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Dawn had come and gone by the time Dean woke up. Katniss always woke early, as it was necessary for survival in District 12 and in the Hunger Games. Sleeping meant vulnerability, and she couldn't afford to do that. Sam always woke early; he was just a morning person, kind of. Cas didn't need to sleep, but Dean had the suspicion it was mostly because he didn't know how. Dean swore to himself to correct that.

Nevertheless, Dean was awake by mid-morning. Katniss was already roasting some rabbit by the fire, and she was currently skinning a handful of what appeared to be squirrels. Sam sat across from her on another log, while Cas was doing that thing, the tilting-his-head-in-puzzlement-which-looked-really-awkward-and-uncomfortable thing, while regarding the druids, prodding at their robes and examining their features.

"So, how did you get here, Katniss?" Dean overheard Sam ask.

"I needed some time away from District 12 because of some tensions between some friends of mine and me. I went for a walk in the nearby woods, but somehow, I strayed too far away from the fence. Then suddenly, it was dark. The woods became denser and thicker and darker, and suddenly, there were roads. The roads became a puzzle to me, and I couldn't figure my way out; I couldn't even go back the way I came correctly. I walked and walked and walked, and then there are noises everywhere, it became day-time again. I came across this clearing several days ago. I had been investigating the forest since then."

"That's almost exactly the same as how we got here," Sam said, "Dean, Bobby, a friend of ours, and I were investigating some strange apocalyptic signs in the area. Ridiculous thunderstorms, dangerous floods, horrible tornadoes, stuff like that. We were researching what the causes could be, or I was, and the weather seemed to be at its worst above this forest. We went in to take a look around."

Dean walked over to Sam and the kid. He sat down on an extra log by the extinct fire.

"We came across a fork in the road, so Bobby went to the right, and Dean and I to the left. Some time later, we heard Bobby yelling and cursing, and several gunshots, as well as a crash or something. We tried to go back, but somehow we ended up in this clearing and it was suddenly daytime." Sam spoke.

"If the forest confuses us the moment we wish to escape, the likelihood of ever finding your friend is very low. Unless you find him without actively thinking about leaving, or else you will simply return to this spot, and if your friend hasn't tried to leave anywhere." Katniss replied, blunt words harsh and unsympathetic. Sam went quiet, and Dean coughed.

"So, Kat," Dean said, "Did you find anything while searching for information about our situation or on how to get out of this place?" If Katniss cared about how informally she was addressed, she didn't show it. However, she appeared to be debating something in her head, before hesitantly reaching into her jacket pocket.

"I went back into the woods a few times to hunt, but yesterday, I noticed these," Katniss pulled out a large handful of transparent stones, "on the ground. There are a lot of these stones in the woods, and I collected as many as I could. They seemed important, somehow...ethereal." Katniss said, appearing frustrated at how different and unfamiliar everything was.

She held out her hands, cupping approximately 15 stones the size of walnuts in her palms. Sam took a couple in his hands, inspecting them, holding one to the light. The rock emitted a subtle, muted golden radiance.

Cas leaning over Sam in less than a second. He curiously tilted his head ('but seriously, the head tilting looks really uncomfortable,' Dean thought), before snatching one from Katniss' hands and thoroughly examining it.

"Anything, Cas?" Sam queried.

"These are shattered gummi blocks of a rare type." Cas replied.

"This is really not the time for jokes, Cas." Dean mumbled.

"What's a gummi block?" Katniss asked.

Cas sighed. 'He's been doing that pretty often lately,' thought Dean.

"Gummi blocks are building blocks and materials with special features which are used in making gummi ships, ships that travel between worlds. These are special in that these automatically take whomever the user wishes to a default location, usually for regrouping as a saved point to return to." Cast explained.

"Is that how we got here then?" Sam inquired, "Maybe that forest was sort of like the transition between these worlds."

"Am I the only one confused about how there are other worlds or whatever?!" Dean exclaimed.

"Dean. Supernatural, remember? Anything can happen? Geez." Sam chided.

