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Another old ficlet that's worth posting! It took me a while to decide if I'll be releasing it or not, but here it is now!

The fic's in Doumeki-danchou POV and it's (sort of) KiryuuinKaoruXDoumekiKai sweetness. Enjoy!

-~ Danchous at the Dragon Ramen House

I was sure he wasn't expecting much when I said I'd treat him. Fine dining?He teased. No. I told him the food would be different from what he was used to and it would be a great first time experience. He chuckled and mentioned that he had always wanted to try it out, but never had such in their side of town.

Good, he knew what I was talking about. Besides, he had been looking forward to it. He figured where I'd be taking him. A famous Ramen stand at the Town of Yuuhi where me and my Squad were regulars.

As soon as we enter, the Master cheerfully greets us.

It took a while before we sat down, he was still marveling at the simple and unique designs of the small Ramen Stand. He was probably wondering how my Squad, plus his Squad, could fit in here so we could sit down next time and eat together. I told him to take his time looking around, we were the only ones there anyways and the Master was still preparing our order.

The Master curiously asks, where was my Squad? And who was this man I'm with?He noticed my companion was acting strangely.

My Squad was out doing the usual, I replied. Then I introduced my childhood friend and the current Asahi Ouendan Danchou, Kiryuuin Kaoru. I added he came from a rich family and it was his first time eating commoners noodles, Kaoru raises a brow at my statement. The Master laughs.

When Kaoru sat down with me, the ramen I ordered for us was ready. He stared at it for a moment, took his chopsticks in hand and began with the noodles.

I complimented him for knowing how to use chopsticks, since my rich rookie had trouble with them and he's usually the laughing stock of the Squad when we're eating out. He smiles, thanking me for imparting the knowledge of using chopsticks to him when we were younger.

He soon praised the Master for the tasty ramen, saying he'll be taking his own Squad here next time and better get a lot of noodles ready since his rookie eats quite a lot. Then he turns to me with his beautiful loving stare...

Right on cue, the Master turns his back to us. Kaoru nears his face to mine and gave me a swift kiss on the lips. I glared at him, while he giggles. Returing to his ramen like nothing happened and thanks me for the wonderful treat.