we are perfect to each other.

MLB: How many children you want to have?

INL: 2.

MLB: Me too! Aww, want to be the mom of my 2 children?

INL: Ew,ew, no,thanks.


INL: I know :)

MLB: We need to meet each other.

INL: I don't know...

MLB: Come on.

INL: Kay,fine. But just in three months, okay?

MLB: Why? Are you afraid if you are too much fat, or something?

INL: NO! I'm tiny and skinny.

MLB: Lolz, okay. Three months.

INL: Three months...I need to go.

MLB: Geez, come on! You have to waste more time here.

INL: Talking to you? Gee, someone here really wants me.

MLB: Haha,funny. '-'

INL: I know. But I need to go. I'll miss you.

MLB: Me tooooo!

INL: I'm going.


INL: What?!

MLB: Wanna be best friends?

INL: Sure. I thought we already were.

MLB: I know. Just making sure.

INL: Fine :) Luv ya.

MLB: Me too :3

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