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Italics - Dreams or thoughts within a dream

'Italics' - Thoughts

"Normal" - Speech


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Wizardmon's Quest: The Prophecy Revealed
Chapter 1: The Scream



"We have to hel-"

Silence… Everything stopped, including the speaker... Nothing dare stir… I felt strangely numb, yet calm...

Thud! I fell to the ground, dropping like a stone, my head tilted to the side ever so slightly…


"No! Why did you do that?!"

The darkness, it was closing in on me… I couldn't leave yet, though… there was something, someone left…

"Please Wizarmon, don't leave me! Don't you dare leave me, you bastard!"

That voice, I knew it from somewhere… It seemed sad, like she was crying.

"You idiot, you damn idiot! You-you took that blow for us! Why did you do it? Damn you!" The voice yelled.

Was she mad at me for something?

All I could here was my heart pounding in my ears and that one insistent voice, but even those seemed somehow distant.… then I heard someone in the background, it was male, he seemed… annoyed. Why?

"Y-you MONSTER!" That voice again.

"-demon! How could you?" A new voice, younger, she was crying too.

A deep, cruel laugh, it sickened me. It seemed somehow ugly, evil. "How could I not? And, thank you, my dear. I am, aren't I?" He laughed again. Then he made a sort of growling noise in the back of his throat. "Next time, don't get in my way, fool…" I felt his menacing gaze directed towards me. I didn't care, though, he couldn't harm me anymore. I wasn't quite sure how I knew that.

"Wizarmon! Y-you-you're going to be okay! Please Wizarmon!"

The second voice, was she talking to me? If so, did I know her too? A flash of silver, it seemed to glitter as it fell towards me, sparkling like a thousand diamonds even though there was no light. Something wet dropped on my cheek; was that, a tear?

"Wizarmon, no! Don't leave us! Don't leave me… don't leave me… don't leave me… please…" She was sobbing again."Wake up Wizarmon, please Wizarmon, wake up…."

That first voice! Who was it? I felt like I knew it, but I couldn't recognize it.

"-ilmon, thank you…"

Another voice… it seemed familiar, somehow. What was happening?

"Wizarmon! NO!"

I sat bolt upright in bed, breathing heavily. Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump! My heart was pounding wildly, as though trying to burst out of my chest. Sweat was pouring down my face even though I felt cold. I soon realized I was in bed. I had been having only a nightmare. After a moment's rest, I recalled that I've had that dream before. It was weird, normally I couldn't remember it quite so vividly, but this time was apparently an exception. On instinct, one of my fists was repeatedly clenching and releasing, a habit of mine for when I try to calm down. My breathing steadily eased and I stopped my twitching movement. My other hand instinctively went to my cheek to feel for the tear; however, when I pulled my hand away, all I saw was grey from the sweat dripping off me—which was in reality wax. The tear wasn't there anymore. Come to think of it, was it ever really there in the first place if it had all been merely a dream? It had all seemed so real though! The voices were also gone; they were kind, caring—nicer than that male's, that's for sure. I missed them, I was almost sad… still,

"What a relief," I gasped that last part out loud, finally calming down. My heartbeat had thankfully slowed to its regular pace.

"Candlemon, what's wrong?" A soft voice asked from the dimly lit darkness.

"Ugh! What does a Digimon have ta do ta get some shuteye 'round here? What time is it? Wha!? It's tha middle o' tha night, fer crying out loud! Just my luck, right before the most important day of my life too!" Another voice, it didn't seem to be talking to anyone in particular and sounded extremely annoying already.

A nervous giggle followed, along with a poorly hidden yawn. "Nearly midnight, to be precise," the first voice clarified.

I soon realized who they were. They were my roommates back at the academy, whom also happened to be my best friends.

'What an odd dream…' I thought to myself. "Sorry to have awakened you…" I murmured instead, while trying to remember the details from my dream.

