Title: Irrational Behaviour
Chapter 2 – Rescue from Insanity

Jamie watches as Carl raises the gun and panic instantly surges, his brain cursing his useless limbs as he tries to pull himself free of the tight tape restraints.

"Carl…" Jamie starts in a somewhat shaky tone as he fixes his eyes on his spare revolver in the hands of his mentally unstable captor.

"Would it hurt?"


"Answer me!"

"Yes…yes it would hurt a lot," Jamie offers in truth. "Carl…please put the gun down."

"But I'll be able to make it better."


"Like on the shows and such…they always pull the bullet out and it's all better."

"Carl…" Jamie tries again in an even tone, his heart racing and uniform plastered to his damp frame. "Please…you know what…maybe we can go test it out tomorrow."


"Us…the two of us. We could um…go and try it out."


"Yeah…at the um…the shooting range."

"At the police station?"

"Sure," Jamie agrees, anything to get the gun lowered. He watches Carl's hands slightly falter but knows with the trigger cocked it wouldn't take much for it to go off and cause serious injury. "Carl…you need to um…either lower that or uncock the trigger."

"You promise we'll go tomorrow?"

"Yeah…sure…I give you my word," Jamie utters nervously, the gun lowering to chest level, but Carl's fingers still tightly wrapped around the trigger. Jamie tries to swallow, his eyes shifting anxiously between the gun and Carl's expression. "Carl…seriously you gotta…lower that."

"Can I still hold it?"

"Okay but um…but you really gotta uncock it. Put the safety on okay? Carl…for me okay?" Jamie begs, his mind in a panicked fervor.

"How do I unc…." Is all Carl manages before the angle of his sweaty fingers changes, making his thick digit pull back on the trigger and a loud shot is heard, Jamie's eyes instantly widening and then cringing as his lips utter an anguished cry.

"Oh no…damn oh no…." Carl gasps in shock as he looks at Jamie's face and then down to where the bullet entered; not seeing it exit out his side and bury itself in the floor behind them.

"Carl…call the…ambulance," Jamie gasps, his right side on fire and his heart racing at top speed, his breathing starting to shallow.

"No…no no no…" Carl utters as he leans in closer, applying a bit of pressure to the actual bullet wound and making Jamie yell out in pain. "No I can fix…"

"Carl…no…you gotta…" is all Jamie manages before a thick strip of the tape is ripped off and placed over his lips, Carl's fingers smearing some of Jamie's own warm blood on his flushed face. CARL! NO! DON'T DO THIS! Jamie tries to yell, his eyes rapidly blinking away salty tears as his side continues to scream at him for urgent medical attention. The shot…someone had to have heard the shot…HELP….ME! Jamie tries to yell again, his voice ragged and chest heaving.

The more he tries in vain to pull himself free of the tape restraints, the more pain he causes in his right side and can only slump back against the chair in anguished defeat as he watches Carl rush into the bathroom and then hears the water running.

He can't be serious…this can't be happening! Oh damn this hurts!

He watches Carl come back with a small first aid kit and damp cloth and mumbles helplessly into the gag. Carl…ungag me…HELP!

"Jamie…it's gonna be okay…" Carl tries to assure him, making no attempt to remove the tape gag and listen to his pleas for real assistance. "I can do this…I'll take care of you…I can fix this and make it all better…" Carl nods at Jamie who merely groans in misery.

But a few moments later an anxious knock is heard at the door and the voice of Jamie's savior is finally heard.

"Carl Wethers! NYPD! Open the door!" Danny pounds, Demarcus already on the way with backup and an ambulance.

DANNY! Jamie tries to shout, Carl looking at him in a panic and then trying to push the chair he's still taped to further into the bedroom with the eerie NYPD shrine.


"Shhh he'll take you away from me."

Hopefully! DANNY!

