a/n: This is gay im unoriginal as fuck i dont know how to come up with names for fanfics lol wtf is this laugh at me

hints of sex and i drop f bombs in case you haven't noticed.

Written for a certain friend I like to bully in order to exacerbate the pain of her OTP in health class clocking at nine minutes

WARNING. THIS IS ANGST. [Aomine Daiki x Kise Ryouta]

Whenever they fuck Kise always cries.

His eyes sting from the rough pain intermingled with sweet pleasure, yet that pain is incomparable to the scabbing wound he reopens voluntarily whenever Aomine comes to him for comfort.

He doesn't know when the hell he became such a masochist.

When he does cry, he cries silently. Not racking sobs that shake his entire frame, but noiselessly enough so that Aomine doesn't notice. They are not tears of desperation, of pain...but of genuine heartbreak. The person he has always been reaching for embraces him with his strong hands, forceful lust, and an aloof coldness, and Kise feels as if his heart would shatter beyond repair.

There were no emotions involved.

None at all. Just bodily contact and a cruel exchange of fluid, an icy connection of the physical sort.

He doesn't understand.

Kise tells himself that he doesn't understand such a relationship but he does perfectly, yet it hurts so badly that he clutches his heart, nails digging in viciously, leaving crescent marks that mar the plane of fair skin.

He shoves a clenched fist into his mouth so that Aomine doesn't hear him sobbing when the tanned ace pins him down and has his way with him, wherever, whenever, regardless of location. It makes it hurt less, dulls the hollow ache in his heart yet it still hurts to the point where Kise wants to scream and yell and wipe that smug smirk off of Aomine's face yet -

He is still so helpless against him.

Kise knows, and he hates that so much, he hates himself for being so pathetic yet that bastard toyed around with him and Kise let him do whatever he wanted without objection, wrapped around his ring finger like a sycophantic puppy vying for love and attention.

The figure he has always been reaching for, right in his arms...

So close yet so far away.

Kise snickers at the irony of it all; to him it sounds like a line from all those ridiculous shoujo mangas Momoi always read during practice.

Look where he was now.

Being used, taken advantage of. Thrown away at a moment's notice.

There is no love.

No emotion.

Just sex.

They fuck and when they do, the pleasure is fleeting and worldly.

And Kise cries.

He can't help it. There's nothing he can do against him.

"Ne, Aominecchi, i-it's the locker room...what if someone comes in?" Kise gently pushes Aomine away yet to no avail.

He doesn't try when he already knows the outcome. He doesn't even try to resist.

"Just shut up already." Aomine roughly undresses Kise and kisses his neck possessively.

"You're mine. You're not going anywhere."

Kise stiffens and clenches his fist, swallowing the bitter accumulation of turmoil with a sad smile.

He can feel the tears well up in his eyes.

"I'm not your toy, Aominecchi." What a weak attempt at saying no.

Aomine scoffs and pretends like he doesn't hear.

He knows who Aomine yearns for, and he knows the name that falls from his lips ever so quietly when they have sex.

Aomine's shadow.

He could never compare.

Kise feels as if he isn't even worth being called a replacement.

Fuck buddies. That was all this relationship entailed.

A disgusting joke, a farce in which he was the jester that entertained all.

Aomine doesn't even look him in the eyes when he's finished and gets up to leave, not once looking back.

I'm sorry, Aominecchi.

The one he needs to apologize to is himself.

The tears won't stop.

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