"Urgh, what was it this time, huh?" The second voice groaned. I chuckled quietly. Thankfully, he didn't hear me. It never occurred to me that I would ever be glad to hear his voice again. Then his green eyes flashed, "Wait, le'me guess, the baby got scared and needed big, bad Trix to save him? Am I close? Ha! Ba-boom!" I sighed. My happiness to hear him quickly dissipating. Again, it had never occurred to me in the slightest.

"Another nightmare," The first voice stated, ignoring the other one. It wasn't a question.

"Good guess." I chuckled then sighed, "Sorry, yes, I apologize if I woke you, please go back to sleep." I tilted my head, using the flame that always dances above me as a light. Just in case you didn't know, I dim it to near extinction when I'm asleep for my friends' and pillow's benefit.

My two friends were both sitting up in bed. I watched as Trix, (the second voice and an Impmon if you hadn't already guessed) went from grinning stupidly, to cowering slightly as his sister (the first voice and another Impmon) stared daggers at him. I snickered at him as he blinked his eyes repeatedly in my direction while they adjusted to the light. His sister was facing away from me so her eyes had it easier.

The two of them are nearly identical. Both are about the same height as me, (a few feet tall) stand on two legs, look like mini purple-demons with white faces—their purple foreheads coming down to a point—have spade-shaped tails, and three clawed toes and fingers on each hand and foot. The two of them always wear their signature red gloves and bandannas (you hardly ever catch them without those garments) and have a little, yellow, demonic smiley-face with pointed teeth imprinted on their bellies. I suppose you could call them twins, even though digimon don't have parents. They've always stuck by each other, through thick and thin, so I guess they would be the digimon equivalent to that.

The brother is the elder of the two, but only by a few minutes—though he never stops teasing his sister about it. The primary differences between the two siblings are their eyes, no, that isn't it, for their eyes are exactly the same color—emerald. No, the difference is the expression found behind the eyes. Trix's are sharp—the kind that automatically give keepers the impression to keep an eye or two on him. Right now though, you can see that they are filled with annoyance, but whenever they aren't, you can be sure they will be laughing through slits in that mischievous way of his, darting back and forth looking for the opportune moment to pull a prank or jest while his mouth sweet talked him out of unwelcome situations with that odd Brooklyn accent of his. Oh yes, to add to his… colorful personality, he seems to have somehow picked up a human accent. His sister doesn't have the accent, which makes it even stranger.

As I was saying, his sister's eyes are kind and caring—the reverse of how she's acting right now; not the traits you would usually connect with an Impmon, I know, but they are there none-the-less. Despite that, you can easily find that mischievous glint in there—that being the Impmon's trademark. Regardless, she's a good friend to have, much like her brother. She's one of those digimon who never gets mad at you, no matter what you do. That doesn't mean she's a push-over though, because she can throw a nasty punch when she wants to—which is rare, but, ohohoh! When she does throw a tantrum, you don't want to be anywhere near her.

They often stand out in public, and it isn't due to their odd appearance. Still, they have been known to get the occasional sideways glance. It's really because you don't often find Impmon here even though there are plenty of other Virus and demon digimon around. There are loads of rumors about them. Some say that their "parents" were part of a band of traveling salesmen and left them here for whatever reason. Others say that they just showed up one day out of nowhere, just out of the blue; and still others (usually the mean rookies) say that they were mutant children or something, and not being able to bear the sight of them their caretakers abandoned them on the streets. I personally don't believe any of that. Actually, I'm not sure myself what brought them here. All I know is that they are my friends, and so I'll stand up for them whenever anyone tries to lay one of those ridiculous stories down on them. It's time to get back to the matter at hand, however…

"Nah, its fine I was awake already."

"Well, I wasn't! What about that, huh?"

"Couldn't sleep?" I asked, ignoring Trix.

"Good guess," she imitated me. I chuckled again.

"Hey, hey! What about me! Hello?"

Slowly turning her face towards me so as not to aggravate her eyes, Trix's sister, continuing to ignore her brother, said, "You should go back sleep too Candlemon, it's late."

"Hey! I know you can hear me, so don't ignore me… guys!" He practically yelled at us to get our attention. He hates being ignored. I wonder if he's angry at all…

"Sorry, what was that? Did you say something?" I responded innocently enough.

