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Allen returned from shopping after a good half hour. Setting his purchases in various places around the kitchen where they belonged. He filled a bowl with cold water and went to the living room. It looked like Lavi had not yet awakened, and Timcanpy was now dozing on his recliner. Padding over to where Lavi was he set the bowl on the coffee table, taking off the cloth from the redhead's forehead. The youth placed his hand against the other's forehead, and found the skin to the warmer than before.

He dipped the cloth in the water and placed it on Lavi's forehead. Going over to the kitchen, Allen began to prepare to make soup.

"I'll leave a portion for Lavi, in case he's hungry when he wakes up," the young man said to himself.

Soon food was done and eaten, and the redhead taken care of. Allen made a call to the college and to Jerry. Finishing everything, he dropped down on the recliner making Timcanpy jump to the armrest. The snowy-haired youth settled himself on his recliner and surfed through the TV channels. Settling on watching cartoons, he gave a tired sigh. Picking up Timcanpy he placed the kitten on his lap, starting to stroke the kitten's soft yellow fur.

It was comfortably calm for a while, then a ringtone Allen didn't recognize began playing. It was then that he noticed Lavi's red phone on his coffee table. Said redhead groaned slightly at the noise and shifted, but didn't wake up. Allen disregarded the phone as it wasn't his to answer and resumed watching TV. Lavi's phone continued to vibrate and make noise nonstop. The young man was getting fed up with all the ruckus, plus he didn't want Lavi to wake up, since he wasn't feeling well. Placing Timcanpy back on the armrest he stood up and walked over to where Lavi's phone was.

He picked it up and looked at the name on the screen, but there was no name only the letters 'T.M.'

The ringtone ended before he could answer it, but it was not a loss since the phone started to ring again in his hands. Quickly pressing the talk button with annoyance at the offending device.

"Hello?" Allen said flatly, sounding annoyed.

Who's this? A smooth male voice spoke.

"My name is Allen; Lavi is sick and needs his rest. I'd really appreciate it if you stopped calling," the young man replied.

Tell Bunny to call me when he feels better, the man said, promptly hanging up.

Allen stood listening to the dial tone for a few moments in shock. Slowly regaining his ability to move, he set the phone down in its place and took a seat. Gazing over at the sleeping redhead in confused wonder.

Who the hell was that?

The snowy-haired youth soon fell into a light doze, being tired from all the week's events. When he awoke it was around seven in the evening. Looking over to Lavi, he saw that the other was still sleeping.

Maybe I should wake him. Allen thought turning on the light in the living room.

Standing up he walked over to the couch and sat on the edge. Putting a hand gently on Lavi's shoulder, he began to shake him lightly. The redheaded man groaned and his brow furrowed slightly.

"Lavi, wake up." Allen called softly, shaking the other man more firmly.

"Ugh…five more minutes…Gramps." Lavi groaned.

"Lavi!" the youth shouted, finally causing the other to awaken.

Lavi's emerald iris snapped open and looked frantically around, before settling on Allen.

"Hey, sleepy head, how are you feeling?" the younger man asked.

"Ugh, like a truck ran me over." Lavi coughed.

"I made soup in case you got hungry." Allen offered.

The youth decided not to mention the phone calls for now. An action that he would probably regret later.

"Sounds good, the soup," the redhead said.

Allen gave a tiny smile and stood, going over to the kitchen to heat up the soup. As he was waiting for the soup to heat up, he heard Lavi coughing and sneezing away in his living room.

I'll give him medicine after he eats, and disinfect the house when he leaves. I'll probably catch whatever he has before then though, hopefully not.

The snowy-haired youth placed the bowl of soup on a tray and went out to the living room. He found Lavi sitting up with his head on his knees.

"Here you go, Lavi." Allen spoke up, as he approached the other.

"Thanks, little buddy. You know, you should be a nurse." Lavi said sitting up correctly, as he took the tray of food from the other.

Allen said nothing to Lavi's comment and went to sit down on his recliner, giving Lavi a frown.

A companionable silence settled over the two as Lavi ate the soup, once he was done Allen took the tray and headed back into the kitchen. As he was cleaning up the plate he heard Lavi's phone ring and froze. He listened silently, but was relieved when Lavi said Lenalee's name. Letting out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding, he finished cleaning up and headed into the living room after taking the medicine he needed.

"Here, Lavi," the younger man said, handing the medicine and a glass of water to the redhead.

Lavi was still on the phone and he smiled at Allen, taking the stuff from him.

"Gotta go Lenalee, talk to you later." Lavi said and hung up after a moment.