"Carl Wethers! Five seconds and I'm ..." Danny shouts as Carl hurries toward the door, Jamie's trapped frame now resting back against the bed, the chair on its back legs and his throbbing frame precariously perched to topple if he moves.

"Um this isn't a good time…"

"Carl you better open the damn door!" Danny growls on the other side.

"I'm not dressed."

"Yeah we'll I've seen it all before. I'm counting to…"

"Please go away."

"We have a report of shots fired coming from your apartment."

"It was the neighbor. Now please go away. My brother and I are busy."

"Brother? What? Carl open this damn door! You open the door or I'll force my way in."

"Please go away," Carl insists as he hurries back to Jamie, snatching the gun from the bed and then looking at Jamie with a placid expression. "I'll protect you…I'll keep us safe."




"Yeah…can't do that…five!" Danny shouts as he kicks in the door and enters with his gun raised and ready. "Jamie!"

"Go away! Go away!" Carl shouts as he wraps his arm around Jamie's neck.

DANNY! Jamie shouts, still partially hidden from view.

With his heart about to jump out of his chest but his brain urging him to remain calm and focused, Danny very carefully peers around the corner to where Carl was now holding his captive brother hostage.

"Jamie…damn it," Danny softly curses as he looks at his brother, still bound to the chair, blood around the gag and his pale expression showing obvious signs of distress. "Carl…what's going on?"

"Nothing…my brother and I are um…we're fine."

"He doesn't look fine Carl. Maybe we should let him speak."

"He's okay. We're playing a game."

"Why is there blood on his face?"

"He's…okay," the panic in Carl's voice rises.

"Well if you ungag him he can tell me that okay?"

"Go away! I can take care of him," Carl insists as he wraps his arm a bit tighter around Jamie's neck, not letting go.

"Is he okay?"

"I can take care of him."

"If we have a man hurt here Carl…we gotta help him okay…but if he's been shot and that's…"

"I can do this."

"Carl…" Danny huffs before he rests back and tries to collect his thoughts, remembering all the last minute details Demarcus had fed him as he raced up the stairs moments after the gunshot was heard. He had a brother named James that was also a police officer that had been killed in the line of duty; the kicker was Carl was there and was helpless to try to save him, watching him die a few feet away but shouting to those around that he could fix it.

"I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!" Carl shouts, his agitation skyrocketing and forcing his unpredictability to rise.

"Okay Carl…tell you what…I'm gonna leave."

What? Danny no! Jamie's mind tries to shout, his heart racing and not knowing what information Danny had on his captor that he didn't. No…Danny…don't leave me!


"Yeah. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna leave. I'll close the door and then you…you come and lock it okay. That will keep Jamie safe."

"How can I believe you?"

"You'll hear the door close okay? We gotta do what's best for Jamie right?"

Danny! Don't go! Jamie's mind laments with Danny's last statement. He's bluffing right? He won't leave! Will he? He can't!

"You promise?"

"Yeah. Now we gotta do what's best for him right?"

"Say you promise."

"I promise," Danny huffs as he heads for the door, slams it shut and then hurries back to wait for Carl to come around the corner and surprise him; his mind desperate to see just how badly Jamie's been hurt.

"Okay I'll lock the door and be right back…right back."

Jamie's mind starts to spiral downward as he ponders the fact that Danny had left. It's a trick right? It hasta be…he couldn't have let me…could he? Danny! Jamie mumbles into the gag, the steadily seeping blood from his wound was only serving to make his heart strain and his head swim with dizzying pain. But a few seconds later nearing sirens outside to his right and a small scuffle to his left snap him out of his dizzy stupor.

"I lied," Danny growls as he pounces on Carl.

Danny! Jamie's mind utters with silent elation. But as he hears a few angry grunts and curses and doesn't see Danny, his panic starts to mount once more.

"Jamie!" Danny huffs as he finally lays Carl's limp and cuffed frame on the ground and rushes to Jamie's side. "Hold on…" he whispers with a frantic tone as he gently peels the tape from his mouth. "Hold on I got you."