Katniss simply absorbed this information quietly, before commenting.

"So you say that these are building blocks for a ship or vehicle to other 'worlds', then maybe we can reassemble the ship by collecting enough of the stones and putting them together. Then, we could try flying it back to our own 'universes.'"

"Unfortunately, no. The gummi blocks have been smashed. Somehow, something destroyed it, possibly on purpose. We are trapped here in this world, that I'm sure. The only other thing I'm certain about is that someone, whomever used these gummi blocks, was specifically calling us to here for a reason." Castiel answered.

Time passed rather quickly for Bobby, which would be surprising, considering the lack of entertainment, if you weren't used to this wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff. Fortunately, Bobby was somewhat well versed in what he liked to call 'Supernatural Shit', so he could tell that, where ever he was, was probably on a different schedule that reality. For one, he had a watch, and once it hit 8:00 AM and it was still dark, that probably meant that he was either at the North or South pole, or he was in a different dimension. And for another, Bobby wasn't an idjit.

Well, don't assume he just sat next to the cliff for five hours. He spent a long while searching for a way to escape, but it became clear that this cliff was also simultaneously an island, and there wasn't any other bridges out. At that point, Bobby dropped his things and just sat down next to the cliff for three hours. If he were to be perfectly honest with himself, (and as the better father figure of Dean, of course he never was,) he figured he was pretty much trapped, before trying to think of a material efficient way to get back across to the rest of the forest.

Bobby flipped out his pocket knife, found some sturdy but thin trees, and set to work. This was going to be a long while. By then, Bobby had a feeling that time would pass a lot slower now.

"Stop fidgeting, will you?" Dean snapped.

"Sorry," Sam automatically said, "I'm just...nervous."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know. I just don't think this is it. There's something more going on."

"Be quiet! You're scaring away the prey with all your noise and questions and crunching!" Katniss whispered urgently.

"S'not like our profession really deals with killing animals, you know. Our prey don't usually have super hearing." Dean snarked.

"Would you like us to leave, Katniss?" offered Cas.

"Do so, but quietly!"

Dean, Sam, and Castiel shuffled awkwardly back to the camp site, their current 'Home, Sweet Home". Once again, they were greeted by the welcoming sight of dead druids hanging on a web of black strings connected from house-on-stilts to house-on-stilts. Nevertheless, Dean and Sam felt safer there.

Katniss had been startled and righteously annoyed at the rate of the groups food consumption, which was much higher than she calculated, even for just three people since angels honestly don't count. Frustrated with foreigners, she set out for hunting again; twice in one day. Sam had felt a bit guilty, and he tried eat less ('Think about the starving children in Africa, Sam! Don't be a glutton!'), but Dean would certainly not be persuaded ('Think about the starving people in Kat's district, Dean! Don't be a glutton!'). Meanwhile, Castiel didn't understand why Sam tried to get everyone to eat less with reminders of starving people. Wasn't such a method more commonly used to provoke people to finish their food?

"So, Sammy. What feels weird to you?"

"What I said. I don't know, but I feel like we wont be lazing around searching for clues no one will ever find for much longer."

"Comforting, Sammy. Real comforting."

"We should keep looking for more information. Search all the other houses we haven't gone into yet. Try to find some hints about what's going on. What world we might be in." Castiel instructed.

"Aye, aye captain." Sam and Dean groaned.

They split up, rummaging through the houses of the druids. They tore apart their beds, flipped their few furniture, and scrutinized their trinkets and belongings. The writing seemed to consistently be in Old English, but they were mostly just letters. Even then, there were few of those too. Cas mentioned that one of their abilities was to mentally communicate over short to moderately long distances. He didn't seem to know much else, though he attributed his lack of data to the fact that druids are a fairly common race throughout the worlds, and each have different features to the last.

Despite all their ferreting, they never stopped to truly examine the bodies. Nor did they examine the keys around their necks, nor the web above them. They didn't notice the one druid boy with a missing key...

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