Allen sat down heavily on his recliner, causing Timcanpy to flee to the couch. It was an easy jump, since the recliner and couch were armrest to armrest. The snowy-haired young man leaned back in the recliner, so he was in a laying down position and the foot rest was all the way up. Allen idly tossed the TV remote to Lavi, so the redhead could watch what he wanted.

The younger man found himself lulled into a half asleep state, letting his head loll to the side towards Lavi. Lips slightly parted and breathing smooth and even. Vaguely registering any sounds and movements, in his sleep muddled mind. After a while he registered the sound of shuffling in the direction of the couch, but paid no real heed to it. Then there was an uneven breathing close to his face, and the snowy-haired man fought to stay in his sleepy state. Unaware of Allen's internal battle, for the youth showed no signs of being awake. Lavi gently placed a hand against the younger man's pale face. Gently caressing the soft skin, and brushing back the soft snowy locks from the young man's face.

"You're a very beautiful person, Allen. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise," the redhead murmured.

Lightly running his thumb over Allen's parted pink lips, before resting his hand against the other's cheek. Allen, who was more aware of the things around him, felt tears prickle at his eyes. Unable to stop the salty liquid from spilling out of his closed eyes.

"Allen…" Lavi said, brushing the tears away.

The youth was not thinking straight at that moment, due to both sleepiness and confusion, muddling his brain. The young man subconsciously leaned into Lavi's gentle touch and whimpered slightly. Fortunately for Allen, he had not blown his cover yet, not that he was completely awake either.

The youth suddenly felt the recliner disappear from under him, and resisted the urge to open his eyes. The elder man staggered slightly under the added weight in his weakened state. Allen subconsciously drew closer to Lavi's warm body, in partial shock at the other's actions, but too tired to care. Lavi settled comfortable on the couch, holding Allen close to his body. Unbeknownst to the redhead Allen was in an inner turmoil, the gentleness and kindness of the redhead brought forth fond, yet now painful memories.

Allen had always had little contact with other people since childhood. Lavi's kindness and gentleness reminded him of the only person that had ever loved him. That person was now dead and he'd never see him again.


A sob escaped from the youth's lips and the tears sprang forth again. Tears for the only person that had ever showed him some kind of affection. The arm around his torso tightened as he quietly sobbed, the other hand stroked his hair soothingly. Lavi knew better than to try and speak with Allen, but he was at a loss since he didn't know what was eating at the youth.

Allen cried for several long minutes before the tears ran out. Being lulled to sleep by Lavi's steady heartbeat, and the soothing motion of fingers running through his hair.

A rumbling beneath his ear woke him, and Allen groggily opened his eyes. He was still in his house, but not in his bed which made him frown. His senses were slowly sharpening and he noticed that the 'pillow' he was laying on was moving and making noises. Which were deciphered as talking.

Wait, pillows don't talk, and certainly they don't move.

Allen moved his head so he could see what he was laying on. Much to his surprise he saw Lavi's face, the man looked worse off than yesterday and his coughing and sneezing came more often. The redhead was on the phone and he had an unhappy expression on his face.

The snowy-haired man shifted slightly, softly bumping his head against Lavi's chin. The redhead looked down at Allen, who looked back at him with big innocent eyes. Lavi smiled and mouthed 'morning' before replying out loud to something whoever he was on the phone with said. Lavi's hand squeezed the younger man's shoulder softly, before letting go.

The snowy-haired man lifted himself away from his spot, and stood up. Stretching his muscles out, shirt slightly riding up to reveal a pale expanse of smooth skin. The youth didn't miss the way Lavi was now staring at him, embarrassed he dropped his arms and went upstairs with Timcanpy following close behind.

'You're a very beautiful person, Allen. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.' The redhead's words echoed in his mind.

"Yeah right. Who're you trying to fool, Lavi?" Allen murmured under his breath, making his way to the bathroom.

Even thought Allen denied Lavi's words saying that he was beautiful, he became close friends with the redhead. From that day forwards the duo became close, almost inseparable. Allen had subconsciously become attached to the energetic redhead, because aside from Mana, he was the only other person to show him some kind of affection.

After Lavi had recovered from his sickness, the two spent almost every day together. Lenalee was often with them, but Allen was still edgy around her. Kanda sometimes joined them, courtesy of Lavi, but he and Allen fought half the time.

The snowy-haired youth was slowly beginning to lighten up and become happier. Troubles still not forgotten, but set aside for the time being. Then Lavi went missing, at fist Allen thought he was just busy. However after calling and texting him and receiving no answer, he began to get concerned. On the fourth day of Lavi's sudden disappearance, Allen went to his house only to receive no answer.

