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They all stared at the tree with blank can't be,it had to be a one writing in the note book was a tree?
Could trees even write?

"What?"The notebook wrote on the next page since the one before had been filled.

Mizuki looked to the others,a bit confused."A tree brought us here?"

Tomoe shook his head."No way,a mere tree can't bring me here."He jumped up and looked closely at the tree.

Kurama wrote in the note book,"Are you the one who brought us here?"

it replied."No."

"Guess it didn't."Mizuki said after looking at the page to see what it smiled and rubbed the tree with his hand."What a strange tree,black as if dead and has no leaves yet still provides fruit as if it was a normal tree..."

"and the fact that there are so many different kinds on the same plant..."Kurama added."But still,it might say it didn't bring us but what if it's lying?..."

Mizuki turned to looked at Kurama with a confused look on his face."Can trees lie?"

Kurama shrugged his shoulders."How am i suppose to know?It's not like I talk to them all the time."

The note book wrote."I am not lying,people always pop up in that house and find me,but I never know how they get here."

Kurama looked down at the book."oh it can hear us?Well,that makes this easier..."

"There were others?"Tomoe looked down at the note book to rad,Mizuki did the same.

The note book wrote."Yes,many others have come,but they don't stay long..."

"They don't?Where do they go?"Mizuki said,wondering if something bad happened to them,and maybe could happen to him,Tomoe,and Kurama also.

The note book wrote again."They go out there..."Then a drawing appeared of the desert.

Tomoe looked out around them."They leave...Do you know of they make it back to where they came from?"He looked back at the note book as it wrote.

"No...All I know is that they never come back..."

Mizuki didn't seem to like that at all as he looked more nervous now."...Can we stay here?"He asked the others,not thinking of what he was actually asking of them.

Kurama looked up at him."Are you crazy!? What about Nanami!?And there's no way I'd stay with you two longer than I have to..."

Tomoe nodded in agreement."I can agree with that,and it is true...We have to get back to Nanami."

Mizuki went over and sat down by Kurama,looking down at the ground,he knew this as he was worried something would happen and then none of them would be there for her.

Tomoe could tell he was troubled and sighed as he walked over beside sat down close to Mizuki and pated his head,pulling it close."nothing will happen,I promise..."

Mizuki was shocked at Tomoe's actions,he would have thought that Tomoe would mock him for being was even more shooked when Kurama comforted him as well.

Kurama had scooted in front of Mizuki and grabbed his hands in his own."I promise too! You two may get on my nerves sometimes,but I can't imagine what all this would be like if I was along..."He smiled.

Mizuki smiled back,feeling more confident now that he knew Tomoe and Kurama would be with him the whole he was sure of this,he didn't know why,they haven't been stuck here too long but he felt like he could just believe in them this once.

Then the note book wrote."So your going to go too?"

The three looked down at the book to read it,then looked up at each other smiling."Yes."They all said,now with more confident heard in there voices.

The note book wrote."Good Luck then,and I hope you find your way back home ^^"

Tomoe got up,letting go of Mizuki's head now."Lets get going then..."

Kurama nodded as he stood up grabbed the note but and looked at the tree as he got up."We'll keep in touch so your not in the dark anymore."He smiled.

The tree moved as if a hard wind blew and Mizuki took that as a thank you.

Tomoe and Kurama had already begun turned back and yelled."Come on Mizuki!Don't want to get left behind already do you!?"he laughed.

"Coming!"Mizuki yelled back as jumped up and ran after them smiling.

And they headed out towards the blank white world ahead,not knowing what could be out there or what could happen,all they needed to know was that there was a chance to get back and nothing was going to stop them.

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