My first Stony drabble! This is inspired by another fanfic, from another fandom, I read a few years back with the same title.

"I'm bored," Tony drawled as he lay on the couch, using Steve's lap as a pillow.

The blond brought the book down to look at his boyfriend. He placed it on the side table and started playing with the brown locks in front of him. "Man, animal, or vegetable?"

"What?" Tony raised his eyebrows skeptically in response at what Steve just said.

"It's called 20 questions," Steve quipped as he continued his ministrations.

A low moan escaped Tony's lips as Steve's fingers worked their way into his hair. "Right. Vegetable."

"Is it red?"


"A tomato?"

"Uh-huh. Okay, my turn. Man, animal, vegetable, fruit, flower, gadget, appliance—"


"Is it on four legs?"


"Does it have fur?"


"Light or dark fur?"


"Is it a lion?"


Tony sat up and scratched the back of his head. Steve actually found something to keep him occupied with.

"My turn again. Man, animal or vegetable?"

"What is it with you and vegetables?"

"I'm supposed to be the one asking the questions."

"Right, right. Man."

"Do they live in this tower?"


"Are they a SHIELD agent?"


"Is it he-who-shall-be-avenged?" Steve grinned as he remembered that particular nickname Tony gave this person.


"Phil Coulson?"


Steve smiled. Tony did care more about Coulson than any of them did.

The billionaire shifted in his seat and turned his gaze to the window which gave them a perfect view of the sunset. He turned back to Steve who was also watching the sunset. Tony noticed how the last rays of the sun illuminated Steve's blond hair and his eyes, making him more captivating than ever. He realized how lucky he was to have a beautiful and perfect boyfriend.

Noticing how Tony had been staring at him for a while now, Steve raised his brows and turned to him. "What?"

"My turn now. Man, animal or vegetable?"


"Do they live in this tower?"


"Do you know them?"

Steve looked at him quizzically. "Yes."

"Do they have light or dark eyes?"


Tony grinned. The only people in the tower who had dark eyes were him and Bruce. "Do they risk their lives on a daily basis?"


"Should I be worried about them?"

Steve flushed a bit and looked away. "No…"

Tony shrugged and leered at him. "Do they worry about you often?"

"I guess…"

Tony had to stop himself from jumping at Steve and kissing him senseless because he was just too adorable. "Do they love science?"

Steve chuckled. "They do."

"Do they turn into an enormous green rage monster when angry?"

"What? No."

It was Tony's turn to chuckle at Steve's reaction. "Eleven more questions and I win."

Steve rolled his eyes playfully in reply. "Next question then."

"Are they in a position of power?"

"Um… yes."

"Is it a high or low position?"

Steve paused to think for a moment. "…High, I guess."

"Do they love coffee?"

"Yes, very much so."

"Do they swear often?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"Is one of their hobbies, as you put it when you first came here, talking to the ceiling?"

The blond pouted. It wasn't his fault he wasn't properly introduced to JARVIS. "Yes."

"Are they lonely?" Tony asked half seriously.

Steve blinked at him. "I don't think so…"

"Is their assistant's name Pepper Potts?"


"Is he Iron Man?"

"Y-Yes…" Steve's blush grew as Tony inched in closer.

"Do you love them?"


"Is he Tony Stark?"

"Ye—" The billionaire caught his lips before he could even answer. It was a chaste kiss, but passionate nonetheless.

"I win," Tony grinned in victory as he pulled away. He wasn't so bored anymore.

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