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Chapter 21 "The First, The Last, My Everything" EPOV

Twenty Years Later

I pulled into the assigned parking space for Dr. Edward Cullen. I was a pediatrician here at Seattle Pediatric Associates. My wife and I still lived here in the Seattle area; we both grew up in this area and cannot seem to leave. Our children have the benefit of having grandparents, uncles, and aunts at their disposal. Riley was the oldest she was ten, Anthony was eight, and the twins were six; Mattie and Masen.

We got married the year I graduated from college. I wanted to marry her the year I graduated from high school, but she wouldn't let me. She had issues with marriage and I was okay with that. She had moved the Claddagh ring that year to her left hand pointed outward which said it all to me, but she wouldn't let me make it official. The only thing she allowed me to do that year after high school was move in with her at the apartment. We had our difficulties; there were times when I thought she was going to leave. There were probably times she thought I was going to leave, but it always boiled down to the same thing. We loved each other and couldn't live without one another. We argued over a variety of things, jealousy being the worst of them, and the simplest argument being over communication. We didn't argue over bills we both had enough money that we did well for ourselves. Carlisle and Esme paid for all of my college, I still had my trust money, and Bella still had a good amount left from dancing at the club all those years ago. James had settled out of court with Bella. He came from money, which was how he afforded to live in a gated community. That's how he got out of the things he did to Bella and the rest of the girls that filed complains. She had that money drawing interest in an account at the bank; we didn't know what to do with it yet.

We had Riley while I was still in medical school, completing my residency. She had the hardest time trying to deal with our daughter and me not being home for days at a time, but she didn't know she was my rock that held me grounded in those times of despair. If someone had given her a dollar every time I wanted to give up and do something else she would be rich. I, soldiered through it and I was happy where I was now, working with kids. Riley, looked a lot like Bella, except she had my eyes. Anthony, on the other hand looked more like me with Bella's brown eyes. He was two years younger than Riley was when he was born; I was two months away from finishing my residency. Thank God at the time I was in the specialist aspect and didn't have to pull the God awful hours. None of our children were planned, but loved nevertheless. The twins were a complete surprise to both of us. When Bella was five month pregnant, we only thought we were having one, but it turned out the other one was hiding behind her twin. Neither of us were aware that twins ran in our family. Turns out my father, Edward senior was a twin, and I didn't even know. Mattie looked like a cross between Bella and I, she had hazel eyes, brownish hair with copper highlights. Masen was our odd ball; he looked nothing like us. He looked more like Carlisle if you can believe the odds. He was blonde haired and blue eyed.

I meet my wife before she was my teacher at Port Angeles High School. She was currently teaching at the Elementary level. Bella went through a rough patch there for a while; someone had informed the school board about us living together, even though I was no longer in school. The school board called a meeting, before the meeting, Bella went to see Jason Jenks one of the best attorneys in Seattle. She told him about our relationship, and she told them about the school board meeting in which she was being called in question. Jenks marched into the meeting, demanded to know on what grounds this meeting was called. He stated that the relationship that Bella and I had was none of their business at this point. I was of legal age; no longer attending school there and nothing of a sexual nature happened on or off campus. She was mutual friends with my sister, and I had met her prior to her teaching position on several occasions. Jenks told them she would step down from high school, but she would be taking an elementary position that was available. She had not broken the rules in her contract as a teacher; therefore, the meeting was a witch-hunt on their behalf. They didn't admit he had them, but they asked her to step down from her position. I wondered what they would have done if they had found out she was a stripper at a gentleman's club for at least three months of her employment with them. Jenks knew, but he was paid well, and with client attorney, confidentiality couldn't bring this information to light. Aro also made sure to protect the girls that had plans for their futures by keeping them off the books.

Life was great. I had a beautiful wife, wonderful kids, and a great job what more can a man ask for? I never imaged I would find my forever at eighteen, but I did.

~The End

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