"Danny…" Jamie gasps as he takes in a full breath of somewhat fresh air.

"Where are you hit?"

"My side…I don't know if the bullet is…" he starts to rattle of in haste.

"Hey calm down…I got you okay. I got you," Danny utters as he pulls out a small pocket knife and starts to slash the tape keeping Jamie's wrists firmly secured to the arms of the chair. Once free, Jamie's left arm wraps around his waist trying to hold his right side and keep the fresh blood from escaping.

"I heard you earlier Danny…I heard you here…"

"I know, I'm sorry…okay just relax now and…"


"Damn it kid," Danny growls and then pulls back, his tone angry at himself and his frown softening at Jamie's tormented expression. "Sorry. Here…come on let's get you onto the bed."

"I'm okay."

"Like hell. Now you need to lie down."

"This place is creepy," Jamie utters as he allows Danny to help him onto the bed and carefully ease himself down on to his left side, his right side up so that Danny could see how bad the wound is.

"Okay am gonna pull back the shirt. Does thi…" Danny pauses as Jamie's lips utter a soft yelp in pain. "Sorry. Okay hold on…found it…ah it's a through and through…a clean fix."

"Hurts," Jamie grunts as he grits his teeth and tries to keep himself calm and composed in his brother's company. "Sorry," he finally utters.

"What's that?"

"Danny I'm sorry about…"

"Hey shhh come on now…you know this place is creepy," Danny comments as he looks at Jamie's tormented expression. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

"I shouldn't have come back…."

"Where's that tape?" Danny teases with a soft smirk. "Just hush now okay. I know it hurts and I hear the sirens…just a bit longer okay?"

"Thank you…you know for coming back."


"No thank you."

"Fine, you're welcome. Now just rest okay?"


"That's nerves and shock…hold on," Danny tries to assure his brother as he takes off his coat and gently drapes it over Jamie's slightly trembling frame.

"I tried…to talk him down…"

"I'm sure you did all you could. Listen nothing here was your fault."


"Enough," Danny insists a bit too sharply and then backs down, gently wiping some blood away from Jamie's mouth so he didn't inadvertently lick it off. "Sorry."

"I tried to call to you," Jamie whispers, making his eyes slightly water and Danny's lump to form a solid knot of emotion that he was unable to swallow.


"No I did…I tried…I tried to get myself free…"


"I just didn't want you to think…I didn't try," Jamie concludes with an attempt at a parched swallow.

"I know you did, okay? I know it…now just relax and…thank god…" Danny quietly offers as he hears his partner's voice as the front door is once again forced open.


"Back here! Bring the medics, Jamie's been shot!"

"I can walk…" Jamie insists as he tries to sit up, only to be gently pushed back down by his brother as Demarcus appears in the door way.

"He's not walking."

"Danny, I can walk."

"Well at least I see where he gets his stubborn streak from," Demarcus quips as Danny looks at his partner with pursed lips.

"Blame dad for that. Where are the damn medics?" Danny's voice growls mere seconds before two uniformed paramedics appear. Danny steps back and watches with a feeling of helpless anxiety as Jamie's faces crunches in pain as the medics carefully peel back the black shirt to reveal the chewed up skin, Jamie's fists tightening around the edges of Danny's coat he was still clinging too, Danny kneeling down to Jamie with a perplexed expression.

"Where's Carl?"

"Going away to a nice padded room."

"He's not…right or something."

"Yeah long sad story," Danny huffs. "But if he switched between hot and cold that was totally normal."

"What happens…to…ahhhh…to him now…" Jamie gasps as the medics apply some cool disinfectant to his wound, the medic offering a small sort before a temporary dressing is applied; Jamie to receive proper medical stitches in the hospital.

"Dad's gonna meet us there."

"What did you tell him?"

"I said you would have made him proud. Rest that tongue now or I'll ask for a mask," Danny teases, not wanting to get into too much family stuff with a room full of onlookers.

