The mighty Great Ape Android Vegeta stood, beginning to lose his patience with the stalling. Piccolo, Present Gohan, and Krillin were the only fighters currently standing before him. Goku stood at a very safe distance, plotting with Cell and Gero in an unlikely alliance to defeat Vegeta using a Spirit Bomb.

Goku had placed his hands to the sky and called upon all the living and breathing creatures of the planet to lend him their energy so that he may perform the Spirit Bomb technique at a magnitude large enough to destroy Vegeta.

"Don't you think he's going to realize we're here before long?" Gero ask worriedly.

"Not a chance. A long time ago Piccolo invented a technique where we can mask our ki a lot like you androids. It's pretty useful," Goku replied.

"That is indeed useful," Cell added, his hands lending Goku some power.

Yamcha ran out of the Capsule Corporation building in a hot pursuit of Future Gohan, who had left the premises in a silent rage after hearing the heart-breaking news. Even though Gohan was critically injured, he was able to somehow leave the area fast enough for him to be nowhere in sight. Suddenly, Yamcha felt a surge of energy in the very far distance.

Oh no.. That's near the battlefield. What's going on there?! Yamcha thought to himself.

Yamcha began to sprint in that direction, but right before he could leap into the air and begin flight, Bulma came running outside.

"Yamcha! Where are you going?!"

"Something's happened back at the battle site," he said, slowly ascending into the skies.

"But…. But…. Alright!"

Yamcha flew off.

I've made a terrible mistake…. Yamcha is gone all the time just like Gohan was….. The only difference is that.. I love Gohan.

Yamcha finally arrived back at the scene, only to see a raging battle between Piccolo, Present Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta. His patience had worn thin, and they all had to pitch in and fight to keep him from going on a destructive rampage. He joined in on their seemingly futile fight.

"C'mon, Dad! Come back soon, please! We can't take him much longer!" Gohan shouted as he fired a barrage of ki blasts in Vegeta's direction.

Goku was still charging up the Spirit Bomb, "My friends need to know that I'm doing this so they can help me… But that wouldn't be very subtle to Vegeta.. Right now the only thing we have going for us is our element of surprise.." Goku thought to himself, Wait! I've got it!

"You look like you've had an epiphany, Goku…" Cell noted.

King Kai! Goku communicated with King Kai telepathically.

Goku! I see you're using my Spirit Bomb technique! He eagerly replied.

Yeah…. But I need to ask one quick favor.

What's that?

Let everyone on Earth know to raise their hands up to the skies to help me out here… It's the only way we can stop Vegeta!

Everyone on Earth!? Goku, have you gone mad?!

It's the only way, King Kai! Goku's patience was wearing thin.

Alright…. I'll see what I can do… Good luck, Goku.

The battle made a slight halt as the Z Fighters stopped flying around Vegeta and firing at him. They took a moment to listen to King Kai speak to them.

People of Earth.. Lift your hands to the sky right now! A great threat is facing you and everyone on the planet. Your cooperation is all that is needed to save the world!

"Did you hear that too?" Krillin asked the others.

"Yeah, I did!" Yamcha replied.

"Hear what?!" Vegeta asked.

"Heh… That's right. He's not a living creature.. He didn't hear it!" Piccolo muttered under his breath.

The Z Fighters looked at each other and quickly and subconsciously devised a plan. They all knew what to do without saying a word. Piccolo darted behind the rest of them and began to raise his hands in the air, giving Goku some strength, while the others fought with Vegeta. After lending Goku much of his energy and nearly passing out, he came back to the battle, signaling Krillin to take a turn. Krillin then gave Goku his energy and signaled Yamcha to do the same. By the time Gohan had gone to give his father his own energy, Goku's Spirit Bomb was quite impressive in size. Gohan lifted his hands to the skies and began to feed Goku power.

Piccolo, while still fighting, shouted at Gohan, "Dig deep, Gohan! You've got more in you than you know! Dig deep! Dig deep!"

"Haaaaaaah!" Gohan surged his ki, giving a large shot of energy to Goku.

"More, Gohan! You've got to give more!" Piccolo demanded.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Gohan's aura exploded in a cloud of gold.

Gohan had turned into a Super Saiyan.

"Woah! You're kidding me!" Krillin shouted in amazement.

Power pulsed through Gohan and went straight into Goku's Spirit Bomb. The size was tremendous at that point. It was ready to go.

"Quickly, Goku. Maneuver behind Vegeta while the others distract him. Then, launch the Bomb right at him, and watch him be destroyed!" Cell suggested.

Goku began to fly as fast as he could while carrying the Spirit Bomb. He was not about to win any awards in stealth or conspicuousness, however the others were doing a good enough job of keeping Vegeta's hands full enough for him to make a run for it around him. Goku tossed the Spirit Bomb toward Vegeta with all his might. Completely exhausted, he fell to the ground and could only hope that all went according to plan.

"Vegeta, look out!" a voice in the distance shouted.

Vegeta turned around to see the Spirit Bomb hurdling toward him. This was a familiar site for the Saiyan Prince. As a reflex, he quickly summoned a large and powerful explosive wave shield around himself. This not only protected him from the blast, but also deflected it, and bounced the Z Fighters back. The blast turned around, hitting the unconscious Goku, swallowing him hole.

"NO! GOKU!" Krillin screamed.

"Who warned him?!" Piccolo asked furiously.

A tall man hovered above all of the Z Fighters. Dr. Gero and Cell came out from their cover to see.

"It was me," he said.

"Baahh! It's Android 16!" Dr. Gero shouted, pointing at him.

"I've never seen this android!" Piccolo observed.

Dr. Gero got closer to the others, "He was a failed experiment designed with the sole intent of defeating Goku… I guess he finally did it, or at least helped in doing so.."

"I didn't even know this battle was going on," began 16, "until your good friend was so kind as to point me in the right direction," Android 16 said as he pointed down to the ground at Future Gohan, who was barely standing.

"What?! How could you do this?" Piccolo shrieked.

"I didn't know…. I never saw this android before either, not even in my own timeline… I just heard the message from King Kai, and… I knew I wasn't going to be able to get myself here, and so.. He was the first person I saw.. I asked him to bring me here. I'm so sorry, guys," Future Gohan explained himself, tears streaming down his face from shame.

"Dad…. Dad is dead… Because of you!" Present Gohan pointed at Future Gohan.

Future Gohan didn't say anything. He just fell to his knees in physical and emotional defeat.

"I've had it! I'll do what you never could!" Present Gohan shouted as his power exploded once more. His hair length doubled and sparks surrounded his body.

"I can't believe it! He's ascended beyond a Super Saiyan!" Piccolo shouted.

Present Gohan looked at Vegeta.

"It's time to finish this."