Gloop The Fish

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: At this point, it's no secret that I watch and enjoy Game Grumps. It's the Runaway Guys all over again. Enjoy. ...By the way, feel free to send this to their twitter and facebook. I don't mind, I get free publicity. And seven asses.

Gloop The Fish was bored of hanging around Clanker's Cavern all the time, so he decided to branch out and head towards a more quaint, lively place.

He picked Bikini Bottom. Because talking fish weren't awkward there. Nope, not awkward at all.

"Maybe down here, I'll get some actual friends," Gloop told himself with confidence as he swam towards downtown Bikini Bottom.

Nancy Suzy Fish and Debbie Rechid (just google them if you don't know who they are, for Squidward's sakes) were walking with each other, chatting it up as they bumped into Gloop. All three fish screamed in horror as Gloop let out some bubbles out of his mouth in fright. Nancuy and Debbie looked at each other oddly as they glanced back at Gloop, with fright in their eyes.

"Err... hi..." Gloop introduced, feeling nervous as he blinked. "I'm just a happy go lucky fish..." He shook his head as he denounced himself. "Pah, who am I kidding? I'm depressed down to my bubbles..."

Nancy and Debbie were trembling with fright as they had no idea who this Gloop fish was, or what he was going to do to them.

"You're not from Bikini Bottom, are you?" Nancy asked, gulping as sweat started pouring down her face.

Gloop nodded in response. "Yeah. I come all the way from Clanker's Cavern." He bopped his head up and down. "Gruntilda placed exits around the entire place to ensure nobody would get out, but thanks to that bear and bird, I found my way out..."

"Bear and bird?" Debbie remarked, scratching the left side of her blonde hair. "That sounds absurd."

Silence. Gloop coughed out some more bubbles.

"So, you two live here?" Gloop asked as he blinked. "What's your names?"

Nancy tapped her front fins together. "Well... I'm Nancy Suzy Fish, and this is Debbie Rechid." She pointed at Debbie, who was still trembling.

Gloop lowered his eyes. "You two girls wanna... hang out, maybe?"

More silence. Suddenly, Debbie farted, her skirt lifting up as fart bubbles emerged behind her, causing Nancy to gasp as Gloop had a look of horror on his face.

"Oh no... not again..." Gloop thought, realizing the horrifying thought that he might be used just for his farts again.