After that Allen had called Lenalee to tell her that he hadn't been able to contact Lavi in four days, and that the redhead wasn't home either. Lenalee had told him that she hadn't heard from or seen Lavi for a while either, but that she would keep an eye out for the redhead. The youth thanked her and went back to his own house, sitting down on the couch with Timcanpy.

"Where could you be Lavi?" the young man asked himself, as he pet Timcanpy.

About at eight in the evening, Allen's phone started ringing. The man didn't recognize the number but answered anyway.

"Hello?" he said.

Hello, is this Allen Walker? a female voice spoke.

"Yes. Who's this?" Allen replied with a slight frown.

I'm calling from the hospital. the woman replied.

"I thought I didn't have to go back and see the doctor," the young man said, frown deepening.

Oh, no no, I'm calling because a man by the name of Lavi Bookman asked me to call you. the woman explained.

"Oh? Why is Lavi in the hospital?" he asked, his heart skipping a beat.

He was rushed into the emergency room earlier today. In very bad shape, we don't know exactly what happened t him since he wouldn't say anything. she informed.

"Thanks for telling me Ma'am." Allen said and hung up.

At first the meaning behind those words didn't register in his mind. However once he was in the shower, the situation finally hit him full force. His best friend was in the hospital, badly injured, and he didn't know about it until now. Allen lay his forehead against the cool tiles, and let the warm water run down his body.

"Lavi's in the hospital….he could be dying. Why didn't I try to find him earlier? It's Mana all over again." He whispered, gritting his teeth.

"I'll go to the hospital first thing tomorrow, and make sure he's okay." The snowy-haired student told himself.

With that in mind he finished his shower and went through the rest of his nightly routine, before lying down on his bed. That night his sleep was plagued nightmares and restlessness, causing him not to get a good sleep. Allen was already awake by the time the sun rose in the horizon. The news of Lavi's hospitalization had slowly been eating away at him. Deciding to start his day early, he ran through his morning routine, and made himself breakfast. Dressing himself in simple clothes he said good-bye to Timcanpy and went out of the house. He didn't bother to let Lenalee know about Lavi, because his mind was in a jumble.

Getting in the car he made his way towards the hospital. Once Allen arrived, he noticed that it was too early and drove around the block several times. At last parking his car in an empty space in the hospital parking lot, the youth waited for a few moments longer before satisfied with the time.

He went inside and purposefully walked up to the receptionist's desk.

"Good morning," he greeted politely.

"Good morning, how may I help you?" the woman said.

"Yes, I got a call yesterday from the hospital, saying that Lavi Bookman had been admitted into this hospital." Allen explained.

The woman looked at him for a short moment, before click something into her computer. After a moment the woman looked back over at him and smiled.

"Technically am not supposed to allow you to visit Mr. Bookman, but his grandfather spoke to the doctor and they're allowing you to visit. His room is 2-625, but you must wait until his grandfather arrives, doctor's orders." She told him.

"Thank you, miss," the youth said, making his way towards the room she'd told him.

Silently making his way to through the quiet halls until he came upon the room. The door was closed and Allen leaned against the wall next to the door. Slowly sliding down it t a sitting position on the floor. He hugged his knees o his chest, and pressed his forehead against the tops of his knees.

So many mixed emotions passed through his body that he couldn't bring to think himself about anything. What felt like hours passed and Allen continued to sit there, wallowing in his troubled mind. None of the doctors or nurses seemed to want to approach him, so he was left alone the entire time he was sitting there. The youth eventually felt a hand rest on his shoulder, causing him to look up. A weary expression on his face, and dark bags under his eyes.

In front of him stood a balding elderly man that seemed to be half his height. He had a weathered face and dark rings of make up around his eyes, which made him look like a panda. This man struck Allen as an odd secretive person. Without a word the man motion for the youth to stand up and follow him. Hesitantly Allen got up and stood behind the man.

"Uh, my name is Allen Walker," he tried to be polite.

"I'm aware; Lavi has told me a lot about you. I have no name but you may call me Bookman." The elderly man replied.

Not knowing how to reply to that, Allen stayed silent, and the man opened the door to Lavi's hospital room. The youth stayed still, unsure of what to do at that moment.

"Well, what are you waiting for child? Go on." Bookman said to him.

"O-Okay," the young man stammered slightly.

Allen was afraid of what he was going to find, when he walked into that room. Yet he slowly stepped inside the room. At first he just looked down a the floor for a moment as he gathered his courage. Then slowly he looked towards the hospital bed, and his blood froze. The rest of him froze, unable to momentarily comprehend the situation at hand.


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