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Summary:Tomoe,Mizuki,and Kurama are all stuck in a place they've never seen 't know why, don't know how, and can do anything about it.

Stuck with you

"What the...?"Tomoe looked around as he sat up from laying on his back with a blank yet confused look on his face as he scanned his surroundings. White was all he saw, white walls, white table, white desk, everything was pure white.

He stood up, trying to find out where he was, this was the first time he had ever seen such a place. Tomoe wandered around what looked to be a small living room, then walked through a doorway to a kitchen.

he opened the fridge and cabnets to see if there was anything, but it was all empty. Tomoe sighed as he scratched his head.

"Great...No food.." Tomoe turned the faucet on and nothing came out."Or water..." he sighed again before leaving the kitchen, There were three more doorways down a small hallway on the other side of the living room.

Tomoe was thinking he should also check out the other rooms, but first, he wanted to see if there was anything useful in the living room.
He looked around under the small table and in the drawers of the small desk. All he found was a pencil and sharpener in the drawer. He walked back to the small table in the middle of the room to set what he had found down, then he noticed a note book laid open on the table. It wasn't there before and he was sure of that. He continued to walk to table and then he could see something written on the page the note book was open to.
Tomoe set the pencil and sharpener down on the table by the note book as he sat down on the floor in front of the book and read what it said.

"Have Fun?" Tomoe read out loud to himself, puzzled about what it meant. All of a sudden, a loud thunk came from one of the unexplored rooms as if something heavy fell. It surprised Tomoe since he was thinking hard about what was written.

Tomoe got up and walked to the room where the noise came from, trying not to make a sound as he did. He Grabbed the handle of the door and lightly placed his ear to the door. All he heard was some groaning and someone saying "What happened?" in a familiar voice.

After hearing this, Tomoe turned the handle and swung the door open. He saw a jumbled up pile of blankets on the floor right by the bed, which was on the left wall right by the door. Tomoe grabbed the blankets and threw them away only to find Mizuki laying on his back, completely lost on what was going on.

"Mizuke... What are you doing here?..." Tomoe stared down at the one he despised the most.

Mizuki stared up at the fuzzy figure, smiling. He may not be able to see him, but he could never forget that tone of voice Tomoe used. He rubbed his eyes trying to clear his vision."I should be asking you the same thing."

Tomoe glared at him, irritated at his answer.

Mizuke stood up, still a bit dizzy feeling. He smiled at Tomoe's annoyed look." So, Where are we?"

Tomoe sighed, deciding not to get angry in such a small space. He simply answered as he walked away from Mizuki, out of the small room after looking around in it."I don't know."

Mizuki seemed confused as he followed him."You don't know?"

Tomoe nodded as he stopped in the hallway and looked back at Mizuki."Yes,I don't know..."

"Have you tired to get out? Or at least tried find out where we are?"


Mizuke stared at Tomoe's blank expression. He sighed."Oh,then... What have you been doing?"

"Looking around." Tomoe said as he grabbed the handle of the door across from the room he found Mizuki in.

"Find anything interesting?"Mizuki smiled.

"Not really..."Keeping the note book to himself Tomoe said nothing about it. He opened the door and looked around. It was a mirror image of the other bedroom. Same bed, dresser, small window on the far side of it, everything. And it was still all white, other than a small patch of red hidden under the covers in the bed.

Tomoe saw this and frowned as he thought of the worse.

Mizuki, being curious, just walked over to the bed and nudged the patch of red with his hand.

The red retreated under the blanket, it shifted around for a moment as moaning came from moved his hand away in surprised when the red moved, Then he smiled.

Mizuki pulled the blanket up to find that the red was non-other than Kurama's hair and under the blanket, his whole body was cover by his pitch black wings. Mizuki smiled."Well look who else is caught up in all this..."

All there was in reply was a thunk and silence.

Mizuki turned around confused to see Tomoe passed out on his back on the floor. Mizuki sighed as he bent down and lifted Tomoe's arm over his shoulder and lifted him up. He began to walk Tomoe out of the room, but before he left he turned back to Kurama who was still sleeping and Mizuki smiled."I'll be back for you in a sec."Then he turned and left, shutting the door behind him.