Godsend: Heroes/Stargate SG-1

This is set after Volume 4: Fugitives, but with a three major differences. One, Nathan is not dead and is running for Presidency of the good ole U.S of A.. Two, Peter will regain his original ability; empathic mimicry in this fic. Three, Peter still has the Haitian's necklace and it holds a deep meaning to him, reminding him of his old life.

In Stargate we are in Season 7, or around that time. I will be skipping to different episodes so please review and tell me which ones you want to be seen in this fic :D!

Don't worry, I won't be changing Peter's name for the whole fic, I just needed an alias so it would be harder to find him.

SPOILER WARNING! Anything from Seasons 1-3 and possibly 4 of Heroes. All seasons from Stargate SG-1.

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes of Stargate SG-1, this is just an idea.

Summary: After Nathan exposed Specials to the government, and helped put an end to Building 26, Peter has been avoiding his brother. Not wanting to be used for political gain or even discovered, he flees to Colorado Springs where he takes up a new name and a job at the local hospital. One day he is approached and asked to join a classified, top secret government agency. How could he refuse?


It was a cold day, both figuratively and literally when Peter packed his bags and left his apartment, closing it for the final time. He let his head rest on the door frame for a split second before turning away, fighting back the choked sobs that wanted to ring out of his throat.

He had to get away, no matter the cost.

He couldn't live here anymore, not after Nathan...

Peter shot down those thoughts, shaking his head a few times to clear it. Idly, his hand went up and started to fiddle with his golden necklace. He shut his eyes, thinking about his time not knowing who he was, what he was. He thought about Ireland, the McMillans, Elle, Caitlin.


He couldn't think about the girl he had once loved, the girl who he had stranded in the future, a future that was dead and the girl with it.

Ironically he thought of all of his failed relationships. First it was Simone, who ended up dead because of him. Then it was Caitlin, who he stranded in the future that no longer existed. He had a screwed love life. A bitter laugh escaped Peter's throat as the helix necklace seemed to burn a hole on his chest.

His powers had caused so much trouble. For one, he had almost blown up New York like a nuclear bomb. That was a memorable day. Then he had helped Adam Monroe almost destroy the world. Damn, he had been so naive back then to even believe what that psycho was spewing.

Then the incident with his father, his fake brother and now this... Peter shook his head. Crap just seemed to follow him everywhere. Well, life could stick it where it hurt cause Peter Petrelli had finally had enough.

He wouldn't follow Nathan around like a sick puppy any longer, and he certainly wouldn't let this recent incident pass. His own brother having him hunted, shot, and nearly killed. Not to mention being known as a freaking terrorist of all things. He was a nurse and a paramedic! Didn't that mean he devoted his life to saving people and not killing them?

Even if everything was cleared by the President of the United States, people were still wondering how he and others had been so wrongfully convicted. Even the old lady from across the hall didn't look at him the same way.

Peter let out a loud, pained sigh before turning his back to the room that had been his home for the last three hectic years of his life. He had to accept that it was his time to move on, find different avenues in his life instead of relying on his brother.

It was his turn to 'be somebody'.

Peter grinned at the irony. Those were the exact words he had yelled to his brother before he had taken that fateful step off of a 15 story tall building into the alley below, thinking he could fly. That was the start of all of his problems but looking back, Peter knew he wouldn't change it for the world.

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

Well, he saved her... but the world would always need saving.

With that in mind, Peter walked down the creaky stairs one final time and out the apartment complex's front door, slipping his key and a note in the landlords mail slot and walking out into the busy sidewalks of New York for one final time.

Little did he know that this decisions would change his life and those around him even more than he could have imagined.

Six Months Later:

It was a fine morning in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, even the wind stood still.

In the cool mist a man in his late 20's, early 30's trudged along, his dull green eyes fixated on the ground and his shaggy brown hair in his eyes. To those around him, he was known as Julian Smith but if you looked closer, you would see a remnant of the person once known as Peter Petrelli.

The same Peter Petrelli who was Presidental Candidate Nathan Petrelli's younger brother... who had also been missing for 4 months almost to the day.

The man hastened towards St. Francis Medical Center, a slight dragging in his feet. It was nothing like Mercy Heights, his last job. There he had had friends, whatever that had gotten him when he was on the run six months ago. Now he was a loner who took one too many shifts and the silent partner who no one wanted to be with.

He couldn't really blame them, not really. Weird stuff always happened around him. People miraculously healing from life-threatening injuries, paralysis and brain damage. Though he couldn't really take the credit for that, he had never had that power to begin with, though you'd think with him being a nurse, he would want it. Not to mention he was always the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency.

Many people took to calling him a gloryhound, an attention seeker. Some even suggested he was rigging the accidents. The man scoffed at this idea. Him, staging accidents... that he would pay to see.

At least he wasn't suspended. The only thing he had to live for now was his job, being the best paramedic in the state of Colorado. If he couldn't do that, he might as well just-

"Peter Petrelli."

The man's head whipped around so fast he inwardly cringed. "Come again? My name is Julian, not Peter." He stated, his body deceptively relaxed as he stared at the man in uniform who had stated his real name.

"That's not what my sources tell me." The man countered, taking a few steps forward only to have the other man take a step back.

"You've got the wrong guy."

"I don't think we do. At least hear me out before you decide to run." The man in uniform requested.

Hesitantly the other man nodded, though his eyes narrowed slightly.

"My name is Major Paul Davis, and I have a proposition for you Mr. Petrelli."

After a lengthy four hour discussion and debriefing Peter's head was reeling. He was worried about blowing up New York? Hell, these 'Gou'ald' could do that and more in a heartbeat! It was so much to wrap his mind around that he could barely think.

"So you're basically saying I can either join this organization and help protect the Earth..." Peter stated slowly, "Or go back to living my boring life that consists of no social life and only work..."

"In a nutshell, yeah." Major Davis chuckled.

"I'll be a field medic right, a civilian?" the younger male questioned.

"Yes, a civilian with no ties to the military." The uniformed officer confirmed.

"My family won't ever know? Won't ever find out where I am?"

"Not unless you decide to contact them yourself, and even then you can't tell them anything about the Stargate Program."

Peter's face erupted into a huge grin, "Where do I sign up?"

Neither of them noticed how Peter's necklace seemed to glow, as if in forewarning of the events that would overshadow Peter's time with the Stargate Program. Or maybe it was just in preparation of what was to come. However, one thing was certain.

Nothing would ever be the same again.