"Hey! Not funny!" Yup, he's definitely mad. I grinned evilly.

"Actually…" I couldn't help myself, I laughed, my grin growing even wider.

"Why, I ought a…! Hey, sis! Come on, back me up here!"

"You know, it was pretty funny," Trix's sister admitted. She was grinning now too. Trix gave us both a death stare.

"Cool it, bro. We're just kidding!"

"Yah, we were just messing with you."

Trix grumbled at us, but then said, "Yah, yah, whatever…" he shot us an impish grin.

Yah, sure he can be a pain sometimes, but I was exaggerating earlier. He can be a pretty cool guy, when he isn't trying to pull a prank on you. In fact, he's saved me from getting caught in a few sticky situations before where things could have easily gotten messy. He's even stood up for me a couple times when things looked to be against us. Trust me when I say he's the kind of Mon you want on your side as opposed to against it.

As for his sister, her name's Rita and she's… wonderful. Well, uh, like I was saying earlier, she can be a bit of a prankster at times—wait, what did you expect? She is an Impmon after all—but overall, a sweet girl. I haven't admitted it to her yet, (or for that matter, anyone) but I kind of have a crush on her. In all honesty, I think she feels the same way about me. At least, that's what I'm hoping. It would certainly make things easier… (Yah, so what if I've never shared my true feelings with her? I doubt you've had the guts to talk to the girl—or boy—you like! I'm just biding my time. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I used to constantly tell myself that I'd express to her how I really feel, but I never did. That is, until I finally made up my mind to tell her on the Summer Solstice, it being an important day and all. The only problem is, it's tomorrow and I'm worried that I'll be too nervous to finally do it! And what if I'm too late! What if she's taken? What's worse is that it might be my last chance to tell her! Ugh, I'd gladly take any nightmare over this!

Then Trix's demeanor became surprisingly serious as he recalled what we had been talking about. "Hey, guys, you do remember what tomorrow is, right?"

I looked at Rita and she smiled. "Of course, how could we forget?"

He smirked and regarded us with a haughty expression, "Great! Then of course you know that I'm gonna be the first to do it!"

"We know…" Rita and I grumbled. I sighed, seeing where this was going.

"I mean, it's obvious that I'll be the first!"

"We know!" Rita and I groaned some more. Sadly, Trix was just warming up. As all this was happening, I thought, 'Oh crud, here we go again'.

He then continued by saying, "I'll be the greatest, most powerful digimon in all of Witchelny! No one will ever be able to beat me! Not even you Sparky, not that you've ever beaten me before!" He laughed. I closed my eyes, feeling my left brow twitch. I have too beaten him; it's just that he always calls draw before the battle is over, making up some lame excuse. It's not that he isn't tough, or anything—I mean, he has beaten me before, though rarely and normally when it was greatly in his favor, but still. I came out of my reverie in time to hear him say, "...Not to mention I'll have even better pranks! Better than you've ever had sis, that's for darn sure!" I gulped at that while it became Rita's turn to glare. I'm guessing she's a tad bit annoyed. "I'm gonna digivolve and become way stronger than either of you and-"

"WE GET IT!" Rita and I exploded out on him in unison. He paused, staring at us with mouth hanging open. That stopped him before he could really start up his monologue—thank goodness! Rita and I breathed out sighs of relief. Then Trix regained his composure and began grumbling to himself. I immediately thought, 'Uh, oh, I know where this is going…'

"Err, sorry Trix, what I meant to say was that, uh…" I stopped unsure of what I meant to say. I threw a pleading glance at Rita.

Just then, good old Rita answered my plea and continued with, "What he means is that of course you'll be the first to do it big bro! You're so awesome! I mean, you're really strong and I look up to you and all. I believe in you bro and I just know you'll digivolve." I smirked. She was playing him like a flute, strumming him like a guitar. Must I go on? And it was by pulling the sweet little sister act on him. You know, she's not a half bad actress.

"Isn't that right Candlemon?"

