Dragon Ball Z: History of Gohan - Chapter 8

Future Gohan began to think to himself about how he should assess this situation. He could feel a decent sum of multiple power levels heading in a certain direction together, That's got to be some of dad's friends.. maybe he's with them, he thought. He could sense one person heading in a completely opposite direction, I'm not positive who that guy is.. I would worry that it's an android, but I don't remember being able to sense their ki back in my timeline... Still, better safe than sorry. I better check it out, whatever it is.

He jumped into the air and began to follow the unidentified power level that was rushing toward the direction of the Kame House. Within a few moments, he was caught up with his younger, present timeline counterpart.

"Hey! You're that guy from a few years ago! What are you doing here?" Present Gohan asked eagerly. He didn't confess it, but he was a little lonely and scared having to fly all by himself in a dangerous time like this.

"Oh.. I'm relieved it's just you. Where are you heading?"

"I'm gonna go check on my dad. He was fighting one of the androids but then that heart virus started to hit him pretty hard.. Yamcha was supposed to take him back there."

"How did you guys do against the androids?"

"Dad put up a really good fight against the fat one. He would have won if it weren't for the virus, I think. Vegeta came in and finished him off for us, though."

"The fat one? What are you talking about?"

"There was this fat and pale one who was ordered around by this old guy. The others are out looking for the old guy right now, since he ran away."

"Gah! Those aren't the two androids I remember!" Future Gohan became incredibly worried. What else has changed in this timeline?

"Oh no! So there are others?"

"I'm not sure... All I know is that the ones from my timeline weren't the same ones you guys saw... Luckily, the ones from my timeline aren't going to come around here... If they do, then we've got a lot to worry about."

The two Gohans continued their trip to the Kame House. Future Gohan tried not to worry himself with this too much before having at least talked to everyone once again and getting the full story, however he couldn't help but wonder what all was different in this timeline.

Within some time they arrived at the Kame House, and were greeted Yamcha, who met them at the door.

"I could feel you all coming," Yamcha said. He looked over at Future Gohan, "So you're back, I see.. Why don't you two come in? We've got some stuff to fill you all in on."

Gohan ran in past Yamcha, "Dad! Are you alright?"

Goku lifted his head up from the pillow he was using to rest his head on, "Heheh.. Yeah, I'm fine, son..." Although he was incredibly tired and needed to sleep, he noticed Future Gohan standing next to everyone, towering above all of them with his height, "Nice to see you again. You came at the perfect time."

"I heard you gave that tubby android a run for his money," Gohan congratulated.

"Yeah.. He was pretty good, but I would've had him if it weren't for the heart virus. I finally got around to taking some of that medicine you gave me, though. It didn't taste as good as I was hoping, but I'm feeling a little better, so that's a plus."

"Hahaha, yeah.. Glad to hear that much. So Yamcha said that there was some news I needed to hear.."

Bulma ran into the room, "Oh! It's you! I knew I wouldn't ever forget that voice!" She gave Future Gohan a large hug.

He didn't know exactly how to react to this, "Uh.. Hey, Bulma.. You seem awfully chipper today, considering all that's happened."

"I'm just really happy to see you. I haven't forgotten you since that day that you came and fought Frieza and stuff... What you told me before you left really stood out in my head."

"I'm glad I could comfort you a bit. Say, where's little Trunks?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

"Trunks? Who's that?" she asked, tilting her head.

Goku and Future Gohan turned to look at Bulma, as this alarmed them both simultaneously.

Uh-oh... I remember Gohan telling me about Bulma having a kid with Vegeta some day named Trunks... That explains why she didn't know where Vegeta was earlier today in the city... And come to think of it, I've never seen the kid.. Does this mean he wasn't born?! Goku thought to himself, not wanting to say anything out loud and interfere with whatever Future Gohan needed to happen.

"Eh... Can Goku and I have a moment alone? He and I need to.. talk about the next move for the androids," Future Gohan improvised for a reason to talk to Goku about this new revelation.

"I think I should be around for this too, but whatever... Don't take too long," Yamcha said as he and the others began to walk outside. Present Gohan could tell something was up, but didn't want to argue with either of them, knowing they had more authority than he did on this situation, and knowing that neither of them would make a bad call.

"You!" Future Gohan went from collective to upset in an instant. He was angrily pointing at his father, "You must have told someone about Bulma and Vegeta! That's why Trunks hasn't been born yet!"

"I promise I kept my mind shut, Gohan... I've had much bigger concerns these past years than gossip," Goku said. He would have been more powerful in his wording if it didn't hurt him to be awake.

"Well then what else would have kept Vegeta and Bulma from hooking up?"

"I dunno... Bulma seemed pretty into you a minute ago..."

"You don't think... No..." Gohan looked down.


Did Bulma fall in love with me that day that I came a few years ago? Has she seriously been waiting all this time for my return? She turned down the opportunity to hook up with Vegeta for the chance that I might come back? No way... Did I inadvertantly cause Trunks to not be born? Ugh! I need to focus on facts for now! "Nothing... According to the young me's description of the androids you fought today, the ones from my timeline are completely different from the ones here!"

