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The wind blew softly across the empty street, caressing the snowy locks of a young college student. Said student was at the moment unpacking things from the moving van. The male struggled with a particularly heavy box as he practically dragged it inside. It wasn't that he was weak, it was just that one of his arms was currently rendered semi-useless. Once the box was successfully inside, the student stood at the doorstep, releasing a heavy sigh as he wiped the sweat off his brow. That had been the last of the boxes in the van, and he dismissed the driver of the van.

Closing the door of his new house Allen Walker flopped heavily onto his couch. The house wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. Cozy and warm, as all houses should be. He was currently in the small living room; it was nothing grand and was currently filled with boxes and several pieces of furniture. Beyond the living room was the kitchen, which one entered through a plain swinging door. Directly across from the entrance and at the far side of the living room was a doorway with stairs leading upwards.

Huffing slightly, Allen's one visible silver orb surveyed the box filled living room. The left half of his pale face was covered in stark white bandages, as was his left arm. Deciding that he'd better get to work, he heaved himself off the couch and began to unpack the boxes in the living room. Meticulously setting everything in place. After several hours of monotonously unpacking and setting everything in place, his stomach decided that it was time to eat.

Deciding to obey his stomach, he paused in his packing and put on a light jacket despite the semi cool fall air. Having nothing to eat in his kitchen, he grabbed his phone and the keys to his car and headed outside. As soon as he was outside he pulled up the hood of his jacket to hide his snowy white hair and face. Everything was quite in the quaint little street; few people were out in their gardens or taking a walk. Allen however did not really pay attention to any of this and proceeded to get into his car.

The trip to the grocery store was a relatively calm one, he bought all the stuff he needed and left. The day was shaping out to be a cloudy one, signaling the winter was around the bend. Allen arrived home safe and sound, and he grabbed his groceries and headed inside his new home. Putting away his groceries he pulled out a good amount of ingredients and began to make himself a hearty helping of food. Once his vast appetite was somewhat quelled he continued to unpack his belongings.

Just as he was about to dig into another box the sound of someone knocking on his door reached his ears.

Who could it be at this hour? I don't know anyone here

Standing up from where he was crouched in front of a box, the snowy haired 18 year old wandered over to his door. Opening it a crack so his un-bandaged eye could peer out of the opening, he saw a young woman standing on his porch.

His visible silvery eye widened a fraction of an inch upon seeing the Chinese looking girl.

"H-Hello, what can I do for you?" Allen asked uncertainly.

The Chinese girl just gave a small smile; she had long black hair with a greenish tint and brilliant violet irises.

"I saw the moving van earlier, and figure I would stop by to welcome you," she replied.

"That's very nice of you," the white haired student replied in earnest.

"What's your name? I'm Lenalee Lee," the woman said.

"I'm Allen Walker. Would you like to come in?" Allen asked, opening the door wider and stepping aside.

"No, thank you, I have something else to do, but I'll come back tomorrow," she said with a polite smile.

After saying their goodbyes, Lenalee left and much to his surprise went to a house three houses down from his own.

She was nice; I hope everyone else is just as nice. He thought to himself, going back to his unpacking.

Allen went to sleep early that night, since he had to get up early for classes at the Black Order University. He gave a heavy sigh as he lay down in his bed. It's not that he wasn't looking forward to going to college; it was just that he wasn't really feeling up to it. However, he knew that he couldn't skip his first day of college. Falling into an uneasy sleep, the young man dreamed of the days to come.

The following morning was no less than hectic; Allen had forgotten to set his alarm clock and was now rushing to get himself ready. Now that he was ready and in his car, he tried not to get a speeding ticket as he rushed towards campus. Barely making it to his first class in the nick of time, he remained out of breath as he took his seat. Unfortunately that seat was in the back rows, but thankfully the room wasn't so big that he couldn't see the board clearly.

The classes he had chosen to take were general classes, as he didn't have a major yet. He looked to the left and right as he waiting for the teacher to start class. Few of the students were giving his strange looks, most likely because of his strange hair color and the bandages on his face. Allen spotted a redheaded man staring curiously at him, and did his best to ignore that fact.

The teacher soon started class, handing out papers with information on what they would be covering and such. During that whole time the redhead sitting nearby him didn't stop his curious staring. This began to bother Allen, and he self-consciously tugged at his jacket. Instead of just giving in he began to pay attention to what the professor was saying, and took careful notes. Just as he thought that the redhead had stopped staring at him, a folded up piece of paper hit his table. Frowning delicately he picked up the paper carefully and unfolded it, quickly looking at the redhead out of his peripheral vision. However, said redhead was not looking at him any longer, so he just let out a sigh and read what was written on the paper.

Hey, short stack, I heard from Lenalee that you're our new neighbor.

Allen's eye twitched slightly at the uncalled for nickname. At the same time he was very surprised by this. So this guy was one of his new neighbors. Quickly he picked up his pencil and scribbled a response.

How did you know it was me? I could have been someone else entirely, I don't even know you, and you don't know me

He quickly tossed the paper to the redhead to avoid getting caught by the professor, they weren't in high school anymore and note passing was very childish. Allen faintly heard the redhead snort in amusement and soon enough the same piece of paper hit his desk again. Stealing a glance towards the professor and copying down more notes, he turned his attention back to the offensive piece of paper.

