AN Thank you for everyone's kind words… or threatening ones… those are nice too. Let us all remember that Doctor Banner, expert in Gamma radiation, isn't here. Therefore, the tracking algorithm that Tony does isn't as advanced as the one in the actual movie, and doesn't work as well. Let us also remember, however, that Bruce (in the movie) is actually the only one who ever saw that location.

And I apologize in advance for how short this is. I think it's just under a thousand words, but I wanted to post something to let you all know this story is not a lost cause!

Everyone in the room froze with their eyes on the small child perched on top of the table in front of them. His brown eyes were wide and they had a crazy glint that, if inspected closely, definitely looked a bit green. Tony's mouth opened like he was about to speak, but he seemed frozen in his silent state.

"Banner," Steve started hesitantly, when it seemed like no one else was going to speak, but he didn't have anything else to say, so he merely trailed off helplessly.

Before the super soldier, or anyone for that matter, could figure out what to say next, the small boy turned to him with all his fury directed at the blond haired, blue eyed hero. "And you! You, need to shut up!" the small boys voice seemed to swell with rage and grow deeper as he continued. "You think you're so great with your stupid shield, and fancy suit! You think you're better than us!? You think you're normal!? You think you're good!? You're no better than anyone in this room! We are ALL freaks here! Welcome to our freak show, everyone!" Then the boy started to sob openly, a heartbreaking sound that didn't sound right coming from a child.

However, the cries were muffled as soon as they started. Tony pulled Bruce against him in a tight hug. The boy's face was pressed tight into his father's neck as Tony grabbed him off the table with an arm to support him and another one in the boy's brown curls. The hand in his son's hair moved in slow methodic circles that did nothing for the sobbing child.

"Get out."

When Tony's soft-spoken words weren't followed he looked up from his son to them, and showed how much of Bruce's rage was not from the monster.

"Get the Hell out of here!"

Fury glared at Stark's angry spoken words as the director crossed his arms. "Not a shot in Hell, Stark. We need to keep Banner under control. Prepare the Tranqs, Romanov." The last part was addressed to the somber face assassin off to the side who was glancing quizzically at the broken family in front of her. "Now, Romanov!"

"I do not think that is the best idea," the agent explained slowly as she continued to scrutinize the family, and Tony nodded enthusiastically.

"I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Miss Latin," Tony said as he continued to massage Bruce's head, whose sobs were fewer than before.

"No one asked your opinion, Stark." Fury turned on his agent. "And you're not here to question orders."

"Banner is already relaxing, putting him in a harsh environment could counter-act that," she pointed out with her emotionless mask firmly in place.

That was, of course, when it all went to Hell.

A jolt ran through the entire ship. Natasha fell through the grating on the floor, and the rest of the group was thrown to all corners of the room.

"What did you say about a harsh environment, again?" Steve questioned, a bit of trepidation in his voice as he picked himself up. Fury was already out the door relaying orders and so was Stark with Bruce clinging to him like a Kola.

Tony sprinted through the Hellicarrier, around all the chaos that the agents created.

"What was that?" Bruce asked as he clung on tighter.

"I think it was one of the engines," Tony explained as he maneuvered them through the narrow and crowded hallways, now rubbing Bruce's back in an attempt to keep the boy's green protector at bay for a little while. "Don't let him out yet," he ordered, his pace never slowing. "It would be hell for him to get through these hallways."

"But he is going to come out, right?" Bruce questioned, sharp as a tack.

Tony made an incomprehensible grunt as he made the last turn into the storage bay where his suit was being kept. The man slowed his pace and came to a halt. He placed the child on the ground, but didn't let go of his shoulders. "I need you to stay this color for a few more minutes. I need you and him to do that. Can you do that, doc?" Bruce nodded vigorously. "I'm going to put my suit on, I want you to listen to this," he took his earpiece out and placed it in Bruce's. "while I get ready, okay?" Bruce nodded again and Tony gave his shoulders one last squeeze before going to done the Iron Man suit.

At first, all Bruce could hear was static on the line.

Finally, he heard the Director over the line. "Hill!?"

"Engine 3 is out!" She reported in a frantic voice. "Can we fix it?" She asked anyone who was listening.

"The turbine looks intact," a voice that Bruce didn't recognize answered. "But it's impossible to get out there and make repairs while we're in the air."

"If we lose one more engine, we won't be," Agent Hill replied quickly. "Somebody has to get outside and patch that engine."

Fury spoke again. "Stark, you copy that?"

Bruce wasn't sure if he should respond.


"He's putting on the suit," Bruce answered quietly. "But he knows an engine is down."

There was a pause on the line. "Fine," Fury answered. "Tell him to get his ass in the air as soon as possible." Fury moved on. "Coulson, make sure the detention cell is in lock down. And then get to the armory. Romanov?"

"I'm okay," she reported.

Bruce felt a metal hand on his shoulder and looked up at his dad's face behind him. Bruce removed the earpiece and handed it to him.

"Thanks, Doc."

"They want you at engine three, that's the broken one."

The man nodded as he put the earpiece back into his own ear. "We have a lot to talk about later, but for now, stay here." Bruce looked like he was about to argue, but Iron Man was already gone.