Jamie's nerves finally start to settle a little, his side of course feeling the discomfort from the temporary bandage as he's gently lifted onto the stretcher and strapped down for the ride to the hospital. His mind races to think of what might have happened had Carl had a silencer on his gun and Danny hadn't heard the shot and arrived when he did. He looks up at his oldest brother and offers a faint smile, not caring that Danny wasn't looking back to give him one in return.

'You would have made him proud,' Jamie's mind replays over and over as he is loaded into the ambulance and then the ride to the hospital begins; Demarcus left behind to complete the officer shooting. Danny tells him a bit more about Carl Wether's tormented past and Jamie finds himself feeling sorry for the emotionally challenged man.

"Okay I'll see you in the recovery room," Danny tells Jamie as Jamie looks up from his bed, cursing the fact that he isn't able to move very well thanks to the straps. "It'll be okay."

Jamie's eyes dart nervously around the crowded hospital areas he's wheeled through, looking at other cops, prison guards with a prisoner, two accident survivors, regular patients and of course visitors. He's wheeled into a small examining area, the doctor entering and drawing the curtain for added privacy.

"Okay Jamison, now let's have a look at you," the older man starts in a soft tone as he carefully helps Jamie sit up and remove his black police shirt, Danny having taken the rest of his personal and NYPD items to give to him afterward.

"Do I hafta stay here tonight?" Jamie asks as his bare skin blazes with shiver bumps under the doctor's gloved touch.

"From the report I saw I would say no," the doctor replies in truth. "Okay let's see what they did. I'm gonna get you to lie down here and just breath normally, I'll freeze the area for stitching but the disinfectant will feel cool and…" the doctor's voice trails off as Jamie's mind sort of tunes out his procedural steps, his mind instead opting to replay how he could have handled the situation any better than he did. Yeah you shouldn't have gone in in the first place, he laments in misery as he exhales heavily.

Danny nervously paces inside the ER waiting area, his father and grandfather outside waiting; the rest of the family told it wasn't a life or death thing so they would be able to see him on the weekend; Linda already saying how anxious the boys are to hear what happened to Uncle Jamie.

Danny watches the doctor leave the room Jamie's still in and heads toward it, peering past the curtain and looking at Jamie sitting upright on the table still only half dressed.

"You survive?"

"Yeah…just a few stitches," Jamie's warm blue-grey drop down to the ugly black webbing marring his milky white skin. "First stitches."

"Maybe in the line of duty."

"Okay yeah that's what I meant," Jamie nods as he looks up with a small frown, noticing Danny's smile drop. "Danny? What's up?"

"Nothin'… glad you're okay," Danny offers with a less than enthusiastic smile, Jamie not buying it.

"I did something wrong?"

"What? No…no you didn't. I was there and um…"

"But you didn't hear me Danny."

"I knew the guy was off…you had told me about him earlier and I knew something was off…damn I shouldn't have left when I did."

"But you came back."

"I shouldn't have left."

"You didn't hear me," Jamie lightly argues in return.

"Doesn't matter. I shouldn't have left."

"Coulda been worse I guess."

"Yeah a lot worse," Danny frowns heavily. "When I came around the corner and saw you in his grasp like that…I'm sorry."

"Yeah me too."


"No I mean I shouldn't have gone in there in the first place right?"

"You…okay I gotta ask because they will take your statement but how did you end up in there?"

"Rookie mistake," Jamie utters glumly.

"Tell me."

"He wanted to show me his badge…I saw into his apartment…it was clean and figured…"

"What the hell you can trust the clean ones," Danny finishes.

"Yeah something like that so…I entered…I saw what looked like an authentic NYPD hat, went toward it, saw in the room and the next thing I know…I turn to see him coming at me with a rolling pin," Jamie frowns as his fingers gingerly touch the small bandaged bump on his head. "I shoulda seen it coming."