Because, Lenalee told me how you looked like, and not many college freshmen have white hair and bandages on they're faces. By the way my name is Lavi.

Allen eyed the smooth writing carefully as he read over the response again, he was somewhat hurt that the nice girl called Lenalee would tell a complete strange about him. Then again, those two were probably good friends, and both seemed nice. Yet Lavi seemed to come off more as creepy friendly to Allen, whom didn't have much experience with other people. Placing the not aside he focused himself in what the teacher was going on about, and took more notes. Through the rest of the block, he was vaguely aware of getting stared at, but shrugged it off like it was nothing. He's probably have to deal with whatever it was later on, but right now he wasn't so worried about it.

When the class ended and he was gathering up his things, he felt the presence of someone besides him. Cautiously turning his one good eye towards him he saw that it was the redhead, Lavi. Allen took this chance to get a closer look at the strange man. Lavi's hair was a brilliant red color, of which he had a hard time believe was real. His complexion was not pale but a normal tanned hue, and by the look of his arms Allen could tell he was well-built. The man had one visible emerald iris and the other was covered by what looked like an eye patch. There was a green and black bandana holding back his wild locks, and a scarf wrapped around his neck despite the warmth of the room. All in all Lavi was a very handsome looking guy.

"May I help you?" Allen asked a bit irked, by Lavi just standing there.

"Not at all," was the elder's answer.

Huffing, Allen heaved his bag over his shoulder and turned away from the strange redhead. Lavi didn't stop him however, and Allen had a very peaceful walk to his car. The day was relatively uneventful, since he only had one class that day, the rest of the day he spent finishing his unpacking. Just as he was about to go into his kitchen to get some food, there was knocking at his door.

Mentally groaning Allen made his way towards his door. Cautiously opening the oak door, he was surprised to see both Lenalee and Lavi at his doorstep.

"Hey, neighbor." Lavi greeted with a cheerful countenance.

"We brought food."Lenalee supplied, holding up the container she was carrying.

Hesitantly, the snowy haired student stepped aside to let the two pass.

"Come in," he murmured.

Allen had never had much chance to make friends, and he really didn't want to blow it. He just wasn't quite sure how to act around those two. Subconsciously the younger student swept his hair over the bandages covering his face.

The trio gathered in Allen's small but cozy kitchen, setting the food that they had brought over down on the worn kitchen table.

"So, Allen, what brings you to these parts?" Lavi asked, trying to make conversation.

"Uh, school?" the younger answered stupidly, unsure of how else to answer the question.

The redhead let out a hearty laugh at the flustered young man, which I turn made Allen flush pink in embarrassment.

"Lavi!" Lenalee hissed warningly.

"Sorry, sorry." The redhead apologized, rubbing the back of his head.

Silence fell over the three as they unanimously decided to eat the food that Lenalee had brought together.

Thankful for the lack of questioning about his bandaging, Allen dug into the food in front of him. Successfully surprising his new neighbors with his ravenous appetite.

"Hey Allen," the redhead questioned with mirth in his tone.

"Yeshmmf?" the snowy haired youth replied, mouth still partly full of food.

"When was the last time you ate?" Lavi asked, mildly daunted by the other's eating habit.

"This morning," came the reply, after having swallowed.

After this revelation the room became silent once more, up until the point where the two elder students excused themselves.

"Sorry to eat and leave, but I have somewhere to be, and am sure Lenalee's crazy brother wants her home." Lavi said.

"No problem."Allen replied, following them out the door of his house.

"I'll see you later buddy," the redhead said cheerfully, as he disappeared into the night gloom.

Allen was surprise to find that the redhead lived right across from him, but quickly shook it off.

"See you around Allen, it was nice meeting you." Lenalee said politely before she too went back to her own home.

"See you." Allen murmured under his breath, and went back inside his own house, shutting and locking the door.

As Allen was cleaning up the dishes and putting everything back in its place, his mind went over the day's events. He met two of his new neighbors and both seemed to be friendly. He was looking forward to getting to know more about them, but was afraid that they would shun him when his bandages came off. Speaking of which he had to go get his injured checked next week, and that was probably when his bandages would come off. A deep feeling of dread settled into the pit of his stomach at the thought of loosing potential friends without even getting to know them well.

The silver eyed youth went through his nightly routine and once he was in the shower, he lay his forehead on the cold time letting the warm water run down his exposed back. Changing plans he stopped and filled the tub, knowing that he wasn't supposed to get his bandages wet. Once the tub was completely filled, he sunk down into the steaming water keeping his arm and face away from the water.

His feeling of dread was not eased by the soothing warmth of the water, instead his soaking in the tub gave him more time to think and the dreadful feeling grew.

They'll definitely think am an ugly monster when they see what's under the bandages. They'll never want to talk or see me ever again and I'll have to move.

The pitiful thoughts going through his head made tears well up in his uncovered eye. Shamelessly he let the tears come; he knew that he couldn't move again. Though he didn't want to stay here and be shunned by people he just met, that very well could be his friends.

Getting out of the tub and letting the cooling water run down his body, he heaved a watery sigh and wrapped himself in a fluffy towel. Tears still running down his cheek, but he ignored them like always. Dressing in his warm pajamas, he wormed his way under his covers and promptly fell asleep, after shedding a few more shameful tears.

I'll always be a monster to people, with the way I look. Always. Was the last thought of the youth before he fell deep into his uneasy dreams.


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