The Summer Party Of Epicness!

It was a great day in Elmore! Gumball and Darwin and I (Brandon The Human) were excited because it was the last day of school! "So what should we do at school today?" Gumball asked. "I don't know…" Darwin replied. "Well its not like Penny's just gonna walk up to me and say will you go out with me. Gumball said. "Hey Gumball!" I said. "What are you guys up too?" I asked. " Oh nothing we're just wondering what were gonna do today at school." Gumball replied. "Well that shouldn't be to hard today's the last day of school!" I said. "How about we have a party at the gym after school" Darwin suggested. "That's a great idea Darwin!" I replied. "Brandon why don't you get us some food and snacks." Gumball asked. "I'm on it!" I replied. So I went off to get some snacks but I ran into something along the way but see how I achieved it on the (Redux Version Of My point of view at that time) "I'm back!" I said. "Dude where have you been school's about to end." Gumball asked.

"Trust me you do not want to know…" I replied. " We let's get started!" We all said. After a few hours or so we got done with the decorations. "Finally… we're done!" I said tiredly. "Look I already see a lot of people already!" " Dudes this is pretty epic!" Tobias said. "Thanks!" Gumball, Darwin, and I said. "NOW LET'S PARTY!" I yelled. Gumball saw some dude with Penny. "HEY!" Gumball Yelled. " What in the h*ll are you doing!" "Gumball, I'm Penny's Brother!" Brian said. " Oh," Gumball replied. So they partied all day and all night well I guess that's it for today see more of my stories only on Fan Fiction!