REMY STARED AT THE CEILING, ANGER AND LONELINESS THE ONLY EMOTIONS IN HIS mind. Bobby was gone, turned human once more by the disease, and Remy was left alone. And that pissed him off. How could they have just kicked Bobby out like that? He was an X-Man for god's sake, that wasn't something that just 'changed' overnight. Just because he'd become human, didn't mean he should have to leave.
Remy sighed and rolled over. After Bobby had left he'd simply shut himself in his room and refused to talk to anyone. It seemed the easiest way. If he couldn't talk to people, he couldn't lose his temper and start fights. He'd done that already, and it hadn't ended well.
The was a quiet knock on his door. He pretended not to hear it. There was another knock, and a voice said, "I know you're in there, Remy. There's no use in hidin'."
Great! Remy thought, just what he needed. It was Logan.
The door opened, and sure enough, Logan came into the room. He sat down on the edge of Remy's bed and looked at the other mutant.
"Quoi ?!" Remy asked, harshly. More harshly than he'd intended. Logan just raised his eyebrows at him.
Remy was reminded of a time long in the past. He'd been with Logan when his friend had lost his lover, Silver Fox, and Logan had turned to Remy for comfort. At the time, Remy had truly believed that maybe there could be something between them. He'd been a naïve fool. That one night was a time neither he nor Logan – by unspoken agreement – ever talked about, to anyone.
But now, with Logan so close to him, Remy was finding it hard to even remember that after then he'd hated Logan.
"Remy?" Logan asked gently, "I know this is hard, but you gotta get over Bobby. I know how hard it is, believe me. I had to try to get over you."
"Oh yeah?' Remy said sourly.
"Yeah." Logan said softly. He leant down and kissed Remy tenderly. Remy was to surprised to resist at first, and then he just gave in. Who cared if he had a little fun with Logan? He was allowed this little pleasure, wasn't he?
He pulled Logan down on top of him, his hands sliding up under the other man's tight t-shirt, feeling the hard muscles beneath the skin. Logan got his meaning and broke the kiss just long enough for them both to pull their shirts over their heads. Pants followed soon after, along with Logan's shoes, and soon they were back together again, just like that time, all those years ago.
Remy felt a small twinge of guilt for doing this with Logan. The small twinge soon became a vicious stab and in a sudden move, Remy shoved Logan off him.
"Ah'm sorry." He said, looking away, "Ah can' do dis wit' y' Logan. No' after Bobby."
Logan turned, gathered his clothes and left. His cold silence was enough.
Remy pulled on his shirt and jeans and returned to his contemplation of the ceiling. The com beside his bed buzzed. He sighed. If this was another call from Jean saying how sorry she was, he was gonna scream. But it was Hank.
"Remy, I have some good news for you." Hank said. Remy could imagine him smiling.
"Oui Henri, wat is it?" Remy asked, hope surging up inside of him.
"the Darinne syndrome that got Bobby, it's only a weak, temporary strain. It will be gone by now."
"t'anks blue." Remy's mind was alredy miles away. "tell the professor Ah've gone to get Bobby."