Making Amends

Fantasy Island Fan Fiction

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Scene 8

The back side of an old gray wooden home came into sight. Its yard was barren of any life. The trees held no leaves, looked as if they needed to be shot, or at the very least be hauled off to some informatory. The flower beds held no colorful plants, and a swing hung crying for lack of company.

"Are you sure he's in there?"I mouthed to Roarke.

"Yes." His head nodded with his mouth only forming the words. He then signed for Kurt and me to wait until he stepped foot in the front, that yes, he'd most likely take a hit, but it would be all right. I had my doubts; nonetheless, I did not argue.

As I would later learn, Jimmy must have been so bent on killing Roarke that all his focus was on the only entrance he was aware of. All of his energy was aimed at the front door. He'd kill that old man, twist Cassie's arm to make her marry him, and then use new technology to give her the ability to bear his child. He was thinking on that subject so hard that he missed, for a split second, Roarke stepping inside the door.

"You're not as smart as some people say you are." Jimmy hissed and threw a bolt of light towards Roarke.

"And more than others." Roarke threw his own shot back.

It did not matter the short amount Kurt missed my husband's movement, it was enough for Kurt and me to slip in through the hidden door. The late entrance may not have allowed us to throw any "first" ammo, but the clicking sound of windows and doors locking shocked Jimmy long enough for us to get into position.

"You tricked me!" Jimmy screamed,worse than some two-year-old child. "But it will do no good. You will die and then Cassie will be mine." He hissed.

The sounds from the cabin were not as bad as the "night of terror", but still they lit up half the island. The old man with Kurt's picture in his home quickly spread the word: a repeat of history was going on, and Mr. Anderson was the cause of it. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position to defend my old foe turned ally.

I would not ever tell the natives what happened that night. There would be no explanation of the strange lights and horrible sounds, and they would definitely not have been told what really caused the quake. No, all they ever would be told was that Mr. Anderson saved our lives from a man holding on so tight to the past there was no way he could have a future.

"Cassie, you should have been mine. I only had a year left until I was twenty-one." Jimmy's voice was barely above a whisper before he lost the battle and was finally reeled in by the Grim Reaper.

"Mrs. Roarke." Kurt's weakened voice and bloodied body brought me to his side in a flash. "Forgive me? Let me have peace before I die?"

"Of course, I forgive you." I couldn't help but shed a tear for this being who had come seeking peace. "But don't you dare die on us. We need a true friend around us." Kurt lay his hand on my leg and whispered words I couldn't hear; but I did, subconsciously, feel a tingle.

"Let's take him home, darling," Mr. Roarke whispered as he lay his own hand on my shoulder.


Home. That was where I now stood Not my home, not Roarke's, but Kurt's - his final resting place, that is. A simple grave with the name Kurt Anderson on it, with the words Came in Peace, Made Amends, and Left at Peace.

"Cassie." Mr. Roarke came and stood by my side. "Thought I'd find you here."

"Why didn't he tell us before he died?" I was referring to the fact that my leg no longer needed a brace and that I was, to our shock, expecting a child.

"He was interested only in making amends and peace. There was no urge to get a lot of attention. Now..." He slid his arm around my growing waistline. "We need to get back to our guests."