"What? You mean that the ones that destroyed your time haven't even come out yet? I was just barely able to deal with the fat one today!"

Goku called it 'the fat one'... My present counterpart definitely wasn't lying.

"I know... And I'm almost certain that the ones from today weren't a fraction as powerful as the ones from my time..."

"How can you tell?"

"Mostly by the fact that this building is still standing.."

"Geez! You really think we're in this much trouble?"

"We're definitely in deep... As soon as you start to feel better, we've got to get to work on stopping them; that's for sure."

"I'm gonna let you get some rest.. I'll try to catch up with the others. I've heard that they're pursuing Gero off the battlefield. With any luck, they've already dealt with him, but we can never be too safe," Future Gohan said as he headed toward the door.

"Are you going to take Gohan with you? What about Yamcha?" Goku asked, lifting his head up once more.

"Well, knowing how I was at his age I would imagine he's going to want to stick around with you, but I'll at least offer it to him, and I have little doubt that Yamcha's gonna want to tag along with me."
Future Gohan headed outside to see the friends of the Z Fighters casually pacing around the peaceful island in which the Kame House was located. They all seemed to simultaneously turn their heads in his direction as they heard the old door creep open.

"Sorry about all that. I just needed to talk to him about some stuff... So, I'm about to go and try to catch up with the others. Yamcha, I assume you're game?"

"You bet! Even if I don't end up fighting any of those bots, I at least wanna watch a good fight," he eagerly replied, clenching his fists hastily, as if he were about to fight right then and there.

"What about you, little guy? Your dad could probably use some compan-" he was interrupted.

"I'm going with you..." Present Gohan quietly said.

"Uh..." Future Gohan wasn't expecting this answer, and therefore had nothing prepared for the situation, "O-okay, that's cool... Well, let's go ahead and get moving then!"

The trio burst into the air and began to fly, following the trail of power that they could sense coming from the Z Fighters in the distance. Although it was far and somewhat difficult to detect, their instincts told them they were headed in the correct direction.

Several miles from the battlefield in which Android 19 was defeated, the Z Fighters were hot on Dr. Gero's trail. His lack of detectable ki was certainly an advantage for him right now, perhaps one that saved his cold, artificial life.

"For an old geezer, that guy sure can move..." Krillin commented, getting more exhausted from the persistent pursuing he and the others had been partaking in.

"Age doesn't affect androids. In terms of stamina, this guy might as well be a young teenager," Piccolo said.

"I guess that's true... I know he's got me beat in the stamina game, that's for sure," Krillin admitted. The others were likewise growing tired and thinking he was long-gone, however he was the first to actually say something about it.

King Cold hovered slightly above the crowd of Z Fighters, "Look! Gero was obviously running for a certain reason."

"Well yeah! He didn't want to die!" Krillin remarked.

"But that's not his only motive, human! Androids do not have the same feelings of fear that we have. While I envy that trait to no end, it tells me something about his current actions."

"I like where this is going. Continue," Piccolo said.

"He must be heading toward a specific destination - not just a place to cower for the rest of his eternal life, but a place where he must have something... something that he wishes to use against us. What exactly that is I am uncertain of.." Cold explained.

"That makes sense, actually..." Tien agreed.

"With all of this being said, I believe it is of the utmost importance that we find him soon so we can stop whatever he has planned for us, because whatever it is, it can't be good for us."

"That's all fine and dandy, but that's also way easier said than done.. We can't sense his ki, and he could be heading anywhere in the world for all we know! We're just a few guys!" Krillin argued.

"Logically speaking, I would imagine wherever he's heading isn't incredibly far from here. I don't know why he would setup a base or anything incredibly far from the city that he was at this morning," Tien stated.

"Precisely. I think if we all split up, we could find his location within a reasonable amount of time. We all must remember to remain in contact with each other and notify the rest of the gang when or if we think we may have found the jackpot," King Cold added.

"Couldn't have said it much better myself. Let's get moving." Piccolo ordered.

Right as they were about to burst into separate directions, the trio from the Kame House had arrived.

"Hold on, guys! Where are you all heading?" Yamcha asked the group anxiously.

"We're gonna split up to try to find Gero. King Cold here has some pretty good ideas going on," Krillin answered.

"I see you're back," Tien pointed to Future Gohan, "that's good, since we could definitely use some extra hands."

"I'm willing to do whatever I can," Future Gohan modestly replied.

"Dad is doing better, too. Hopefully he'll be able to help out before too long," Present Gohan said, happily, however wishing to maintain a certain degree of seriousness that the adults were carrying.

"Say, where's Vegeta?" Yamcha asked, now that everyone else was done talking.

"He was furious when we last saw him. There was no way he was going to stop and take a break with us... It's honestly no telling exactly where he's at by now, but I don't think he'll blink again until he finds that android," Krillin explained.

"Enough chat. All of our stories are square now, right?" Piccolo waited for a moment, knowing no one would answer his hypothetical question, "Good. Now let's go moving!"

The team members simultaneously nodded their heads as they broke out into separate directions in a wild chase for the evil Dr. Gero.