"Like you said…rookie mistake."

"Yeah a mistake you wouldn't have made right?"

"Ah I made some stupid rookie mistakes as well. Best thing is to learn and move on," Danny suggests as he hands Jamie his coat. "Wear this otherwise I'll hafta arrest you for indecent exposure," he smirks.

"I knew he wasn't all there…but um…"

"But you felt sorry for him?"

"Yeah," Jamie huffs. "Look what it got me."

"Ah that cute nurse named Alice didn't mind tending to you after the doctor was done I'll bet," Danny playfully teases, making Jamie smile.

"That place…Danny what were all those NYPD things?"

"Guy had applied to be a cop a few times and each time failed…and I mean miserably failed his psychological exam and wasn't allowed to go further, plus…"

"Plus what?"

"Plus he had a brother named James that was killed in the line of duty. He saw your name…maybe you reminded him of his brother and…and he found a way to try to fix the mistake…save his brother."

"Did you know his brother?"

"Nah it's a big city kid," Danny smirks. "Demarcus looked up his record, he was good cop, his death was a shame. And I guess ever since Carl wanted to have him back. You know…I get it."

"Because of Joe?"

"Yeah…because of Joe," Danny repeats, silently adding in his mind because of you too.

"But he'll get help now right?"

"He'll hafta face sentencing but yeah…he will. You ready to go?"


"Jamie you did nothing wrong today. You're not gonna get a mark on your file okay? You'll go home…get some sleep, come in tomorrow, give your statement and that's it. You're gonna be fine."

"Okay," Jamie nervously replies as he allows Danny to help him slowly put on his coat to go home.

"Okay?" Danny asks to be sure.

"The um statement…is before a board or something?"

"Officer involved shooting, yeah it is. They are just going to want to hear your side. Be honest and it'll be done before you know it."

"Okay," Jamie offers again with a small nod and pursed lips.

"Tell you what, come in early before your shift tomorrow and I'll go over it with you okay? You know what to expect and all."


"Yeah really. Now come on Cinderella…my coach turns into a pumpkin at midnight," Danny teases as he pulls back the curtain. Jamie looks a few meters past the open curtain portion to see his father and grandfather waiting, both offering relived expressions.

However, a few seconds later Jamie looks past the two older Reagan's and then back at Danny with a somewhat panicked expression.

"What?" Danny asks in haste.

"Look at the ER entrance," Jamie hisses; prompting Danny to glance toward the entrance doors to the ER and his jaw to slightly drop before he looks back at his brother with a small chuckle. "Don't say it."

"Oh she probably wanted to bring her favorite dog rescuer some cookies," Danny chuckles about Mrs. Lemke waiting with her little yappy dog in one hand and a plate of cookies in the other.

"Seriously I can't see her again."

"Trust me, she's…harmless."


"No way kid…you're on your own with this one."

"What? Okay if you don't…I'll tell dad that you didn't call in the perp last week."

"Damn Renzulli," Danny curses as he looks at Jamie with a less than pleased expression. "Tell dad?"

"Well…come on Danny, please?"

"That's blackmail," Danny groans as he gestures for Jamie to do up his coat, Frank and Henry nearing.

"You ready to go?"

"Yeah. He's okay. See you tomorrow."

"Thanks Danny."

"Where's he going?" Henry quickly inquires.

"To rescue me from insanity," Jamie smiles as Danny just shakes his head.

"Jamie…kid you owe me one," Danny had muttered to Jamie as he passed. Jamie offers his brother a smile as he happily accepts a hug from his father and grandfather, promising to tell them everything on the way home but happy that he'd have Danny's help the following day to go through his first hearing. Made me proud…were the words that he took comfort with all night and was the added boost of confidence he needed to get through the following day. Danny was right, it was a mistake and he learned from it; but learned not just what to do on the job, he learned a bit more about his brother and that was the most important lesson of all.

"Come on Jamie...let's go home."


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