I don't know how to do these proofs. How do these angles and bisectors relate to real life?

Alice must have been really crazy or her younger sister must have bonked her head while she was bedridden. Either way, this could have been fully avoided if she actually slept for a full eight hours instead of tutoring her best friends who just happened to only want her company. Tonight, for sure, she was going to hunt down Boris and the twins and murder them.

Eyes darting about warily, her hands fidgeted about her light blue dress, sweat piling on her brow. If it were another person to help her along with her strenuous studies, she would have been far more relaxed. Even Blood would have made a far better teacher than Sydney Black! Which only served to remind her…

In front of her, only separated by a standard amount of wood and various books blocked him partially on sight. Shuddering internally, she stole a quick glance at her dreaded tutor. With raven black hair framing his pale face, the Japanese look about him caused many to fall for him, only to be rejected because of his loyalty to his friend Crista Snowpidgeon. Not that the dirty blonde cared, but it was a blessing to know the facts of her strange teacher.

With one eye blue and red, the young girl could hardly imagine what it must have been like when he was younger. Obviously, the polite teen felt for him, and could not understand why he wished to bathe the world in such a dark color. She could also not understand why he hated her so much.

When she first transferred to the prestigious academy, she had thought he was high strung and shy. Slowly, she began to realize that he was a cruel person who somehow hated her guts. However, she was a hope-filled girl and she was willing to make thing better for him. Nevertheless, every time she had approached the dark attired young man, only a few curt words that masked his true feelings ever occurred between them.

Then again, he must have isolated himself when he was younger, even committing social suicide by wearing dorky clothing and a monocle. An image of a young Sydney caused Alice's cheeks to flame up in utter disgust and loathing. Even though it was her overactive imagination, how could she think that the unpleasant teen was a cute boy once upon a time? Although he bore a strange resemblance to his cousin, Peter White, the both were complete opposites of each other.

Earlier, as he underwent his transformation of a nervous upperclassmen playing host to his 'mistress', she had noticed that he looked less cold… that he needed more love to be let in his world. Now, as she realized the bile was collecting in her throat, maybe… maybe she should have requested another tutor. Preferably Peter than this man who was surely going to murder her.

Coughing nervously to dispel the surplus of phlegm, she accidentally caught the attention of her instructor. Monocle flashing in the harsh light of the library, a stern look was formed in the polls of sapphire and ruby. A sight that would have made the maiden running for the hills had it not for one thing that held her back.

"Be sure to get a good grade, little sister!" Her older sibling, clad in her traditional violet outfit gave her peck on the forehead. "And if any of those boys goes after," she began with murderous intent," tell me when there will be the wedding!" Instead of cold calculated torture, warmth and childish light replaced it.

Laughing nervously, Alice pecked her sister in return.

"Will do, Lorina, will do."

"Miss Liddel, please do tell," as his eyes met hers," why none of these thing ring a bell?"

Normally, Alice would have been annoyed at the rhyme, but this was not Peter. Oh, no. She had to be questioned-in rhyme-by the infamous Sydney Black. Fate must have hated her because she felt like she should have been turned into a puddle by the way he was glaring at her.

Cursing inwardly, the teen tried to look away from the death stare of her companion. Mind already numb by the situation she was placed in; she could not afford to speak rashly. Sweating profusely, she managed to stutter," I-I don't get it?"

Clearly indignant, the black haired male sighed and pushed his monocle back into place. If one were to look closely, you could have seen some of his tendrils turn nasty shade of white. Pulling a dark red pen from his black vest pocket, he began to write in perfect calligraphy on a sheet of paper in front of him.

"How many times have you told me that poor excuse?" Although his voice was calm, it held an eerie undertone that could have caused an inmate from the deepest, darkest pits of jail to turn tail and run. Somehow, Alice got the feeling that she had to answer without fail or she would have to deal with this guy's reputable wrath. Feeling warmth travel up to her cheeks, she felt the need to face her lap, hands clutching her skirt.

"A lot, Sydney."

"That would be Mr. Black to you, Miss Liddel," his dual colored eyes bore into her skull as she refused to face him. Something cruel inside him enjoyed the discomfort that he had caused her. He only served to egg her on. "And how many times do we have to go through the same material?"

Flinching from his state of tone and his steely gaze, she continued to study the intricate embroidery of the hem. Unable to face the truth of her situation, she turned away from him and ran out the exit, tears falling from her sea green eyes.

I give up.

"What a pity," Sydney Black sneered contemptuously.

As he observed his charge stumbling out the door, he took a fine lace handkerchief and wiped his slightly smudged monocle clean. It would not serve him well if his closest belongings were not up to par with his high standards.

Dedication: If it weren't for Tailsdoll123, I would have never visited the wonderful world of the Country of Hearts (her fanfiction's are awesome!); VaniVen's artwork on Sydney Black (check her out on DeviantArt); and lastly, HawkfrostsAvenger. She has some fantastic fic ideas and she was mainly my inspiration on this! So thank you all!

Anyways, I know Sydney isn't out yet, but I wanted to write about him. I apologize in advance if he was OOC (then again, we have a few months to find out.) Basically, I based his character off of a meme which included him (just search Sydney Black Heart no Kuni and it should come up on dA) his blog, and off of YouTube. Just search Diamond no Kuni no Alice and a hilarious trailer should come up.

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