"Hmm…? Oh! Yah, yah, right, of course!" I responded a little too hastily, not really paying attention.

I, on the other hand, was not. An actor, I mean.

"You guys really think so? I mean… Yah, naturally I'll be the first to do it! That's what I've been trying to tell you two all along…!" He closed his eyes, hands on his hips, as he started laughing. The two of us watched him with raised brows. He smirked at me while I simply sniggered to myself and Rita rolled her eyes.

"Well, I'd better get to sleep now. I need my beauty sleep, and I don't wanna be tired for the big day!" In a few short seconds I heard deafening snores come from Impmon's bed. I looked towards Rita and the two of us burst out laughing.

"He needs his," she put on a decent imitation of his accent, "'beauty sleep'? Geez, I can't believe I'm related to that guy," She choked out, shaking her head. That just caused me to laugh even harder.

When our laughing fit finally subsided, I thought a moment then asked her, "So, do you really want to digivolve tomorrow?" Then I added, "And do you really think he'll actually be first to digivolve? I mean, I know that he's your brother and all, but seriously…?"

She laughed again, softly this time, though. She responded by saying, "Of course not silly! You know I was only kidding! As for if I want to digivolve, don't we all? I've been waiting for this moment practically my whole life… just like you," She said that last part softly.

Pretending not to notice, I smiled at her and went on, asking, "Well, do you know what you're going to digivolve into?"

"Not a clue, but I do know yours will be amazing. Trust me on this, girls know these kind of things." I smiled at her, she smiled back. "I mean, you are the top of the class," she added

"Thanks Rita," I said still smiling.

She giggled, "No problem Wizzie," Referring to me using the nickname she came up with. I think the reason she calls me that is because of my dream to become a powerful magician, and since wizards are magicians… well, you get it. "Hey, Wizzie?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"I was just wondering, what was that about earlier? Did something happen?"

I realized she was talking about my dream. "Nothing happened," I said a little too quickly, going on the defensive. "It was like you said, just another bad dream." Though I wasn't sure I believed that any more than she did. It just, well, it just seemed so real.

Rita sighed. She knew me to well to believe that, but she also knew me well enough to know not to press for information. I would eventually tell her when I was ready. Besides, she's way too smart to fall for that lame excuse. While Trix's snoring droned on in the background, Rita gazed at me for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a few minutes. Finally, she sighed again and said, "Well, you know that I'm always here for you, right?"

"I know," I smiled reassuringly at her, but then looked down and confessed. "I'm sorry. It's just that, well, I've been having this same nightmare over and over again and I don't know why."

"Really? You mean the same one from last night?"

I sighed reluctantly, "Yes."

"I should've known... You haven't talked to anyone about it?"


"You should, it could be a sign and you know what the elders always say…"

I quickly interrupted her with a groan. "That dreams can be windows into the future, I know, I know!"

She looked hurt.

I sighed again, "I-I'm sorry. I'm just nervous, is all. I know it could be a sign, and that's what I'm worried about."


"My dream, it-" I stopped myself.

"It what?"

I hesitated. "I think it's telling me that someone's going to die soon."

She was silent for a moment. Then she asked, "Who?"

"That's the problem, I don't know."

Silence again.

"But wasn't there a name?"

"Yes, there was, but I don't believe that was what it was trying to tell me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the dream sounds like its taking place sometime far from now, but I get the feeling that it's also trying to warn me of something in the near future as well."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know it's just that…" I hesitated again. "You know what? I'm probably just being paranoid. I'm sure everything's fine." I smiled. I shouldn't worry her over nothing.

Rita gave me a worried look. "Are you sure?"

"Yah, and you know what? I bet that it's just the pressure getting to me, from tomorrow being the Solstice and all." Rita's expression didn't change. "Come on, it's fine! Nothing's wrong, I'm telling you!" She continued to give me the same look and I sighed. "Fine, if it'll make you feel better, I'll go see the Elders about it tomorrow, but only if you come with me." She smiled a little.

"Yah, that'll make me happy."

