Donkey Kon'gs Day Off

Donkey Kong was decide to take a break from fighting all King KRools dummy's becos Donky say I do not want to get "the clap" from claptrape. So he got lazy aroudn the house all day. Didy Kong tried calling Bonky on his "bananda fone" but it went straigt to voice male of Raffi.

Bongkey Dong was haveing a good time and not doing arson. actually he was smoking ganjah and getting v stoned and thingking about sum deep shit like "are Candy Kongs tity's fake? also, is she relate to me?

then he did realize that eh hadn't not mastirbaded all day. He unpeeeled his banana. It was ripe for cranking. "Haah, kinda like Crankykong he thogt" . then he lost his Boner Kong at the thought of that wrinkly old chimp's skin flute. so he tried to keep goeing and it just was skwish hiss mushy bannana…

Crank kong ironicly walked in and lafft at the stooped ass ape jerker. "bah! prolly yankin it to Narto Airbender." and he was. His peen came.

"Mmmm. Banana creme pie"