Sarahs Pov.

I just put Jane to bed and I walked into Ethan's room to hear him playing "Crush" by David archuleta. When he noticed me he put his guitar away and sat at his desk chair."Hey Sarah". He said I could tell he was embarrassed."Hey Ethan so who was the song about". I asked hoping he would say me.

"What do you mean?". He said I rolled my eyes.

"obviously it has has to be about somebody so who is it?". I said. "nobody its just about some girl I like that's all". He said nervously." Hm….just some girl huh". I said smirking he looked confused I flashed over to him and sat in his lap." Come on Ethan just tell me who it is". I begged really wanting to know. Then I heard Mrs. Morgan's voice downstairs." I want that answer by tomorrow Ethan or else". I whispered in his ear then I flashed out.

Ethan's Pov. The next day at school

I was up all night thinking about what Sarah did. It almost sounded like she was flirting. I was so tired during 4 period I went to study hall and took a nap. I woke up to Sarah shaking me I smiled."Hey Sarah as you can see I didn't get much sleep last night". I said groggily.

"Yea your still so cute, anyway are you gonna answer my question from last night". She said crossing her arms and lifting an eyebrow.

"OK I'll tell you the girl I have a crush on is-. But I got cut off when I saw josh Henderson the captain of the football team walking over.

"Hey beautiful I was wondering if you accepted on going on a date with me this Friday". He said to Sarah who in turn rolled her eyes. I tensed up as he moved closer to her.

"No josh I'm not going on a date with you so just leave me alone". She said I just sat there and smiled I quickly turned away when I noticed josh saw me.

" Oh so your going to go out with this geek Sarah you can do better than that". He said as he put his arms around Sarah from behind. Oh I haven't been so angry in my life I felt like I was was gonna tear his head off. Sarah was trying to wiggle out of his grip he tightened his grip and he was about to kiss her neck but my anger got the best of me. I stood up and punched him in the face he flew back in to the wall I picked him up by his collar.

"Look obviously Sarah doesn't want to go on a date with you so leave her alone because if you touch her again I promise you I will kill you because I love her". I said angry but trying to calm down.

"Okay fine I won't touch her but Sarah is this guy's your boyfriend". He asked. I could tell Sarah was at lost for words because I just punched a jock and I just said I loved her so I just decided to help her out.

"Yea I am her boyfriend". I said as I pecked her on the lips and put my arm around her shoulder I looked around at a shocked Sarah and Josh.

"That means back off she's mine bye". I said to josh as he stumbled out of study hall. I turned around to see a still shocked Sarah.

"I'm so sorry Sarah for kissing you I wanted him to think you were mine sorry I didn't mean to um…see ya later Sarah". I said grabbing my stuff and running out of study hall. I was walking the halls when I felt a hard gust of wind that knocked me down it was Sarah.

"Sorry Ethan I have to tell you something important". Sarah said as she helped me off the floor.

"Okay ". I said nervous she was gonna tell me off for kissing her in study hall.

"Well Ethan I just would like to thank you for helping me out with that jock and also I wanted to give you this". She said as she leaned in and kissed me on my lips we broke apart like 20 seconds later. I stood there in shock. "Ethan I am yours and I always have been". She said she said turning away. "Oh and Ethan". She said turning around and smiling." I love you too". She said and walked away.