Gloop decided to leave behind the two female fishes as he swam across Bikini Bottom, getting odd glances from all the other fish, who were standing whereas he wasn't. Poor Gloop felt out of place, being an ordinary fish in a sea of abnormal fish.

"Man, to think that a normal guy like me can be considered weird in a town full of weird things..." Gloop muttered, unexpectedly going into a field of giant clams. He screamed in pain as he swam through it as fast as he could, panting as he let out air bubbles out of his mouth. "Ohh, that was close... it's can't be worse than..."

Suddenly, he went through a field of giant cheese graters, being sliced and slashed several times. Gloop had parts of his body slashed off, farting out bubbles as he was unable to comprehend what happened.

"Really? Giant cheese graters? Who the hell puts these things down here?" Gloop asked as he blinked, shaking his head. "Well, at least it can't get any odder than..."

Gloop wasn't able to finish his sentence, as he unexpectedly went into a field consisting of the worst thing possible...

...educational television.