"Alright, now that that's taken care of, what say you we get some sleep?"

She laughed. "Alright." There was a pause. "Well, goodnight then Wizzie. I'll see you in the morning."

"Don't let the bedbugs bite!" I joked

She sniggered at me. "Yah, yah, whatever. 'Night, Wizzie."

"Good night, Rita."

She rolled over onto her other side, and soon I could vaguely hear her gentle breathing through Trix's snores, signaling she was asleep. It seemed as though all became quiet then, even Trix's ever persistent snuffling seemed to have slightly decreased in volume. I wasn't sure how long I sat there, watching her sides rise and fall to the rhythm of her breathing, but eventually I became drowsy myself.

I sighed once more, then relaxed and slowly reclined backwards until I was staring up at the ceiling, so as to not wake her. Then I thought over what we had been talking about earlier. Tomorrow was the Summer Solstice, or in other words, the day where we finally get to digivolve! The Elders had proclaimed long ago that once a year in Witchelny, all the worthy digimon coming of age would come forth in front of all of Witchelny's inhabitants to digivolve and if they were truly ready, they would. It was also, traditionally, the day where you decide what you want to do with your life. It had all started long ago with the writing of an ancient text and the foretelling of one of those long sought out prophecies that no one can ever remember the words to. The prophecy has long been resolved, but in memory of it and a great battle that occurred during this time, we continue to celebrate this day to its fullest.

I shan't go into detail about it, but let's just say that the tragedy not only rocked Witchelny to its core, but it is said that the Digital World was greatly affected as well.

Naturally, this great ritual is called the 'The Coming of Age Ceremony' and has always been treated as a joyous time. All past grudges are forgotten, all feuds temporarily resolved. Everyone is equal during this short period of time. (Though the Elders are still given the same respect)

It is normally my favorite time of year. Not only my favorite though, everyone looks forward to it. It is a true day of rest. No worries, no cares, just celebration—a day to relish. I am normally so excited for its coming that I cannot sleep the night before. This time, that is not the case. Sure, I can't sleep, but the reason why is not the same. I did say that I normally enjoy it for a reason, you know. The reason for why I can't sleep tonight is because I'm nervous. There's one more thing that's been nagging at me. See, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my life. Should I stay in Witchelny or should I go? Where's a good pep talk when you need one... Then again, that can be arranged.

I snickered to myself, feeling like an idiot, than thought. 'You know what? I may not be sure of what I want to do yet, but I do know that, somehow, I will know the right choice to make when the time comes. Not to mention my friends will be there with me every step of the way. I merely pray am ready and that it is my time. I want to digivolve, I know I do! Alright! Enough with the soul-searching, I'm finally ready for tomorrow. I'm going to face the day head-on and take on its challenges prepared. Give me your worst, destiny! I'm ready for you!'

After I concluded my private little pep talk, I no longer had to worry about the coming day; however, I had pumped myself up so much that I had no idea how I was going to fall asleep! Wow, talk about ironic….

I suddenly realized something. I closed my eyes and listened carefully to see if it was true.

'I was right!' I thought to myself, grinning. I almost laughed out loud, but then caught myself.

Trix's snoring had stopped. For a second, I thought I heard the 'Hallelujah' course go off in my head. I grinned blissfully, than sighed. 'Even if I am excited, I should probably get to sleep.'

I then promised myself then and there that tomorrow I will begin my journey to become a master magician, and that no matter what happens, I will always hold onto that dream.

"Tomorrow, I will be a Candlemon no longer!" I accidentally said aloud, forgetting that the others were sleeping. I quickly covered my mouth—too late! Thankfully, neither of my roommates had awoken from my outburst. I then quietly whispered the rest. "Tomorrow, I will digivolve, I swear it! I shall become the greatest magician..." A yawn came unbidden from my lips, but I shook my head and continued, "...that any of the worlds has ever… seen…." I stretched, smiling. I closed my eyes as I began to drift off to sleep, the fire floating directly above my head beginning to dim. I completely forgot about my nightmare as I fell back into a peaceful dreamless sleep